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Where was he?

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After the weekend had passed it was back to school, I couldn't go back, what if my parents had told someone?

What if they were looking for me?

School would be the first place they would look.

“Ray, I can't go.” I said as soon as he walked back into the bedroom. “Please don't make me go back.” I said lowering the dark red silky covers.

He followed my movements with his eyes and smiled as they met my erected nipples.

“And what's in it for me?” He asked crawling on top of me. “I won't see you all day.”

“But I’ll be here waiting for you.” I said in a flirty voice.

“How can I be sure?” He asked seriously. “How do I know you won't run away?”

He was teasing me, I knew that tone of voice anywhere.

I stayed quiet and shuddered as his long fingers traced my naked stomach and slowly moved down towards my vagina.

I gasped and let out a scream as he inserted his fingers into me, scratching the skin with his nails.

“Please sir-” I begged, but it only tempted him to force them in further.

He laughed and slowly pulled his fingers back out.

“You always somehow remain so tight. How?”

“I know it pleases you.” I teased.

He laughed and forced my arms up before cuffing my wrists to the bed. I let out a small scream as the cold metal pinched my skin.

“Someone's been a very naughty little girl haven't they?” He asked climbing back off me. “Using their powers to make me give you a day off school, what will your parents think?”

“It has nothing to do with them.” I snapped. “This is my choice, I want this!”

“Your willing for your parents to disown you so you can be with me?” He asked shocked.

“Of course, I love you.” I said quietly.

“Really? Prove it.” He said taking off his clothes. “Show me how much you love me. Scream for me.” He said diving back onto the bed.

I screamed and laughed and began tickling me.

“Stop! Please!” I laughed kicking my legs.

He stopped tickling me and forced my legs to the bed as he cuffed my ankles to the bed post so they were wide open. I stopped laughed and looked into his dark brown eyes.

“Never leave me.” He said quietly.

“I won't. I promise.” I said.

He leaned forwards and placed his lips on top of mine.

“I couldn't bare it if you left me. Without you, I'm nothing. I just a normal teacher, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here right now.”

“And without you I’d still be at home and forced to go to school everyday, I only enjoy it because I get to see you.” I smiled.

“Speaking of school.” He said climbing off me and putting his clothes on. “I have to go.”

“Wait you can't just leave me like this!” I cried pulling on the handcuffs. “One of the rules of BDSM is never leave a bound person alone.”

“Yeah but, it's always more fun if you break the rules.” He shrugged. “See you in seven hours.” He said leaving the room.

“You've got to be kidding!” I shouted. “You can't leave me like this!”

“Your right.” He sighed walking back into the room.

He picked up the red ball gag off the floor and forced it into my mouth.

I moaned and starting fighting him off me knowing he loved a challenge.

“Don't want to neighbours to here now do we?” He asked stroking my long fringe out of my eyes. I moaned again and started chewing on the soft ball in my mouth. “There, now I defiantly will see you when I get home.” He smiled. “Oh and don't worry, I’ll be working over time for another two or three hours.” He teased as he left the room.

I shuddered as the covers slipped off my naked body leaving me open.

I heard the front door shut and the key locking it.

He wouldn't leave me here all day.

Would he?


I turned over as my eyes slowly opened.

I looked over at clock and tried jump out of bed when I saw the time, but the handcuffs held be down.

It was gone five o'clock and he was still no where to be seen.

I tried screaming hoping he was only downstairs.

My hands and feet felt cold from where the cuffs had cut off my blood circulation.

The ball gag was wet from my drool and was started to irritate my mouth.

Where was he?

Why had he left me here?
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