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Hey guys! :D You know I went on the internet earliar to update my fics? Well I left it switched on and now my wifi is working again WOOHOO :)

It will work until someone switches it off again... So let's just all cross our fingers, 'kay? :)

Anyway, yeah, I'm writing another new story... Please could you all audition? I'd love it if you did :3

The parts I'll need are:
> Gerard's girlfriend (she's a bitch BE WARNED)
> Girl that meets Gerard and becomes best friends with him (she's not a bitch. From now on, none of the parts are bitches ;D)
> Frank's girlfriend
> Ray's girlfriend
> Mikey's girlfriend
> Bob's girlfriend
> Gerard's daughter (3-6 years old please)
> Frank's son/daughter (5-7 years old please)
> Ray's son/daughter (3-6 years old please)

So yeah just fill in this thing here:

Job (for girlfriends and best friend):
Anything else:

I will probably post the auditions late tomorrow because I have a Blood Brothers trip after school :) Whether you audition with yourself or an original character, I don't mind.

Love Hozzie
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