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Updating this early because I got to go on the first bus :D No updates after half 5 because that's when I leave for the trip and don't get home until half 11 -.- This play better not be boring ya know... So yeah, but if I read your FanFics then if you could please update between half 5 and quarter past 6 I'd be so grateful because then I could read your fics instead of talking to my friends :D

I'm so sorry if you didn't get a part - maybe next time? :)


Gerard's girlfriend: For the first time in the history of forever no one auditioned for this part :') So I've decided to make up a character :3
Gerard's best friend: Maria or fatherfuckingmeese
Frank's Girlfriend: Penina
Mikey's Girlfriend: Dakota or PrincessNightJazz
Ray's Girlfriend: Raven
Bob's Girlfriend: Jennifer
Gerard's daughter: Haven Grayce or PartyPoisen
Ray's daughter: Shayla or Shayla_boo
Frank's daughter: Miranda or Mirazal

I hope you are all happy with your parts and the story will be up as soon as I've written it :) Now to just to argue to myself in my head about whether to upload this first or write another chapter for 'There Goes My Hero' first...?

Love Hozzie
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