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35. I'm okay, I Promise

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@BrutalCrayon and KilljoyMCRmy all I got to say is thank you... Hope you like this chapter and... I'm sorry... ;) hopefully you understand why I'm saying this...

Harry's POV
I get another dream of Edith. This time, it's a calm soothing dream. Unlike the other; very lustful. And Gerard didn't pop out this time. That was very weird.
But this time, I dreamt of me waking up in my bed alone. I walked over to my restroom and saw myself older with brown hair. I walked downstairs and found Edith cooking. She turned around and her hair was longer and brown too. She was making pancakes and served them to the 3 little kids in the table.
"good morning honey." she said greeting me with a kiss. I then woke up with puckered lips and got out of bed instantly to look at myself in my mirror. I don't see the brown hair and I'm still young with muscules and blonde hair. Phew. 
I washed my face and entered the shower. 
I drive to the studio in silence with low music playing in the background. I enter the parking lot and recognize Edith's car. My heart jumps a little and I hurry in the studio.
I enter the studio and find everyone in there waiting for me. Edith sits with Hailey not noticing my entrance. Maybe she did but is ignoring me. 
"good morning everyone." I say.
"morning!" everyone repeats.
I start our normal warm up song but instead of dancing with them, I walk around and observe everyone. I mostly observe her and notice she has these steps perfect. She catches me staring at her and that loses her rhythm so I decide not to look anymore.
Throughout class time I couldn't help but try to figure out if I should take her back or not. It's been about a week since we haven't been together and let me tell you, it hasn't been easy. I miss her dearly and miss her sweet kisses and arms that wrap around me while we sleep in the same bed. The laughs we shared and the seduction she hinted sometimes. I really can't decide because I'm still hurt inside. 

"great job everyone! See you tomorrow." I announce when our class was over. I watch her again from the mirror and this time she isn't the first one out. She stays talking with Carly and Hailey and afterwards, they walk out leaving Shanelle and I alone.
"bye Harry." he says with a wink.
"goodbye, have a nice day."
"oh I will." he purrs and steps out. I sit there alone with my phone in hand. I sigh and throw my head back closing my eyes and focus on my breathing. 
Without hesitation, I look for Edith's number in my contacts and text her. 
Hey, Can you come by the studio? I'm alone.. I say. Then wait. Hopefully she hasn't left the building yet. 
I put some music to play from my computer while I wait to see if Edith comes by. 
Ten minutes have passed and she still isn't here. She must not want to talk to me. So I give up and start packing my things. 
I check my phone once more before giving up once and for all. 
Then I hear the door open silently and I see her beautiful figure appear. She stands there with no expression as I rise from my seat. 
"come." I tell her and she walks closer, slowly. She sets her stuff down once she's a few feet away from me.
"I really miss you." I finally say with a groggy voice. She stands there with wide open eyes and slightly opened mouth for a few seconds before running towards me and jumping on me wrapping her legs around me like a koala. She sobs in my neck and repeats I'm sorry.
"I'm sorry Edith, for kicking you out of my house. I realized that was wrong." I grip her thighs as she's slipping from my grip.
"I forgive you because I understand. I went through that and this someone took me back and I was happy and sad because I felt I didnt deserve them. Our problem is the same but I noticed I can't live without you so I forgive you. I can't let you go just yet Edith." I tell her. She pulls away, grabs my face and kisses me. 
"I missed your lips." she says pulling away. 
"I missed yours too." I take her in for another kiss and push her against the wall feeling every piece of her body.
"I'm sorry Harry. I promise you I won't ever do that. Ever. I really like you Harry." she says between kisses. I let go of her thighs and she drops to the ground making her a lot shorter now.
"I really like you too Edith. I missed you so much." I say and continue to kiss her. 
"let's do something today, yeah?" I say letting go of her but grabbing both her hands.
"yes! Anything! Ohh! Let's hang out with Annie and Carlos since it's his last day here."
"that's perfect. Oh my god, I love you." I say and kiss her again wrapping my arms around her. 
"I love you too." we hug each other tight not being able to control ourselves. 

We sneakily exit the building and split up to go in our cars and drive over to her house. We both park our car and walk up the stairs holding hands.
She opens the door and there's dead silence. 
"looks like no one's home." we walk around the living room where there's a huge mess and suddenly, I find a bra on the ground. But I don't pay much attention to it so Edith and I walk into her room.
We settle down on her bed and just lay hugging each other close.
We stay silent and listen to low music in the background when suddenly we hear small moans from Annie's room.
"oh no." Edith says and starts to laugh.
"I thought there was no one home." I mock.
"apparently I was wrong." She comments and buries her face in my neck hugging me tight.
"so explain to me about your sickness." I say ignoring what's going on in the other room.
"oh yeah well the day you broke up with me, I went to my friend's house to tell him." she suddenly takes a pause and her face goes a bit pale.

Edith's POV
"who Frank?" He asks. I gulp deep not knowing if I should tell him.
"no.. Gerard.." I say truthfully. I don't want there to be any lies between us.
"you went to look for him after we broke up?" I can see the anger in his eyes. He sits up letting go of me.
"listen.. It's not how it sounds. I thought he should know too since it did have to do with him."
"I'm sorry Edith, I know I can't control your life but I would prefer if you didn't see him." he says sternly. 
"I'm sorry baby.." I say and hug him from behind, "but I decided to tell you because I don't want to lie anymore." he stays silent but kisses my hand. 
"but you know it isn't possible for me to avoid him. He's like family apparently since he speaks to my mom and all my family and friends."
"fine.. But at least don't get too close to him. I don't like him."
"I understand. You don't have to like him but I don't want you doing anything ridiculous."
"of course I won't! I'm not an idiot. I don't want my hands to be get dirty." 
I giggle a little but then realize he's offending Gerard.
"anyway, so I told him about it and he said he was really sorry and wishes me the best for me and you If we got back together. I also told him that everything between me and him has to stop since it wasn't doing us good. He agreed and now we're just friend's."
"and so what happened that made you sick?" I let go of his back and lay down.
"well after I came home from his house, I ate some left over sushi."
"ooh.. That's the worst." he says and lays back down next to me. We both lay as if we're looking up at the stars.
"yeah. The next morning I was feeling sick and threw up when I was eating and so I went to the hospital with Annie. It was a huge scare because I thought I was pregnant." I laugh.
"I over heard you and Shanelle. I was also scared because I thought I was the father." he also laughs. Then he looks at me and says, "I was the last one you slept with right?"
"of course." I smile and climb on him kissing him. He places his hands on my hips and we start to deepen the kiss when we hear a loud scream from Annie. 
"oh my god!" I laugh hysterically. He also starts to laugh and we cover ourselves with the blanket. 
We sleep till 5pm. We fell asleep right after we covered ourselves with the blanket and listened to low music.
When I woke up, the sun was shining in my face super bright. I sat up and looked around. I turned around and got a warm feeling when I saw Harry in my bed. I grabbed my phone from my night stand and found 2 messages from Gerard. 
Linda wants to talk to us and everyone else tomorrow. Do you think you can come by? was one of the text's and the other was, Hey pick up. I need to talk to you 
Yeah I can come by :) I'll be there at noon. What is it that you need to talk to me about? I reply. I set my phone down and walk out of my room. In the living room I find Annie and Carlos sitting naked with a blanket over them.
"oh shit! Have you been here all this time?" Annie says and covers her chest. I laugh. 
"yeah, I've been here since 1." I sit across from them in the other couch.
"oh my gosh.." Annie looks at Carlos, "did you.."
"yeah I heard. It was loud." I laugh. 
"oh god.." she says and buries her face in Carlos chest. Carlos laughs silently and gives me a thumbs up which makes me laugh.
"listen you guys, Harry and I are back together." I say proudly.
"really?!" they both say.
"I would hug you but I'm completely naked." Annie announces. 
"didn't need to know that. Anyway, he's here." I laugh.
"over here." he says standing under the door ledge.
"oh my god!" Annie says and smiles at us whilst Carlos claps. Harry comes and sits next to me giving me a long sweet kiss.
"aww that's so cute!!" Annie squeals.
"we should go out somewhere tonight. " Carlos says.
"that's what we were going to suggest. I think we should go to that one little restaurant you took us to. Remember?" Harry points at Annie.
"oh for sure! Let us get ready though." she stands up taking the blanket with her. Carlos stands up nonchalantly exposing himself. 
"oh god." I say and cover my eyes.
"that was so not awkward." Harry laughs and embraces me.

We laugh and talk about our day as we drive over to the restaurant. When we arrive, we find it closed. 
"what?!" Annie steps out of the car and pouts. 
"what do we do know?" Harry asks Annie walking over to her. I stay behind with Carlos observing Harry and Annie.
"damn shit man, umm.. I'm not sure. What do you guys think?" Annie turns around and asks Carlos and me.
"I dont know, Eddie?" Carlos says. 
"why me? Ugh.. Umm... Why don't you cook something up Harry?"
"well.. I guess I could do that."
"okay well lets head back!" Annie says and is the first one back in the car. 

At my house, we watch the football game that's on while Harry cooks some delicious stake and makes some delicious salad his mom taught him. He guarantees we'll love it. He always says that, and of course, he's always right. 
"no! The other way! The other way!!" Annie yells moving to her left. 
"oh my gosh! You're gonna lose!" I can't believe how much into this they are. I hate sports. 
I get up from the couch and walk to Harry leaving Annie and Carlos alone in the living room.
"need any help?" I ask.
"not really. Almost finished." he wipes his hands on a towel.
"cool, I'll set up the table right now." I move on to the table and clean it up. I watch Annie and Carlos and notice they're too glued to the TV to even notice the food is almost ready. I'm pretty sure they forgot how hungry they are.
When Harry and I are done, we all sit around the table and enjoy a little nice double date. The stake is delicious and the salad is amazing. Harry has a splendid touch in food. He's like perfect! 
"wow.. This is so good." Annie says almost eating her plate. 
"thank you. I personally thought it needed more salt though."
"no, it was perfect." she comments licking her meaty fingers. 
"it was really good babe." I tell him with a sweet smile picking up the plates.
"thank you." he responds with a genuine smile. 
Annie and Carlos soon start to talk about something else when Harry joins me in the kitchen while I wash.
He comes up from behind me placing his chin on my neck wrapping both arms tightly around my waist.
"you're so beautiful." he comments kissing my neck. I don't respond, I just smile and enjoy his sweet kisses on my neck.
"I miss you. I miss your touch." he lowers his right hand to my hip and kisses my shoulder bringing my sleeve down with his left.
"not now." I whisper. I look over at Annie who's smooching with Carlos.
"they're too busy to notice." Harry whispers back. He lowers his hands to my thighs and squeezes them.
"can't you just wait till I finish?" I giggle. 
"no." he says. He lets go of me giving me a small peck on the cheek.
"can I shower?" he says leaning on the counter.
"sure, I'll meet you there." I wink. He cocks and eyebrow and heads out to my room.
I wipe my hands and follow his trail.
"goodnight." I tell Annie and Carlos and enter my room.
I hear the shower on and I immediately strip my cloths off. I open the shower door and I enter a room full of steam. I can see Harry's naked body through the glass door and I bite my lip. I open the door and step in. He turns around to face me and cocks an eyebrow pulling me forcefully to his body. He looks down at my lips and kisses me wildly. He moans while biting my lip. 
We shower together, but rarely do we use the shampoo..
We then come out of the shower and move on to the bed.
We lay in bed at first just embracing our naked bodies together but he starts to massage my thigh and I can't help but let him take control of the night once more.

**did you guys get it?
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