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36. The Groom's Men and the Bridesmaids

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Hey hey... A little treat for my lovely readers. Happy Halloween!! And Happy birthday Frank Iero!! 

Edith's POV
Annie cried and cried on my shoulder through out the ride home. She was being so loud, Harry had to turn of his music because he couldn't hear it.
"Annie, it's okay.. Don't cry." she didn't respond. She kept hitting my shoulder and crying harder and louder. 
We're driving back home from the airport. Carlos left just this morning. He was also crying and they couldn't let go of each other. It was a depressing scene to watch. I held on to Harry as I couldn't watch any longer. He embraced me in a hug and whispered I love you as he kept watching Carlos and Annie's goodbye. It was so heartbreaking. It reminded me when I was moving to Canada and how much I wanted Gerard to be there. But he wasn't. He didn't want to...
"Annie.. C'mon.. He'll be back soon.."
"but.. But.. I want him now. With me!"
"he'll come soon! Don't worry.."
"yeah.. AV ballet is going on tour so he'll come around.." Harry adds.
"really? They're going on tour?!"
"yeah.. Mike told me.."
"aww! It'll be the first tour I won't be in! What a bummer.." I sit back on my seat crossing my arms. Harry just turns back and smiles.

When we arrive home, Harry had to help me drag Annie out of the car and lay her down gently on her bed. She fell asleep crying. Poor her.. 
Harry and I then went to the living room and ate the Chinese food we bought on our way home. As we were eating, I got a text message from Linda.
"oh babe, are you busy later?" I ask Harry who eats his food with chopsticks. Something I've never learnt to do.
He thinks about it for a minute, "I don't think so, why?"
"well, a friend of mine is having her wedding in a about a month or two and she wants me to be one of her bridesmaids. She wants me to meet up with her at a studio for my first lesson." I smile widely, "wanna come?"
"sure. What time?" 
"hmm, 3 I think."
"okay, that's fine." he smiles like a child. 
I then text Gerard to let him know I will be going.. And with Harry.
Yesterday, around midnight, I got a text message from Gerard. I couldn't sleep for some reason. It was super hot and I was already naked with a thin blanket over me. He also told me he couldn't sleep and wanted to talk to me. We talked for a while and I let him know Harry and I were back together. Since it was through text message, I wasn't sure if he was mad or sad. But he seemed happy.. At least through text. He said he couldn't be any happier for me. 
Do you know what Linda wants to show us? he asks. 
A dance lesson lol.
Oh.. Okay lol I put my phone down and throw my empty plate away and join Harry on the couch. 
"Is Gerard going to be part of the wedding?" he asks after a few short moments of silence. 
"yeah.." I answer cautiously waiting for the worst.
"oh.. Okay." is all he says before he closes his eyes and throws his head back again.


We drove over to the address Linda gave me arguing. Arguing like never before and for something so useless in my opinion. But I understand his argument. He doesn't trust me like  before. 
"oh my god Harry." I step out angrily from the car and make my way to the front door. I hear his footsteps coming closer. He grabs my arm tight and pulls me. 
"listen.. Please don't get mad at me.." he says so sweetly in a low whisper. 
"don't get mad?! You're the one that started everything and doesn't trust me anymore!" I jerk my hand off his grip. But he pulls me back in from the waist. 
"I do trust you! I do.. But I'm cautious.. You know?"
"yes, I understand.." I role my eyes.
"I just don't trust him. I don't want him close to you.."
"he won't be. I'll be with you all the time.." I start to loosen up and wrap my arms around his neck.
"but you can't stop me from saying hi!"
"fine, I won't but please.. Edith. For me.." he leans in and kisses my lips gently.
"for you." I pull away and smile. We hold hands and walk in the studio. 
Inside, we find Ms. Valentíne and Linda talking. 
"oh my gosh!" I say coming in and embrace Linda. 
"you made it! Great! And this is.." she says looking behind me.
"oh, this is Harry, my boyfriend." 
"nice to meet you Harry." she says and they shake hands.
"Harry, this is my old high school friend, Linda."
"hello Linda." he says with a genuine smile. 
"and that's her mother, husband.. And baby!" I yell and walk over to Henry who just came in the room. I greet Henry and take the baby from his hands as he greets Harry. 
"oh you're so cute!" I hold her up. She has Linda's beautiful blue eyes and Henry's brown hair. She's so small and fat. 
"aww, what's her name?" I ask Linda. She looks at Henry and grabs his hand, "Blessing." she says sweetly. Harry then walks over to me, "can I carry her?" 
"sure." I hand her over to Harry and he carries her so gently and sweetly. He touches her face features and has a face expression I've never encountered. 
"that's such a beautiful name." I tell Linda. 
"Henry and I thought so too."
"why Blessing though?"
"because she was a blessing. We were happy to know she was a healthy and normal baby since she was premature."
"aww, that is such a blessing." I say and look at Harry who seems to be having fun with the little girl. He has her lifted to his face and he mumbles in her ear which makes her smile. He puts on these weird and adorable faces that make me giggle. 
"ooh!" he says with wide opened eyes and puckered lips, "was that a little fart? I think it was." he giggles wrinkling his nose. He then puts her on his shoulder and taps her back.
"she's a cute little girl. She looks a lot like the mother."
"oh thank you." Linda giggles. Harry keeps tapping Blessing's back till she burps. 
"ha! She burped." Harry giggles. He then passes her to Linda. 
"ooh you burped. Yes you did. Come on, time for your nap." she talks in a little girls voice and turns around and enters another room. 
"Frank and Emma are here already. Do you guys want to step inside?" Henry says.
"sure." I grab Harry's hand and we follow Henry into the studio. When we enter, we find Frank and Emma doing some kind of weird work out with the choreographer. They're dressed as if they're going to the gym.
"oh hey!!!" the choreographer screams and embraces Harry who also seems to be happy to see him. I leave Harry and the choreographer and walk to Emma and Frank who are creating a puddle of sweat. 
"it's only ballroom dancing." I laugh looking at their sweat bands and sneakers.
"I know, we found out when we got here." Frank laughs. Even though they're sweaty, I still embrace them in a sweet loving hug. 
We all turn to look at Harry who broke out into a loud laugh. Even the choreographer is laughing with him. Then we hear the door open and all of us in the room turn to look. Victoria, Mikey, Jade, Ray, Christa, and Gerard walk in. Uh-oh. Harry takes one glance at Gerard and coughs looking over at me. As Gerard and the others walk to us, he looks at Gerard in disgust from head to toe.
"anyway.." I hear Harry say and keeps talking to the choreographer. 
"Hey." Gerard says standing next to me. He sticks his hands in his pockets. 
"Hi." I reply with a smile. I greet everyone else with a hug but Gerard. sigh
"Do you know it's only ballroom dancing?" Mikey says with Jade laughing at the side.
"yes! Edith and Linda told us! Gosh!" 
"why did you, Vicky and Christa bring heels huh?" Frank says trying to fight back.
"it's ballroom dancing!" I reply.
"yeah! You need heels." Christa laughs.
"pfft, fine." Frank laughs flapping his hand on Christa's face. 
"okay everyone! Come closer!" the choreographer announces. We all walk towards the front and Jade and Harry sit on the ground by the mirror together. I watch them and they start conversing about something. 
"My name is Chad, I will be your choreographer for the lovely wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Chester. I know there was some confusion but we will be ballroom dancing." he smiles at Frank and Emma who bow their head shamefully, "and so.." he starts to count all of us, "okay good, it's equal. So Linda gave me a list of the people she wants paired up. Um Mikey and Victoria, Frank and Emma, Ray and Christa and finally.. Gerard and Edith." all the couples step together. I walk to Gerard who is across from me on the other side of the circle and smile. Then I hear Harry speak which gets me nervous.
"Chad, who picked these couples?" he says. 
"Linda. Why?"
"can there be any changes?" everyone's eyes move to mine and I look at Gerard who grips his teeth and then at Harry. 
"uhh.. I'll ask Linda."
"okay good. Because in my opinion, since Jade and I are the audience right now, some couples don't quite look right. Like this one." he points at Gerard and me. 
"Harry." I say in a loud whisper. Gerard then turns around and says, "would you care to explain what doesn't look right Harry?" he says in a stern voice which makes my heart race. Harry gets up and takes a few steps. 
"yes, I can." I can see him grip his jaw and fist. He then takes another step before Jade grabs his ankle awkwardly. 
"Harold.." I say and grab his hand taking him outside. 
"what is your problem!" I say closing the door behind me.
"he's my problem!" he raises his voice awfully loud. 
"can you just calm down! It's just a dance!"
"but he's going to be holding you Edith!" 
"is there a problem?" Linda says coming up behind us.
"no there isn't." I say nervously trying to put on a smile.
"yes, I'd like to change a couple." Harry says. 
"oh my god Harry." I step back inside. I can't stand this anymore. When I enter, all eyes are on me again.
"is there something wrong with Harry?" Chad asks me.
"no there isn't." I say coldly, "please go on with your lesson and just ignore whatever he says."
"okay.." he responds awkwardly, "now face your partner. Now, the guys have to hold their partner like if they're a fragile gem. So gentle and with care. Now the girls have to follow their partner. Like if you were puppets." he laughs.
"now guys, grab your partner. Place your right hand on their mid back and grab their right hand with your left." Gerard looks at Chad and then back at me and does what he's suppose to.
"pfft, I already took these lessons when I was small." he says in a cocky manner making me giggle.
"oh that's right! You told me."
He smiles. Chad walks around and looks at our posture. He fixes Rays posture and fixes Frank's elbow. He looks at Mikey and nods and also at Gerard and me. 
"good. Now guys step in with your right leg and girls step back with your left leg." we do as he says. 

Linda's POV
"I told you! I told you!" Henry pops out of a corner out of nowhere as I walk down the hall. 
"what are you talking about?"
"Harry is mad! Edith is mad! I told you it wasn't going to be a good idea! You can't bring them back together! You just can't!"
"dammit.. You were right.." I surrender.
"ha! I told you!"
"but that doesn't mean I won't keep trying!"
"but Linda! She's happy with Harry!"
"didn't seem like it to me just now."
"Linda.. You're going to get in so much trouble."
"but you'll save me later so it doesn't matter."
"oh god Linda.."

Harry's POV
I walk in when all the couples are now dancing the basics of ballroom. I make my way to Jade still staring at Edith and Gerard's every move.
"were you able to get them changed?" Jade asks. 
"no, Linda says she can't because she wants it in this order."
"bummer. Why don't you want them together?"
"because they like each other and.. They.. Had a thing while I was still with Edith." I decide to tell her since she's Edith's sister. She gasps, "really? She cheated?" I nod. "oh my god.. I'm so sorry.."
"it's okay.. I guess.."
"and you're okay with It?"
"yeah.. Well.. I wasn't. We had broken up and we just got back together."
"oh okay. Well, I'm sure she didn't mean to hurt you."
"I hope."
"and if it makes you feel any better, I know Gerard won't do anything again. He respects her relationship."
"he better. Anyway, why aren't you in it?"
"I came too late. Linda didn't know I was coming so she paired Mikey with Vicky. Oh well." she laughs. 
"and you're okay with it?"
"yeah. Why not?"
"I mean, I heard some stuff about Vicky."
She hesitates, "ohh, that was the past. She's different now and a close friend. We've all forgiven her." we both look over at Vicky and Mikey who seem to be dancing very well.
"are they, dancers?" I point at them.
"Vicky is. Mikey has just taken ballroom lessons."
"oh okay." Vicky is really good at dancing. Not to mention pretty and very graceful at this. Also Mikey, they make good partners. 
Unlike Gerard and Edith. Edith looks beautiful as always. I bet we'd make better partners. But as much as I hate Gerard, I'd have to admit he's good too..
"has Gerard taken lessons too?"
"yeah, him and his brother."
"Mikey and Gerard are brothers?"
"yeah, you didn't know that? They look a lot alike."
"hmm, didn't notice. Edith never told me. Interesting." 

Jade's POV
This Chad guy is a really good choreographer. He seems to really enjoy ballroom dancing. Harry was explaining to me about how he knows this guy and they're really good friends. He's a wedding choreographer and Harry came out in his wedding as a dancer. That's pretty interesting. 
Harry seems to be a guy that knows what he wants. And from what he's been telling me for the past hour, he seems to really want Edith right now.
"just look at him. He should cut that hair!" he talks in a loud whisper. 
"what's wrong with his hair?" I ask looking at Gerard who's shaking his head awkwardly making Edith laugh. 
"it looks greasy and dirty. He needs to cut it."
"it looks fine to me. I think it looks great on him."
"pfft..". He laughs. 
"unlike Mikey, Gerard looks really messy." 
"I guess so." I laugh agreeing. Gerard is pretty messy. 
"Mikey is pretty messy too." I add. 
"he's still better than Gerard."
We hear the door open and Henry and Linda come in. 
"how's it going?" Linda kneels down.
"it's going great." I tell her. She then stands again.
"that was great! All of you are doing great! First lesson was better than I though. Great job! Now, session is over. See you next time!" they all clap and walk over to us. 
"how do you freaking do it?!" Frank and Emma pant walking over to Chad. Throughout all this time, Emma and Frank seemed to have the hardest time trying to get the steps.
"here let me show you." he grabs Emma and demonstrates to both of them. I stand up and walk to Mikey and Vicky.
"you guys looked great."
"thanks." they both say. I grab Mikey's hand as we walk out. I notice Edith wave goodbye to Gerard and embrace everyone else but him.
"I'll hang out with you guys another time. Harry is still pissed off." she tells me in a hug. She moves on to Mikey then Vicky.
"we understand." Vicky says. 
"you guys were great by the way." 
"you too." I tell her, "you were amazing." 
"thank you Jade." she starts to walk away and joins Harry. 
"wait! Before you guys leave, I need to speak to everyone!" Linda says, "tomorrow meet at my house. We're going to get our measurements for the tuxedos and dresses."
"alright!" Christa says, "I love dresses!" she comments. Ray smiles and kisses her cheek.
"great! So tomorrow. Don't forget." she walks out with Henry and then soon all of us start to walk.

Edith's POV
As we walk out, Harry wraps an arm around my waist. And then moves behind me wrapping both arms tightly around me. 
"you looked beautiful. Like always." he comments. I open the door and we both walk out. I turned around slightly and noticed that Vicky and Gerard were behind us and the others went another way. I open another door which leads us into the parking lot. 
"bye you guys!" I wave as we split going opposite ways. They wave goodbye but I'm not able to see since Harry keeps turning my face to kiss him.
"can you wait?! I'm trying to say goodbye!"
"goodbye! There, they heard." he screams. 
"ugh." I push him off me and go on the other side of the car. I didn't notice him follow me until he suddenly pushes me against the car kissing my neck. I guess he did this because he noticed Gerard's car was parked close by. I looked over Harry's shoulder and noticed Gerard looking with Vicky.
"you need to calm down." I try to push him off me but he keeps putting more force. He squishes me against the car touching my right thigh. 
"Fuck Harry! Let me breathe!" I finally gain strength and push him off me. I notice Gerard's car exit the parking lot. 
I enter the car mad. Harry comes
In seconds later. 
"are you gonna start the car?" I ask. He doesn't respond. 
"fine." I grab the handle next to the car seat and bring the seat down to lay. Then I hear the car turn on and he starts to drive. 

Gerard's POV
I drove over to Frank's house since he says he has a BBQ done and invited everyone. On my way there, Vicky and I drive in silence. I want to say something, but don't know what to talk about.
"what happened in there?" she finally says.
"that guy hates me." I respond. 
"Edith told him everything."
"everything? And what happened?"
"they had broken up but apparently they're back together."
"oh my god. And so now he hates you because of that?"
"I guess so. It's ridiculous. I thought since he's older than me he'd act maturely but I guess not."
"that's ridiculous. I can't believe it. He's acting like a child just saying."
"right! Did you see that in the parking lot?"
"yeah! He was trying to make you jealous."
"fucking asshole." I make a harsh turn and enter Frank's neighborhood. I park the car and we exit. 

"what was that?!" Frank says opening the door greeting me with such question. 
"I dont know, that guy is a prick."
"that was unexpected." Emma says who is sitting on the couch. I take a seat next to her. Mikey and Jade who are already there, eat their food silently as they hear our argument.  
"That guy is like.. Weird." Jade says. 
"why?" Frank takes a seat on the kitchen counter. 
"well.. He's mature and everything. Like we were talking about stuff but then out of nowhere he started rambling and criticizing Gerard's every move."
"what was he saying?" I blurt out.
"he was just like, look at his hair. It's disgusting. Look at the way he holds Edith, it's not even correct. You know, random stuff." she mocked a guys low voice.
"you see! He's acting childish!" I tell Frank.
"why doesn't he like you? I don't get it." Frank says. 
"it's because.. Ugh gosh. It's because Edith told him everything between us."
"what?! Why?!"
"because of what happened on Thanksgiving. I killed it. He was questioning her and she just told him everything."
"but why would he hate you? It happened long ago."
"I know but.." I look at Vicky.. "Edith cheated on him with me."
"oh wow, I don't think just a few kisses is anything."
"no, you don't get it.. We had.. Sex.."
Everyone gasps. I put my face between my hands and tug my hair. 
"what?!" Mikey yells.
"when did this happen?!" Frank gets off the counter and stands up.
"a while ago. Remember Mikey when we went to look for Edith at her mother's house?"
"yeah.." he answers angrily. 
"well, we went to my house and talked for hours. We made up and decided to be friends. But I couldn't stand myself. The atmosphere started to get hot and she looked hot in shorts and so.. I did the first move and she followed.."
"okay that's awkward." Jade says covering her ears.
"and that night you guys.. Vicky lives with you for damn sakes!" Frank yells.
"I know! But she wasn't home."
"that's just sick dude. Why? You knew she had a boyfriend!" Mikey and Frank take turns to yell at me.
"I actually didn't. She didn't mention it."
"so it was her fault too." Emma finally speaks. 
"no wonder he hates your guts. And he's okay with this?" Frank says. 
"I guess now he is. But they had broken up. They just got back together yesterday."
"oh my lord.." Mikey comments. 
"man, I would hate you too. And her!" Frank yells drinking his beer. Soon, Ray and Christa come knocking through the door. They also start to question me but everyone else explains every thing for me. I'm too exhausted to explain things myself right now. I've disappointed my friend's, Harry wants to murder me and Edith acts distant around me because of him. All the things that happen because of a forbidden love. 
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