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37. Jealousy Kills

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Gerard's POV
Getting my measurements for Linda's wedding sucks balls. I'm too lazy to drive over there. Not only am I lazy but I'm still fat. Well, less fit than before. Vicky says I look thinner but I refuse to believe. I feel the same. 
I drove to Linda's with Vicky in my car. She's just rambling about how much she's excited for this and she wants to know what kind of dress she'll wear and blah blah blah. I just can't seem to listen because I'm too distracted thinking about what will Harry do to me today. If he's there. I just gotta keep reminding myself to calm down and be the bigger person. 
I parked outside Linda's house and saw Ray and Frank's car parked. I knocked on the door and Frank opened. 
"what's up." he greets me.
"hey." I step inside and find everyone. Including Harry and Edith. He glares at me but Edith smiles. I just wave and take a seat with Vicky as far away from them. 
"are we the last ones?" Vicky says. 
"yup." Emma replies. I hear people in the kitchen and turn to look to find Linda coming in with a tray of glasses of juice. 
"here I'll help you." I tell her and get up taking the tray. I pass out the cups and when I get to Harry, he surprisingly takes it from my hand. 
"Thank you." he smiles. 
"you're welcome." I reply and move on to Ray. 
"okay, now that everyone is here, I want to show everyone the dresses and tuxedoes." Linda announces. Her mom comes out holding a suite and a dress. 
"So the bridesmaid dresses will be this golden color. I'm having a greek-ish wedding so I want my bridesmaids to look like goddesses." she flutters her eyelashes. I can already imagine the dresses on the girls. It's a one strap long dress that reaches your toes and has a rope made of flowers around the waist. 
"this is an example. And the guys will be wearing this tux." her mom holds out another suit and it's a normal black suit with a vest and golden tie.
"cute?" everyone agrees. I even like it myself. 
"so now I guess we can go down to the tailor shop and get our measurements." we all get up and Henry comes out with the baby and walks to Linda. 
"hey." he greets us all. 
"oh man, can I carry her?" I ask.
"sure." he passes me Blessing and I hold her in my arms so carefully. I'm afraid I'll drop her, she's so fragile.
"you're so cute." I whisper. I walk out the door carefully. Blessing smiles in my arms and throws out little bubbles of saliva. I clean them with my thumb. I wonder how it's like to be a father. Henry must be one happy guy.
"oh shit.." I say. Blessing puked on my shirt.
"oh let me see her." Ms. Valentíne comes around and takes her from my hold.
"tissue?" Vicky says. 
"please." I chuckle. I look up and see Edith get in a car across Linda's house. It seems to be like a brand new Range Rover. Lucky rich-ass bastard. 
"Frank!" Harry calls from his window. I watch Frank run to him. They start to talk and then Frank bursts out laughing. 
"alright man. For sure." they shake hands and Frank leaves. I walk to my car with Vicky and wait for Linda to get in her car so we can follow her to the shop. 
All the ladies go in one room and the guys in the other. 
As I wait for Mikey's measurements to be done, I go outside to get a drink of water. I see Jade and Harry talking again but I pass by them not wanting to make eye contact.
"do you know if Mikey's done?" Jade asks me.
"no, they've just started on him." I chuckle. I grab my cup of water and head back inside. As I walk, I hear footsteps behind me and then someone swifts pass me hitting my shoulder.
"excuse me." Harry says and enters another room.
"prick." I whisper to myself. I enter the guy's room again and find Ray getting measurements. 
"fuck, I seriously hate this guy." I plop down next to Frank.
"what did he do this time?"
"he pushed me while we were walking down the hall."
"ignore it, he seems like a douche. I don't even know why Edith is with him." Ray says facing us.
"I don't get it either." Frank admits.
"why do you think so?" I ask.
"I dont know... We're cool and everything but, ehh."
"what do you mean ehh."
"I dont know, it's hard to get use to seeing her with someone else you know?"
"yeah, I get it."
"I just always thought you and Edith would marry." he says in a low voice. 
"well.. Yeah.."
"oh.." I reply. If only I wouldn't have been stupid enough to believe Victoria in high school we would have still been together and Harry would have never come into light.
"next person." the tailor lady says. Ray sits down and I step in front. They start to take my measurements when Emma and Christa step in. 
"oh my gosh." Ray says and embraces Christa. 
"you look beautiful." he tells her and kisses her. 
"Emma!" Frank yells and also embraces her. I just close my eyes because all this love makes me feel forever-alone. I just wish Edith came in here to show me what she looks like but obviously she went to show Harry. Soon after, Victoria comes in. 
"wow, you look great." I tell her. 
"thanks." she giggles. 
"listen.. Did Edith go with Harry?"
"yeah.." she whispers. She smiles in pitty.
"fuck." I whisper to myself and grit my teeth. After the girl's love fest with their boyfriends, they leave. 
"okay all done, now try these on." the lady passes us three suites and we all go in the changing rooms to try them on. 
"how do I look?" Frank says coming out.
"wow dude." I tell him. He looks pretty good.
"yeah!" he laughs and steps outside. Ray follows him. I also go but just step outside into the mirror. 
Wow, I don't look half bad. I've actually lost some weight. Thanks to Vicky. 
I hear the girls door open and Edith comes out.
"wow.. You look good." she steps next to me in the mirror with her dress on.
"thank you." I say and don't say anything else. But I'm dying to say how beautiful she looks. 
"you're not gonna tell me how I look?" she finally asks. 
"it's looks pretty." I try to control myself. I really want to give her a hug.
"thank you. I think it looks great too." she giggles. She spins around ones. Then Harry comes in again.
"wow, I love it." he says and embraces Edith. I watch them from the mirror. He spins her around so her back is facing me and he looks straight at me in the mirror. As I try to fix my tie, he lowers his hands from her hips to her upper butt and kisses her. He then opens his eyes and looks at me evilly. I look at him too, not afraid of his glare and turn around grabbing my package and air hump Edith. 
"what the fuck!" he yells letting go of Edith. I run in the room and close the door. 
"what is it?" I hear Edith say.
"nothing. Get changed." he orders her.
"um.. Okay." then I hear a door open and close. I stand by the door giggling to myself when I hear a loud thump on the door..then silence.
"you coward." he says loudly and I hear loud thumps fading away. I start to laugh loudly on my own till I can't breathe. Frank and Ray come in and look at me weird as if I was high. But they don't question it and leave me alone. 


"I'll wait for you in the car." I tell Vicky. She agrees and I head out. Since I'm done with my measurements, I don't have anything to do anymore. I walk in the lobby and find only Mikey and Jade. 
"where are you going?" he asks.
"just to the car."
"okay." he continues to talk with Jade and I step out. On my way out, I see Harry standing by his car talking on the phone. I cautiously walk to my car trying to avoid his attention. But I fail since this guy seems to have an eye of an eagle. 
"is this your car?" he says to me. I walk to the drivers seat and he follows me leaning on my car.
"yeah." I reply.
"cool Trans Am." he says. He grabs his keys from his pockets and as he starts walking away, he scratches my car with his keys.
"what the fuck is your problem? What do you have against me?!" I stop him. He turns around casually and faces me with a malicious smile.
"you still even fucking dare to ask that?"
"yes. I don't see what's your problem." 
"of course, no small horny kid would understand what's not his property." he turns around walking back to his car.
"why do you say she's yours huh?" he turns back around again, "because that's what she said, as she moaned last night." 
"I fucked her before you ever did! She's my property!" I blurt out with anger.
"fuck you!" he screams and punches me hard on the jaw.
"you prick!" he kicks my stomach hard taking my breath away. 
"hey!" I hear someone else yell and Harry tumbles down to the ground.
"are you okay?!" I hear a girl's voice say. I open my eyes again and find Emma in front of me.
"get away from my bestfriend!" I hear in the background. Emma helps me sit up and I see Frank and Harry wrestling on the ground. In the distance, I see Henry, Linda, and Edith running towards us. Henry runs to Frank and seperates them both.
"what is going on?!" Edith questions. I take a look at her and then cough out blood. My throat throbs and I feel dizzy inside. 
"he started it! He started it!" I hear Harry yell.
"no no no." I get up laughing. Emma helps me hold myself up. 
"you fucking scratched my car first." I protest. 
"I've had enough of you both." Edith starts with tears in her eyes, "you two are so immature! You guys fight and fight and don't realize how childish you both look." she yells in anger, "give me the car keys. Get in the car. The passenger seat!" she screams at Harry. He does as she says and comes to me.
"I dont know what went on but I hope you're okay.." I nod. Then she takes me into a nice careful hug. She cups my cheek and says, "feel better." with a warming smile but cold tone.
"thanks." I reply.
"Bye everyone." She walks to the drivers side and steps in turning the car on and driving out fast making screeching sounds as she makes a right turn. Henry lets go of Frank and Frank walks over to Emma and me. Vicky now takes hold of me.
"are you okay?" she whispers. 
"yes." I whisper back. She helps me get in the back seat and she drives us home. 

Henry's POV
As I drive home with my beautiful family, the only noise that can be heard is from Blessing. Otherwise, no one else speaks. Ms. Valentíne tries to shush Blessing but isn't able to. Then she speaks to me and Linda. 
"well? You two have to talk sometime." she says. 
"no." I reply. 
"baby.." Linda says and grabs my hand, "I'm sorry.. You were right." I come to a harsh stop at a red light and Blessing cries even more.
"I told you Linda. Why didn't you listen to me?" 
"because.. I thought this would actually work.." 
"but you should have listened to me. I know these things okay? Don't you remember when I liked Edith and she was with Gee? It was sort of the same thing."
"I know.. I should have remembered that. I'm really sorry. I wish I could fix it."
"can't you?"
"no! I already put everything down on the invitations."
"can't you re-order them?"
"do you want to pay more?"
"well.. No.. Fine! We're going to have to leave it. But.. Just know our wedding day might be a disaster."
"no it won't. I won't allow it."
"okay.." I say doubtful. I just hope these guys can control themselves. 

Harry's POV
I really want to say I'm sorry but if I say I'm sorry, I feel like she'll drive us into a bush. I fucked up this time..
"Edith.." I finally say.
"hmm." is all she replies. She strokes her temple, resting her left elbow on the window ledge.
"I-I'm not sure what to say."
"then don't say anything. Just sit quietly." she looks at me and puts on a smile which gives me the creeps. Is she not mad?
"okay." I reply and just sit back down cautiously. She can explode any moment. 
After that we don't talk. She drives to my house and we enter my house calmly and smoothly.
"sit." she finally says as she closes the door behind her in the living room. I do as she says, as I'm scared of what's coming next. Just expect the brake up Harry. You fucked up.
"I'm not gonna yell, not gonna scream, but I do want a brief explanation of what provoked the fight. Or should I say, what made you almost murder him in the parking lot." she sits down calmly next to me.
"okay look, I'm not gonna lie but I started the whole thing. When I found you with him by the mirror outside the dressing rooms, I wanted to make him jealous by kissing you so I turned you around purposely. And while he was standing in the mirror and I was kissing you, I was watching him watch us. He then turned around, grabbed his package and air humped you which really pissed me off.." she takes a deep breath in and shuts her eyes tightly then let's out a shaky breath. 
"go on." she says with a disgusted look. 
"then out in the parking lot, I was talking on the phone with Mike when I saw him. He was going to his car. I approached him and asked him if the Trans Am was his car. He said yes and so then I complimented the car and took my keys out and scratched his car. He got mad and stood up to me and asked what was my problem towards him. I said that I couldn't believe he was daring to ask. Then he said he couldn't see the problem. I said of course not because some stupid horny kid like him wouldn't understand what's his property.." again, she looks disgusted and raises an eyebrow.
"He replied saying how do I know you're my property then I said because... Because.. " I hesitate before continuing.
"because you had said it yourself last night while we.." she shuts her eyes tightly and keeps them close as I continue.
"what made me punch him was that he said he fucked you way before I did and so you were his property. I'm not exactly sure what he meant but I was so pissed I punched him and that's when you guys came in." she takes another deep breath. 
"wow, I can't believe you guys were treating me like a dog." she stands up and walks to the door.
"wait!" I call after her when she steps out. 
"I'm really sorry Hailey. I didn't mean it." I grab her arm. 
"no! Leave me alone! I am no ones property okay? And I can make my own decisions when I want to!"
Shit, here it comes. 
"I can even fuck him again if I want to!" she yells jerking her hand off mine. I then grab it again calmly but with force. 
"please don't say that." I say in a low voice embracing her and burying my face in her neck.
"don't talk like that." I say tearing up. 
"ugh.. Harry.." she says and takes me into a tight hug. I hug her waist tightly as she also hugs my back tight. 
"I swear to you I didn't mean that. I won't ever do that again. I'm just so mad that you guys were treating me like a dog. I'm not his and I'm not yours. I'm my owns. I don't belong to anyone but myself."
"I'm sorry Hailey." I repeat and look at her beautiful light brown eyes that are red from tears. I kiss her gently and she gladly accepts it. We then step back inside and head to my room. 
"what exactly did he mean by that Hailey? I want to know." I say as I hug her in my arms in bed as we rest our anger away.
"hmm, I'm guessing because I did lose my virginity to him when I was 15."
"are you serious?" I ask scaredly.
"oh.. Okay. Just wanted to clarify that."
"hmm." she replies. She turns around in my arms and hugs me with her leg and arm wrapping around my body.
"I'm really sorry though. I'll try to control myself next time."
"I forgive you but I'm not too happy with your actions. Please, control yourself."
"I will." I kiss her head. She looks up at me then kisses my lips and stettles back down falling asleep in my arms. 

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