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[A/N] – Haven I’ve kind of had to use your ‘Rays daughter’ personality even though you’re Gerard’s daughter :)

“Why are you making such a big deal about this?” Mikey asked, watching his older brother run around the house, setting the table and everything “You asked us to come over and help you set up yet you won’t let us do anything.”

“I need it done perfectly and I know how I want it done in my head but I can’t explain it.” Gerard gabbled.

His girlfriend Grace was coming over for dinner to meet his friends and his daughter. And in the entire time they’d been dating, Gerard might have forgotten to mention that he even had a daughter.

His daughter Haven Grayce was five years old and lived with her Dad most of the time. She went to stay at her uncle’s house every weekend and if Gerard was going out then he’d either drop her at Frank’s house or Ray’s house. Haven didn’t mind because she could see her best friends Shayla Toro and Miranda Iero.

Haven went into the kitchen wearing a yellow and black striped tutu with a yellow tee shirt “You look like a bumble bee.” Mikey laughed, lifting her up “Gee, quit stressing. What’s the worst that could happen?”

“I didn’t tell her that I had Haven, okay?” Gerard yelled.

“What do you think she’s gonna do? Dump you?”

“You don’t know Grace like I do. She doesn’t like children.”

“Look, just calm down.” Mikey smiled at Haven “Are you excited?” Haven shook her head “Why not?”

“I don’t like strangers.”

“You’ll like Grace, she’s nice.” Gerard told her.

“You just said she won’t like me so I don’t think I’ll like her if she doesn’t like me.”

Gerard sighed and Mikey’s girlfriend Dakota walked into the room “I’ve put on the dress.” Dakota smiled, twirling around in it “How do I look?”

“Beautiful.” Mikey smiled, letting Haven down and kissing her on the cheek.

“Just hurry up and help me get ready!” Gerard cried. Mikey looked at Dakota and rolled his eyes. Dakota giggled and went lifted up Haven to get her ready.

Soon the house was filled with people all taking and laughing until the doorbell rang one last time. Grace was here. Everyone instantly went silent and Gerard ushered them to the dinner table while he went to answer it.

He opened the door and came face to face with a woman in her early twenties with blonde hair and lots of make-up. Standing next to her was a woman about the same age with waist-length curly jet black hair with a side-fringe “Hey Gee.” The blonde girl grinned “I hope you don’t mind but I brought my friend Maria along. Her boyfriend just dumped her so I didn’t wanna leave her at home by herself.”

“That’s fine, there’s plenty of room.” Gerard smiled and brought them through into the dining room where all of Gerard’s friends were. They looked over at him “Umm guys this is my girlfriend Grace. And this is her friend Maria who decided to join us.”

Everyone waved at them and they both took a seat while Gerard went off to get the food “So,” Grace smiled “Introduce yourselves.”

“Uhh my name’s Ray, I play guitar in Gerard’s band.” Ray nodded.

“And I’m his girlfriend Raven. I’m a forensic pathologist.” Raven told her. Grace was confused but nodded as if she knew what Raven was talking about.

“I’m Frank, I also play guitar in Gerard’s band.”

“I’m Penina, Frank’s girlfriend.” Penina held out her hand and Grace just stared at it so Penina pulled it back awkwardly “I work at the animal shelter. Mainly with dogs but I work with the other animals too.”

“I’m Jennifer, I’m a lead singer in a band that’s not really got anywhere so far so I also work in the comic book store.”

“I’m Bob, her boyfriend. I play drums in Gerard’s band.”

“And I’m Gerard’s brother Mikey; I play bass for the band.” Mikey and the others didn’t like referring to the band as ‘Gerard’s band but they had a feeling that Grace didn’t know they were called ‘My Chemical Romance’ or anything about them.

“I’m Mikey’s girlfriend Dakota. I give private music lessons to kids over ten.”

“I’m Miranda.” Frank and Penina’s six year old daughter grinned at Grace “When I grow up I’m going to be just like my Daddy. I love watching him play guitar.”

“Your name’s Grace?” A little three year old girl asked her. Grace nodded “I’m Shayla Grace Toro. Haven’s middle name is Grayce too but she spells it all funny.”

“I’m Haven Grayce Way.” She said shyly to Grace, sliding further under the table as Grace stared at her.

“Oh you’re Mikey’s daughter right?” Grace asked.

Haven shook her head shyly and Miranda said “No, she’s Gee’s daughter so if you two got married she’d be your daughter too.”

Grace looked like she was going to throw up and Gerard came back into the room “Why didn’t you tell me you had a daughter?” Grace snapped.

[A/N] – I really have to start getting ready for the trip now… Hope you liked the first chapter :) – It wasn’t very interesting I know but that’s only because I was trying to introduce everybody.
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