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[A/N] – The play was good but we were stuck on a twenty eight degrees bus that went like two miles per hour. And then on the way back I had plans to read FanFiction on my phone and not talk to anyone but then my phone battery went to red :’( NO! Anyway, hope you like this chapter :)

“I kind of forgot to tell you.” Gerard bit his lip “It doesn’t bother you does it? Because Haven means everything to me.”

“Of course it doesn’t bother me!” Grace cried then smiled “If you’d told me then I could’ve brought her a present or something.”

“I need to pee!” Haven announced, leaping up from her seat and running upstairs.

Everyone started eating in silence when suddenly there was a loud thud upstairs “What was that?” Grace asked, jumping out of her skin.

“Haven.” Everyone said at once.

“What, did she fall off the toilet or something?” Grace looked really confused and slightly disturbed.

“She’ll have jumped off of something.” Raven said calmly “She’s always doing it.”

“Aren’t you worried that she’s gonna hurt herself?” Bob asked Gerard.

He shrugged his shoulders “I worried at first but now I guess I’m kind of used to it. She never hurts herself.” Haven came back into the room “Did you wash your hands?” Haven nodded and sat down.

“She looks just like you, she’s so adorable.” Grace smiled but her eyes didn’t light up as she did so.

“So Grace, what do you do for a living?” Penina asked, putting some of her curry in her mouth and attempting to make conversation.

“Oh I’m a model.” Grace grinned. She clearly liked talking about work “I’ve done average stuff, photo shoots for magazine adverts. I did do one TV commercial for shampoo once.”

“Wow, that’s really cool.” Dakota told her even though she’d never seen what was so fun about being a model “Have you done anything recently?”

“The last was an advert for perfume. I have another couple of auditions lined up. One’s for a movie. I’m thinking that I’d prefer to be an actress now.” Grace shrugged “It depends on what I feel like doing.”

“Well I think you’re great at what you do.” Gerard smiled proudly at her then glanced at Haven who was looking at the box that they kept their stuff in in the dining room wistfully “Haven, don’t jump off it please. Just sit and eat your dinner please.”

Haven pouted and slumped down in her seat but ate her dinner carefully. The adults were having curry and the kids were having chicken nuggets and chips “So where did you and Gerard meet?” Raven asked. It was getting hard for the others to think of things to say.

“Oh we were at Starbucks. I was working there. I don’t normally tell people because you know it sounds way better when they know I do modelling. But I don’t make a lot of money modelling so I do some part-time work in random places all the time. Anyway, I was working at the till and he came over and ordered. I thought he was cute so I asked for his number and he must’ve thought I was hot because he gave it to me.” Grace laughed and flicked some hair over her shoulder “So Raven, how did you meet Ray?”

“We met at college. We got together then and we stayed together since then.” Raven smiled at him “And then we had Shayla and now I’ve got a family who I love so much.” She kissed Ray’s cheek.

“That’s cute.” Grace said it like it wasn’t cute at all and raised her eye-brows a little “What about you Penina?”

“Oh Frank kept coming into the animal shelter to adopt dogs so we got onto like first-name basis with each other.” Penina smiled at him “And he kept coming in and one time we had to wait around for ages so we started talking about our dogs and he wanted to see mine so I invited him over to my place. One thing led to another and now we have Miranda.” Penina laughed “Tell yours Jennifer.”

“Sent in an entry with my band to see if I could go on tour with his band. We didn’t get in but Bob thought I was cute and gave me a call.” Jennifer laughed.

“And that just leaves you Dakota.” Raven smiled at her.

“Ours is kinda cool actually.” Dakota giggled “Before I gave lessons to kids I worked at this cheap bar. One night this awful drunk guy was hitting on me and tried to kiss me and basically wouldn’t leave me alone so Mikey pretended to be my boyfriend to make him stop. Then he asked for my number and I couldn’t say no to my hero.” Dakota laughed loudly “That sounded so cheesy!”

“I think it’s really cute.” Penina smiled.

“Yeah, adorable.” Grace said as if it were anything but adorable “Actually Gee, I’d better be going.” She pushed her barely touched plate away.

“But you only just got here.” Gerard pouted.

“I know, I know, but I’ve got an audition.” Grace blew him a kiss and ran out of the house.

“Umm did you want me to go too?” Maria asked awkwardly, biting her lip.

Gerard shook his head “No, of course not. Tell us all about yourself Maria.”

[A/N] – Next chapter we’ll get to know Maria :D Aww my nephews here and we blew him so balloons and he’s trying to eat them and we blew him so bubbles and he tried to eat them too :’) He’s so cute!
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