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“Well, I’m Maria, I work at a haunted house during the fall and the rest of the time I work as a special effects make-up person.” Maria laughed “That sounded so professional.”

“Wow, like in movies and stuff?” Frank asked. Maria nodded “That sounds really cool.”

“I like it, it’s pretty awesome.” Maria smiled.

“Can we go play upstairs now please Daddy?” Haven asked, sounding way more relaxed now that Grace had left. Shayla and Miranda looked at Gerard with big puppy dog eyes.

“Of course you can.” Gerard smiled at them and they shrieked with excitement before running upstairs to play in Haven’s room.

“They’re so adorable.” Maria said “I always wanted a daughter but my boyfriend wasn’t interested. It’s kind of why we broke up. We were at different points in the relationship.”

“I’m really sorry.” Gerard frowned “Maybe you could hang out with Haven sometime? It’d be good for her to spend some time with a woman now that her Mom’s died.”

“Hey, I took her shopping last week!” Jennifer cried.

“She comes over to our house every week!” Dakota cried “We watched ‘Snow White’ together!”

“I know but she misses her Mom and something tells me that Grace isn’t going to be a ‘Mommy’ figure for her.” Gerard shrugged his shoulders “Only if you want to though Maria.”

“Of course I want to spend time with her! That’d be awesome.” Maria grinned.

“Well it’s her birthday soon. I’ve never been good at planning birthday parties especially for Haven.”

“Oh god, it was a disaster.” Ray laughed “It was awful.”

“I could plan it for you?” Maria suggested “You girls will help me too, right?”

“YAY I’d love to plan a party for Haven!” Jennifer giggled, jumping up and down in her seat like a little kid “This is gonna be awesome!”

“I’d love to help out but it’s Miranda’s birthday first and I’ve gotta plan that.” Penina said “I’ll happily help out with decorating on the day and stuff.”

“I’m helping out with Miranda’s birthday too but yeah, I’ll help decorate.” Raven nodded.

“I’ll help you with Haven’s party, I love Haven to pieces.” Dakota grinned.

“This is gonna be so much fun!” Maria smiled.

“Thank you for coming.” Gerard smiled, waving at Frank, Penina and Miranda who were the last to leave.

“Thank you for having us!” Penina yelled back, helping Miranda into her seat and then sliding into the passenger’s seat.

“Daddy?” Haven asked and Gerard turned around to see his little girl.

He smiled “Yes Baby?”

“I don’t like Grace very much.” She pouted “She’s not very nice.”

“You don’t really know her that well.” Gerard replied, raising his eye-brows “Don’t you think it’s time you went to bed now?” Haven laughed and shook her head “Alright, fine, you can stay up for a bit. Do you wanna watch a movie?” Haven nodded “Go and pick one then.”

Haven ran off and Gerard went into the kitchen. He made some warm milk and went into the living room. Haven was sitting on the sofa and had put ‘Cinderella’ in the DVD player. Gerard sat down next to her, pulled Haven onto his lap and gave her the warm milk.

After half-an-hour Haven had fallen asleep in Gerard’s arms. Gerard laughed and carried her up to bed then tucked her in “I love you so much.” He whispered, kissing her forehead.

He went back into his own room and got into his side of the double bed. For a long moment he stared at the other half of the double bed where Nat, Haven’s Mom and his wife, used to sleep. His eyes watered and he quickly switched the light off, laid down and cried himself to sleep.

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