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One week later…

“I don’t want her to come today.” Jennifer whined down the phone “I know we only met her once for a short amount of time but she’s just not a nice woman.”

“Yeah, I don’t want her to come either.” Raven replied patiently “But Gerard invited her along when I went over to his house to pick up Haven for ballet with Shayla. And she was there with him, I couldn’t say no could I? That would’ve been rude.”

“Can we at least invite Maris so it’s a little more bearable?” Jennifer begged “I like Maria, she’s not scary like Grace.”

“You’re such a wimp.” Raven laughed “Okay fine, I’ll ask Grace to bring Maria. I’ll see you later.”

“See you later.”

Raven hung up the phone, text Grace asking her to bring Maria and then put it in her bag “Are you nearly ready Shayla?” She yelled, going to the bottom of the stairs.

“I’m ready, I’m just making Daddy pretty!” Shayla yelled back.

“Oh God, what’s she doing now?” Raven whispered, going up the stairs to see if Ray was okay.

She went into her bedroom and saw Ray sitting on the double bed with Shayla standing in front of him giggling. He was wearing a large floppy hat and was wearing pink lipstick and blue eye-shadow “Daddy’s pretty!” Shayla grinned.

“Really Ray, really?” Raven asked, raising one eye-brow “Why do you let her walk all over you?”

“Because she’s just so cute!” Ray cried “Look at her!”

“You’re such a Daddy’s girl.” Raven laughed, lifting up Shayla “Don’t you have to be in the studio today?”

“Oh shit yeah!”

“Don’t swear in front of Shayla!” Raven cried.

“Keep the make-up on Daddy, you look on pretty!” Shayla smiled then frowned “What does shit mean?”


“Mommy, I want a doughnut!” Miranda moaned as they walked around the shopping centre looking for dresses for Miranda’s birthday party. It was princess themed and all the girls had to come as princesses and the guys had to come as princes.

“You just had your lunch greedy!” Penina laughed “I might get you one but not until you’ve found your dress.”

“So Grace, are you coming to the party?” Jennifer asked, trying to make conversation.

Grace had come along with her friend Maria. She’d been given the job of holding Haven’s hand but didn’t particularly want to so she was holding on to her arm a little too tightly and practically dragging her along with her “I don’t know. I haven’t exactly been invited. If Gerard goes, I’ll probably end up going too even though children’s parties are totally not my thing.”

“I wanna hold Auntie Dakota’s hand now.” Haven whispered, pulling away from Grace and running to her Auntie.

“She’s such a weird little girl.” Grace said to Jennifer “I dunno, I’ve always thought kids were weird but she’s just kind of backwards. Like why does she keep jumping off of things? I think Gerard should take her to a specialist or something.”

“Haven’s fine just the way she is.” Jennifer said defensively as if Haven were her own daughter “Gerard’s raised her by himself since she was just one, I think he knows what he’s doing.”

“If you say so.” Grace replied, shrugging her shoulders.

Jennifer walked away from her to be with Dakota and Haven because Grace was starting to get on her nerves “What about this one?” Penina asked, stopping and pointing into a shop window.

“Eww no I don’t wanna wear that! It’s ugly!” Miranda laughed “What about this one?” She pointed to a white one in a different shop.

“Oh that’s pretty.” Penina said, walking over to it. She backed away when she saw the price of it “Why do you have such expensive taste?” Penina cried.

“I take after my Mommy!” Miranda yelled back and the two of them started giggling.

“She’s kind of weird too.” Grace whispered to Jennifer. Jennifer rolled her eyes and walked away.
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