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“Gerard, I don’t think she’s right for you.” Jennifer told Gerard when she dropped Haven off at home. She hadn’t been comfortable leaving Haven alone with Grace so told her she’d bring her home herself.

“What makes you think that?” Gerard asked, giving Haven a hug and then letting her run off upstairs.

“Well she’s really rude.” Jennifer said “She kept calling Haven weird, dragged her around by her arm-“

“Look, I know she’s not very good with Haven.” Gerard interrupted her “But I love her and she loves me too.”

“Gee, you’re a Dad. Surely Haven should always come first?” Jennifer sighed.

“Of course Haven comes first. She just barely knows Grace yet. Maybe Grace will surprise us by turning into a great Mom?”

Jennifer nodded but raised her eye-brows, knowing that that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon “Look, I know you’ve been upset ever since Nat died… But there’s nothing wrong with admitting that Grace is wrong for you in the end. There’s nothing wrong with being alone.”

“It’s not like that at all.” Gerard muttered “Look, I need to start making Haven dinner so if you don’t mind?”

Jennifer took the heavy hint, yelled “Bye Haven!” and went back home.

“Haven! What do you want for dinner?” Gerard asked her from the bottom of the stairs.

“I’ve made dinner Daddy! Come and see.”

Gerard sighed and went upstairs. Haven was sitting at her tiny table with dolls sitting on chairs around the table “Join my tea party.” Haven smiled at her Dad.

“Honey, I need to start making dinner now.” Gerard told her.

“Please Daddy?” Haven begged with puppy dog eyes “I made pizza!” She picked up a plastic plate and showed him that there was a play dough made pizza “Do you want a slice?”

Gerard smiled at her, then pulled out a seat and sat down “Okay, just one small slice.”

He played tea parties with Haven for half-an-hour until the doorbell rang. He went downstairs to answer the door. It was Grace “… Why are you wearing a feather boa and a pink hat?” Grace asked, her eyes widening.

“Oh I’m sorry; I was playing tea parties with Haven.” Gerard replied, blushing bright red and taking off the hat and boa.

Grace nodded, looking disgusted “Umm yeah… You invited me over for dinner, remember?”

“Oh God, yeah, sorry… I got distracted by umm yeah the tea party.” Gerard sighed “What if we just phone for pizza? I’m pretty sure that’s what Haven is in the mood for.”

“I don’t like pizzas.” Grace shrugged her shoulders “Why can’t we go out somewhere posh? Just drop off Haven at Dakota’s house or something.”

“Well actually Dakota and Mikey went to a concert tonight-“

“Well then drop her off at someone else’s house!” Grace cried “Come on Gee, don’t you love me?”

“Of course I love you.” Gerard bit his lip “Okay fine, I’ll phone Penina then.”

“YAY! Thank you Gee!” Grace smiled.

Gerard phoned Penina and she agreed to look after Haven overnight. She went upstairs and went into Haven’s room “Hey Baby, you’re gonna stay at Penina’s house tonight. You get to see Miranda!”

“But I wanna stay here.” Haven pouted “You said we could have pizza for dinner!”

“Well maybe if you ask Penina politely then then she’ll get you pizza?” Gerard suggested “Come on, you can take your play dough and dolls if you want?”

“But Daddy I wanna stay here!” Haven burst into tears.

“Aww Baby, please don’t cry.” Gerard hugged her and kissed her cheek.

“Why do I have to go to Penina’s?” Haven pouted.

“Because Daddy needs some alone time with Grace.” Gerard muttered.

“Why?” Haven asked, looking confused.

“Because we love each other.”

“Don’t you love me Daddy?” Haven’s eyes widened.

“Of course I love you Beautiful. Can you just go to Penina’s for one night? You like Penina don’t you?”

“Yeah but I like you more.” Haven wiped her eyes “Fine…”

[A/N] - Not a very good chapter, I know, I'm sorry :(
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