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[A/N] – Penina I don’t like pizza :O And since I got 10 reviews on the last chapter (even though it was just you guys talking to each other…) I figured you deserved another chapter tonight :D

“Haven, are you okay?” Penina asked “Don’t you like your pizza?”

“I like it I’m just not very hungry.” Haven whispered “I wanna go home.”

“Well you can go home in the morning. Daddy needs some alone time right now.” Penina told her.

“You and Frankie never need some alone time.” Haven pouted.

“Yes we do.” Frank said “We drop Miranda off at your house whenever we need our alone time.”

“What do you do during alone time?” Miranda asked innocently.

Frank looked at Penina “Do they need ‘the talk’ yet?”

“No, they’re just little girls!” Penina cried “Look, if you’re not hungry Haven then why don’t you go and play? You’re done now aren’t you Miranda?”

“Yes let’s go and play Haven!” Miranda shrieked, grabbing her arm and dragging her upstairs “Why don’t we play tea parties?”

“I wanted to play tea parties with Daddy.” Haven sat down on the floor, hugged her knees and started crying.

Miranda bit her lip “Should I get my Daddy?”

“No, I want my Daddy!” Haven sobbed “Does he not like me anymore?”

“He likes you maybe he just likes Grace more than you.” Miranda said, putting her arms around Haven.

“But your Daddy likes you just the same as your Mommy.”

“Yes but they’ve had each other since I was born… So they had time to be by themselves before I showed up but your Daddy has never had time to be alone with Grace because you were there.”

Haven blinked at her “So Daddy doesn’t want me around anymore?”

“I don’t know.” Miranda shrugged “If you don’t wanna play tea parties then why don’t we play princesses?”

They played princesses for an hour until Frank came into the room “Come on girls, time to go to bed.” Frank laughed when he saw them “I love your dresses, you both look beautiful. But now it’s time to get into your pyjamas.”

“But Daddy, we’re not tired!” Miranda cried “Can’t you play princesses with us Daddy? Please?

Half-an-hour later Penina finished the dishes and looked in the living room “Is Frank still putting the kids to bed?” She asked out loud and then went upstairs “Frankie!”

“Miranda used the puppy dog eyes on me, I couldn’t help it!” Frank cried. He was sat on the bed with a blonde wig, a tiara and Miranda was putting silver glitter nail polish on his fingers.

“Come on Miranda, it’s time for bed now.” She looked around “Where’s Haven?”

“She said she had to use the bathroom but she’s been gone a really long time now.” Miranda said, sitting on Frank’s lap “Read me a story Daddy.”

Frank settled Miranda into bed and started reading her a story while Penina went off to find Haven. She was in the bathroom, sitting on the floor and crying “Aww what’s wrong Beautiful?” Penina asked, lifting up Haven.

“I don’t think Daddy likes me anymore.” Haven whispered, wrapping her arms around Penina’s neck.

“Of course your Daddy likes you!” Penina cried “He just needed some time alone with Grace, there’s nothing wrong with that.” Penina kissed her cheek “It’s time for bed now and when you wake up, I’ll make you some breakfast and take you home to your Daddy, okay?”

“Okay.” Haven wiped her eyes and let Penina carry her into the bedroom. Frank was still reading Miranda a story so Penina sat down on their bed with Haven on her lap so that she could listen to the rest of the story.

Frank finished the story and tucked Miranda into bed while Penina tucked in Haven “Night Sweetie.” Penina whispered, kissing her forehead.

They went downstairs together “I’m really worried about Haven.” Penina said to Frank “She thinks that Gerard hates her.”

“Don’t worry about it. Just tell Gee what she said tomorrow and he’ll talk to her.” Frank put his arm around Penina “The kids are in bed now…”

“I guess they are.” Penina giggled and Frank leaned over and kissed her.

The next morning Haven went into Penina and Frank’s room at five in the morning “Penina, can I go home yet?” Haven asked.

“Haven!” Penina shrieked, making sure that her naked body was covered with the duvet “It’s first thing in the morning. Go back to bed for a bit please.”

Haven giggled and ran back to Miranda’s bed.
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