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Four hours later Penina dropped off Haven at Gerard’s house. Grace was the one to answer “Umm is Gerard in?” Penina asked “I kind of need to talk to him about something.”

“He’s still in bed and I don’t wanna wake him up.” Grace replied, lighting a cigarette “Want me to pass on a message?”

“Oh no thanks, it’s okay.”

Penina walked away and she overheard Grace call her a Bitch. She clenched her fists but carried on walking.

Grace finished her cigarette outside and then went into the house. Haven was in the living room watching Tom and Jerry. Grace grabbed the remote and changed the channel “I was watching that!” Haven pouted.

“Yeah well I’m older than you so I get to decide what’s on TV.” Grace hissed.

“You’re mean and I don’t like you.” Haven muttered. Grace heard her and she got angry.

Gerard rubbed his eyes and sat up. He heard a strange noise from downstairs but figured it was just Grace and laid back down to get some more sleep. But then he heard the strange noise again and kind of wanted to know what Grace was doing. He got up and went downstairs. Grace was in the living room with Haven who was crying “What’s wrong Baby?” Gerard asked.

Grace shot a shot look at Haven that Gerard didn’t see. Haven glanced at Grace and then back at her Dad “Nothing Daddy.” She wiped away her tears “I’m gonna go and play in my room.”

“Okay Beautiful.” Gerard said, ruffling her hair as she went past “What was wrong with her?” He asked Grace.

Grace shrugged her shoulders “How am I supposed to know?”

Gerard sighed but didn’t say anything else.

Later, when Grace was gone, Gerard went into Haven’s room. She was sat up in bed looking at a picture book. Gerard sat next to her “Are you okay?” Haven nodded “Are you excited about Miranda’s birthday party tomorrow?” Haven nodded again “Are you gonna talk to me?”


“Are you mad at me for dropping you off at Penina’s house last night?” Haven hesitated and bit her lip “I got a phone call off Penina. She said that you were worried that I didn’t like you. What on earth makes you think that I don’t like you?”

“Because you sent me away to spend time with Grace who isn’t very nice.”

“She’s lovely; you just don’t know her very well. And of course I like you, I love you so much but I just needed some time with Grace.”

“But why?”

“Because I love her. And I love you too which is why I’ll sometimes tell Grace that we need some alone time, okay?” Haven bit her lip again and nodded “I love you.”

“Love you too Daddy.” Haven crawled to the end of her bed where there was a book shelf “Can you read to me please?”

“Of course I can.”

Haven got a book and crawled back to her Dad. He tucked her into bed and put his arm around her so he could read to her.

The next day was Miranda’s birthday party. Gerard and Haven showed up. Haven was wearing a white tutu with a white vest and Gerard was wearing a prince outfit that he’d brought off the internet. Miranda ran over to them wearing a blue princess dress “Haven, come and play with me!” Miranda shrieked, grabbing Haven’s hand and dragging her away.

Penina walked over to Gerard “So did you talk to Haven?”

He nodded “Yeah, she knows that I like her now.”

Penina nodded too “Look, I’ve been talking to the others. We still don’t think Grace is very good for you. She doesn’t seem to care about Haven at all.”

“Well it’s my relationship with Grace, not Haven’s.”

“But if you want to make this work then you need someone who will accept Haven into their life as well as you.” Penina sighed “Sorry if you think I’m lecturing you but it’s true.”

“I think I know what I’m doing, thanks Penina.” Gerard said.

Penina nodded again and went back to Frank “Hey Gerard.” A voice from behind him said.

Gerard turned around and found Maria standing behind him “Oh hey!” He smiled “What are you doing here?”

“Penina invited me and I wasn’t about to miss out on a princess party!” Maria grinned and Gerard noticed she was wearing a floor-length pink dress.

“You look lovely.” Gerard smiled then he noticed all the others dancing as if they were at a ball. He saw Haven dancing with Shayla and smiled “Would you like to dance?” Gerard asked, bowing as a joke.

Maria laughed and curtsied “I would love to.” Gerard took her hand and they went off to dance.
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