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Somehow after the dance, Gerard ended up inviting Maria over for dinner “Daddy I want PIZZA!” Haven yelled as they left Penina’s house. She took hold of his hand “Please?”

“You had pizza a couple of nights ago.” Gerard reminded her with a smile “Why don’t we have something else?”

“NO, I WANT PIZZA!” Haven jumped up and down.

“We could stop at pizza hut on the way home?” Maria suggested “I’m kind of in the mood for pizza too.”

“YAY I love pizza.” Haven grinned.

Gerard drove them to pizza hut and they went inside “I love you Maria.” Haven said happily, taking Maria’s hand.

Maria laughed “Aww I love you too Haven.” They sat down and Haven insisted on sitting next to Maria “So how are things going with you and Grace?” Maria asked while Haven did some colouring.

“I don’t know.” Gerard muttered, biting his lip “Yesterday I went downstairs and Haven was crying then she ran off but Grace wouldn’t tell me why she was crying. I know they don’t get along but I’ve been wondering if maybe Grace did something to make Haven cry?”

Maria looked worried “Maybe I could talk to her about it?”

“She’ll get mad at me for telling you.”

“No she won’t, me and Grace are best friends…” Maria sighed “Well, she seems to think we’re best friends. I don’t know anymore. I barely know her. I shouldn’t be saying all of this since you’re her boyfriend and everything.” She paused “I don’t wanna sound rude but are you sure that you wanna be dating her? It’s just that since I’m her best friend, I know what she can be like…”

“Please don’t.” Gerard ran his fingers through his hair “All the others have been on at me. I know what I’m doing. Everything will work out in the end.”

“Of course it will.” Maria smiled and looked at Haven’s picture. She’d drawn a picture of herself, her Dad and a woman “Is that Grace?”

“No, it’s you.” Haven looked up at her and smiled.

“I’m really worried about Gerard.” Jennifer said to Bob that night “He seems to love Grace but I can already tell it’s just going to end badly. And Haven’s been really quiet all day as if she’s really upset about something.”

“Hey, Gerard’s one of my best friends but I’m sure he can look after himself.” Bob replied “If he loves Grace then let him love Grace.”

“But for the last time, it’s not just about Gerard, it’s about Haven too!” Jennifer cried “Gerard needs to be with someone who can also accept Grace.”

“Do you want me to talk to him?” Bob asked, raising his eye-brows.

Jennifer shook her head “Most of us have tried talking to him. Do you know what? I’m gonna try talking to Grace.”

“Do you think that’s such a good idea?” Bob smiled, slightly amused “She’ll just tell Gerard and he’ll get mad at you.”

“Well someone has to think about Haven and it doesn’t like Gerard’s about to do it. He’s a brilliant Dad but he’s just blinded now that Grace has shown up out of nowhere.”

“Fine then, there’s no point trying to convince you, is there?” Bob laughed.

Jennifer grinned at him “Nope.” Jennifer pulled her phone out of her pocket “Might as well get it over with.” She dialled Grace’s number and went into the kitchen.

“Hello?” Grace answered.

“Hi Grace, it’s Jennifer.”

“I know, I have caller ID.” Grace replied “Is there a reason you’re phoning me?”

“Umm yeah I wanted to talk to you about Haven.”

“What about her?”

“It’s just that well, I know it’s not my place to butt in, but if you’re gonna be in a long-term relationship with Gerard then maybe it’s about time you started getting to know Haven? She’s a sweet kid, I’m sure you’d like her once you got to know her.”

“Look, I’m not the one blocking our attempts to bond. She doesn’t like me and she’s not about to start liking me. Why does everyone blame me? I haven’t done anything wrong!”

“Well it’s just that you were calling her weird and stuff the other day when we were shopping…”

“Oh whatever, I think I know what I’m doing. It’s my relationship Jennifer, not yours.” And with that, Grace hung up the phone.
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