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“Well she’s a bitch.” Penina said. All the girls, except for Grace, had met up for coffee. Jennifer had just told them about the phone call “Does he really like her Maria? You seem to be closer to him now than any of us.”

“He said we’re best friends now.” Maria giggled “Anyway, he says he really likes her. What happened to Haven’s Mom if you don’t mind me asking?”

“She died shortly after giving birth to Haven.” Raven said quietly “Which is why we think that he’s with Grace now. Because he’s lonely and he wants Haven to have a Mom. But obviously Grace isn’t going to be Haven’s Mom.”

“I need to talk to her anyway. I think that she did something to make Haven cry.” Maria bit her lip “Let’s not talk about Grace right now. It’s bringing us all down.”

“Yes, especially when I have some exciting news.” Jennifer smiled “I’m pregnant!”

Everyone shrieked and started hugging and congratulating her “That’s so cute!” Dakota squealed “Have you told Bob yet?”

“No but I plan to when I get home.” Jennifer grinned “I wanted to tell you guys first. I’m not sure how Bob will re-act. He’s never seemed entirely keen on children.”

“Well he’ll love your child!” Maria told her then added wistfully “I’ve always wanted a child.”

“You could still have a child.” Raven told her “I mean you might meet someone who wants to have a child with you. And if not then you could always adopt?”

“I’ve considered that but I’m worried they’ll tell me I’m not a fit Mother and I think I’d fail at it anyway.” Maria sighed “Oh well. Do you think that you’ll have children Dakota?”

She shrugged her shoulders “I love being an Auntie and looking after Haven but that’s because I don’t have to do it all the time. If I had to get up in the middle of the night to feed a new-born baby or something I’d end up getting mad. I love sleeping.”

“I always made Ray get up in the night to feed Shayla.” Raven laughed “It was torture when he went on tour and I had to do it myself.”

“I didn’t mind waking up in the middle of the night.” Penina smiled.

“Yeah, make us all look bad Penina.” Raven joked.

“Hey, I’d better go.” Maria said, standing up “I agreed to go and talk to Grace today.” The girls pulled a face “I know but I need to find out what she did.”

“Hey Grace.” Maria smiled, letting herself into Grace’s house.

“I’m in the kitchen!” Grace yelled back.

Maria walked down the corridor and into the kitchen. Grace was sipping coffee and handed one to Maria “Oh thanks.” Maria sat down at the table.

“So why are you here?” Grace asked with a yawn.

“Well I was hanging out with Gerard the other day and well, he mentioned that Haven had been crying but wouldn’t tell him why and that you were there when she cried.” Grace didn’t reply and Maria swallowed, starting to feel nervous “So we were all worried. Why was she crying?”

Grace raised her eye-brows “Don’t tell anyone okay? Especially not Gerard.” Maria didn’t say anything and Grace continued “Well she told me that she hated me just because I changed the channel. I mean, that’s pathetic right? So I slapped her.”

Maria gasped “You can’t hit Haven!”

“Oh please, that’s the only way to teach children obedience. By hitting them.” Grace rolled her eyes and smiled.

Maria stood up “I’m going to tell Gerard.”

Grace stood up too “No you’re not.”

“Who’s gonna stop me?”

“What were you doing hanging around with my boyfriend anyway?” Grace asked, her eyes suddenly clouding with anger “Whose word do you think he’ll believe anyway? If I make up some lie about why Haven was crying and tell him you were just making it up because you have a massive crush on him, which one of us do you really think he’ll believe?”

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Maria yelled “You can’t go around hitting that girl! She doesn’t deserve this!”

“Oh get over yourself.” Grace said, rolling her eyes “Haven will get over it. Now in the meantime, keep your nose out of other people’s business.”

Maria shook her head in disbelief and stormed out of the house.
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