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Maria didn’t know what to do. Obviously she had to tell someone. But she couldn’t decide who. If she told Gerard then she knew Grace would just deny it and Gerard would take Grace’s side because he loved her. If she told Jennifer then she’d just beat up Grace instantly. Same with Raven and Penina.

Dakota was at the top of Maria’s list. She was Haven’s aunt after all and Dakota would know exactly what to do. So in the end, Maria took a deep breath and went over to her house.

Mikey was the one to answer “Oh hey. Maria, right?”

Maria smiled and nodded “Is Dakota in? I really need to talk to her.”

“Yeah, she’s giving a lesson to a kid upstairs. She’ll be done in a couple of minutes though. Please come in.” Mikey moved out of the way and Dakota stepped inside. Mikey was certainly just as polite as his older brother but maybe Mikey was a little smarter…

“Do you want a cup of coffee?” Mikey asked, leading Dakota into the kitchen. Dakota nodded and Mikey started making her a cup “You and my brother seem to get along pretty well.”

“Oh yeah he’s like my best friend.” Maria smiled, taking the hot cup off of Mikey. She frowned “This might sound a bit personal or weird or whatever… But do you like Grace?”

Mikey shrugged his shoulders “I dunno. I know that Jennifer doesn’t like her but I think that Gerard has the right to get with whoever he wants.”

Maria bit her lip, deciding in that moment not to tell him what was going on with Haven. He’d only go and tell Gerard straightaway, resulting in Grace denying it and Maria getting the blame for everything. Maria sighed heavily. Why did she have to be ‘best friends’ with such a bitch? And why was her other best friend so oblivious to everything?

Dakota came down into the kitchen with a small skinny little boy with ginger curly hair who was holding onto a saxophone “You did great Billy, I’ll see you next lesson.” Dakota smiled, ruffling his hair. Billy handed her a small envelope and left the house.

“What’s that?” Maria asked nosily.

“Just my cheque for teaching him.” Dakota laughed “What did you think it was? A love note?”

Maria laughed too then remembered and frowned “I need to talk to you about something. It’s kind of important.”

“Oh well, come upstairs.” Dakota lead Maria upstairs into the attic where she taught all of her music lessons “So, what’s this about?”

“It’s about Grace.” Maria was relieved to know that she was finally going to get this off of her chest “I spoke to her like I said I would. And she told me why Haven was crying. It’s because… Because…”

“Because?” Dakota prompted.

“Because Grace hit Haven!” Maria cried and then suddenly burst into tears.

Dakota didn’t look shocked and remained calm “Look, listen to me. You need to tell Gerard about this.”

“I can’t because Grace said if I tell him that she’ll just deny it and then he’ll believe her over me which is true! And then she’ll be able to carry on hurting Haven because she’s too little and scared to admit what’s going on!” Maria sobbed.

Dakota got a tissue and handed it to Maria “I’ll take care of it. Don’t worry.”

That night Dakota went over to Gerard’s house “What are you doing here?” Gerard asked, looking pretty confused when he answered the door and saw Dakota standing there.

“It’s Saturday.” Dakota reminded him “Haven always comes over to our place on a Saturday night.”

“Oh yeah right, sorry.” Gerard sighed “She hasn’t packed her stuff. Normally I help her.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll help her tonight.” Dakota pushed past him and went into Haven’s room.

Haven was sitting cross-legged on her bed staring into space “Dakota!” She shrieked when she noticed her Auntie come into the room. She leaped up and threw her arms around Dakota’s waist.

“Are you ready to come over to my house?” Dakota grinned and Haven nodded eagerly “Listen to me. I want you to pack enough stuff to last you over a week. I can always get you new stuff or wash it or whatever.”

“Why?” Haven asked, her eyes widening.

“Because you’re going to live with me and Uncle Mikey for a while.” Dakota told her.
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