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[A/N] - Hey guys! :D The concert was awesome :) Some girls were making fun of our home-made Evanescence tee-shirts though so we had to move back :( But The Used were awesome :D And then we moved to the back for Evanescence where there was loads of space and did ballet :) So it was an awesome night ;D

Haven had packed her stuff without saying anything. She’d kissed her Dad goodbye but still hadn’t said anything. She didn’t say anything until her and Dakota were nearly back at her place “Why am I going to live with you and Uncle Mikey?” She asked innocently “Doesn’t Daddy want me anymore?”

“Of course he does.” Dakota replied, not quite knowing what to say “But I know what’s happening with you and Grace.”

Haven was confused “What’s happening?”

Dakota tapped her fingers on the steering wheel, still not sure what to say “We know that you two don’t really get along very well. Daddy can still come and see you obviously. I just don’t want you around Grace anymore.”

“Have I done something wrong?”

“No, it’s not your fault. It’s Grace’s fault. Don’t worry about it Haven.”

Haven was quiet for the rest of the car journey. When they pulled up outside Dakota’s house, Haven jumped out of the car and ran inside. Dakota laughed, grabbed her bags and followed her into the house.

“So you just decided she was going to live with you?” Raven asked. Mikey had gone to a concert with Frank so she’d invited Raven, Penina, Maria and Jennifer over. Miranda and Shayla were also over “Have you even told Gerard?”

“Of course not, he’d want to know why.” Dakota said “And Haven doesn’t even seem to know that it’s wrong.”

“Well he’ll know that something’s up when you don’t take her home tomorrow.” Penina reminded her “And I know how pissed off I’d be if someone just decided to take Miranda away without telling me first.”

“I didn’t have a choice!” Dakota cried “I love Haven to pieces and I wasn’t about to let that bitch continue hurting her.”

“You still need to tell Gerard something though.” Jennifer sighed “He’ll be round here tomorrow demanding that you bring her home.”

“He can demand all he wants; Haven’s not going home until Grace is gone.” Dakota said, raising her eye-brows.

Upstairs, Haven was telling Miranda and Shayla about how she lived with Dakota now “Why do you live here then?” Shayla asked “Why don’t you live with your Daddy anymore?”

“I don’t know.” Haven shrugged her shoulders “Auntie Dakota says it’s because of Grace. I think it’s because Daddy loves Grace more than he loves me.”

“My Mommy said that Grace isn’t a very nice lady.” Miranda said, biting her lip “I don’t think I like her.”

“I don’t think I like her either.” Haven whispered “But I like my Daddy and I want to live with him like I always have. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong.”

“I’m just gonna tell him that his girlfriend’s a little bitch and I don’t want Haven anywhere near him.” Dakota said, shrugging his shoulders “And I know he’ll start that whole ‘she’s my daughter, I know what’s best for her’ rant but I don’t really care. He’s gonna have to make his choice. It’s either Grace or Haven.”

“But what if he chooses Grace?” Maria asked worriedly “It’d crush Haven.”

“If he chooses Grace then I’m never gonna talk to him ever again.” Penina said, shrugging her shoulders.

“We’ll have to see tomorrow.” Dakota said, acting as if she didn’t really care, when deep inside she was actually pretty scared.

The next morning Dakota was woken up by the home phone ringing. She reached over onto the bed side table and answered it “Hello?” She said sleepily.

“Hey do you think you could have Haven ready in about ten minutes?” It was Gerard “Grace wants to take her to the zoo.”

“Look, about that…” Dakota said, her heart hammering inside her chest as she sat up “Haven’s not going out with Grace. She’s actually not coming home this week.”

“… What do you mean?”

“I mean that she’s not going anywhere near Grace and I don’t give a shit what you say.”

“Look, quit messing around. She’s my daughter. Of course she’s coming home.”

“Well then I’m not being funny Gerard but it’s time you made your choice. It’s either Haven or Grace.”
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