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“You can’t make me choose between my daughter and my girlfriend. What’s gotten into you? I’m coming over to collect Haven now and I’d like to see you try and stop me.” Gerard hung up the phone and Dakota leaped out of bed.

She went into Haven’s room and found her fast asleep. She shook her arm gently and her eyes fluttered open “Morning Beautiful.” Dakota smiled “We’re gonna go out for the day, okay?”

“Where are we going?” Haven asked sleepily.

“You’ll see when we get there.” Dakota replied because she actually had no idea where they were going to end up “We’ll ask Shayla and Raven to come with us, okay?”

Haven smiled and nodded then got up to get dressed. Dakota ran into her room, got dressed as quickly as possible and then rang Raven “You’re going out for the day to avoid Gerard?” Raven asked “He’ll probably still be there when you get home.”

“Not if Grace says she’s bored of waiting.” Dakota replied in an irritated voice “So do you wanna come? You’re great at thinking of things to do and Shayla would probably have fun.”

“Alright fine. Come over to our house then because I’m guessing Gerard could be over at any second.”

Dakota nodded even though Raven couldn’t see her and hung up the phone. She went into Haven’s room and saw that she’d put her tee-shirt on inside-out but it didn’t matter that much. They could just swap it round when they got to Raven’s. Dakota lifted her up “We didn’t have any breakfast.” Haven reminded her as they left the house.

“We’ll go out for breakfast.” Dakota told her, strapping Haven into a car seat “We’re gonna go pick up Raven and Shayla now.”

“She’s making me pick between you and Haven.” Gerard yelled, as he pulled on his clothes “This is bullshit! I love you both.”

“Maybe Dakota’s gone insane.” Grace replied with a yawn and buried herself down under the duvet.

“I thought you wanted to take Haven to the zoo today.” Gerard said, noticing that she was still in bed.

“Well I can’t can I? Not if Dakota’s kidnapped her.”

“We’re gonna go there and pick her up now. I don’t care what Dakota says.” Gerard groaned loudly “I don’t get it. Why is she making me choose? I haven’t done anything wrong. Have I?”

“I don’t know.” Grace muttered “You have been kind of ignoring Haven lately.”

“No I haven’t!” Gerard cried.

“What about the other night when you dropped her off at Penina’s when she didn’t want to go?”

Gerard thought about it “I did that because you asked me to.”

“I don’t remember asking for that. I’d have been happy enough with pizza but you insisted…”

“Oh.” Gerard said, running his fingers through his hair “Whatever. I’m going over to Dakota’s house. And I’ll bring Haven back here so you can take her to the zoo.”

“Looking forward to it.” Grace muttered and it was pretty obvious that she wasn’t looking forward to it. But Gerard barely noticed as he left the house.

“Where are we going?” The girls asked for the fifth time.

Dakota and Raven sighed. They’d already taken the girls out for breakfast and now they were driving around, not sure where to go. They considered the cinema but there was nothing on that they wanted to see. They considered the beach but it was a bit cold. And then Dakota got an idea “I can’t tell you where we’re going but I can tell you that you’ll have heaps of fun.” Dakota smiled.

“Where are we going then?” Raven asked, wanting to know just as much as Shayla and Haven did.

“You’ll see when we get there!” Dakota laughed and Raven groaned like a little kid.

Gerard knocked on Mikey’s front door and he answered “Oh hey Gee.” Mikey smiled.

“Don’t ‘oh hey Gee’ me!” Gerard snapped “Where’s Haven?”

“Oh, Dakota took her out. I thought you knew about it.”

“Look, what’s Dakota on about? About Haven living here until I get rid of Grace? What the fuck is all this about?”

“No need to get mad at me Gerard, I don’t have a clue what’s going on.” Mikey put his hand on his brothers shoulder “Look, I don’t think Dakota and Haven are gonna be back for ages. So you might as well go home and spend the day with Grace or something. Then when they get back, I’ll talk to Dakota for you. I’m sure it’s just one big misunderstanding.”

Gerard groaned but gave up and went home.
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