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“Where are we?” Haven asked as they got out of the car and she took her Auntie’s hand.

“We’re at the sea life centre.” Dakota smiled and directed them inside.

“Did you mean it?” Gerard asked when he got home “Have I really been ignoring Haven lately?”

“Well yeah, you have.” Grace shrugged her shoulders and yawned. She was now up and dressed and had cooked them both breakfast “Poor girl, she probably thinks that you don’t love her.”

“Of course I love her!” Gerard cried then groaned “Look, you’re the one who keeps telling me to get her out of the way. Do you even care about her at all?”

“Of course I care about her! And I haven’t said anything like that about her. Don’t blame your bad parenting on me.”

“… What the hell?” Gerard looked at her for a long moment “I’ve been raising her by myself since she was a new-born baby and everything was going just perfectly until you showed up!”

“How can you even blame something like this on me?” Grace yelled at him “I’m not her Mom! No matter how hard you try to convince me that I am, I’m not. But you’re her Dad. You should’ve been there for. Not my fault if you weren’t.”

“Well something must’ve happened to make Dakota tell me to choose between you or Haven.” Gerard was starting to get really angry “Dakota cares about Haven, a hell of a lot more than you pretend to. I won’t-“

Gerard was interrupted by the doorbell ringing “It’s open.” Gerard yelled and glared at Grace who glared back at him.

It was Maria. She walked into the kitchen and saw the two of them there “I can’t take this anymore, I can’t handle the guilt.” Maria said, shooting an angry look at Grace “And you can choose not to believe me but Grace told me this herself. She’s been hitting Haven which is why she’s been so distant and upset lately.”

“Maria, you’re so full of bullshit!” Grace snapped “Just because you have a pathetic little crush on Gerard.”

“No, why don’t you cut the bullshit Grace?” Gerard asked in a steady voice “Tell me now and it had better be the fucking truth. Have you been hitting Haven?”

Grace looked at him for a long moment, glanced at Maria and then looked at Gerard again “Yes. Yes I have.”

Gerard shook his head in disbelief before saying in a quiet voice “Get out of my house. And don’t ever fucking come back.”

“Gerard, think about what you’re saying.” Grace said “Dakota’s got Haven. It can just be us now. Don’t you realise how perfect this is?”

“I said get the fuck out of my house!” Gerard shouted “Nobody hurts my daughter. Nobody.

Grace blinked at him, and then shot an evil look at Maria “Never talk to me again.”

“I was just about to say the same thing to you.” Maria said coldly.

Grace made a frustrated noise, grabbed her hand bag and stormed out of the house. Maria looked at Gerard “I’m really sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.” She whispered “Grace told me last week and told me that if I told that she’d deny it and you’d choose her over me and I didn’t want that to happen and I’m so sorry-“

Maria was cut off by Gerard wrapping his arms around her and kissing her.

Dakota, Raven, Shayla and Haven sat in the kid café that you walked into at the end of the sea life centre “Gerard’s trying to phone me.” Dakota whispered to Raven while the kids were distracted with the little toys that had come with their meals “Do you think I should answer?”

“I don’t know.” Raven said “He’ll probably just yell at you to bring Haven home or something like that.”

“Well it is his daughter.” Dakota bit her lip “I’m gonna go and listen to what he has to say once. I mean, if you’re right, I’ll tell him to fuck off.”

“You’ll tell who to fuck off?” Shayla asked and Raven shot an evil look at Dakota.

“Sorry.” Dakota whispered as she got up to answer her phone “Hello?”

“Maria told me what happened.” Gerard said “I really need to talk to Haven about this. Could you please bring her home? I’ve kicked out Grace, I promise.”

“Oh.” Dakota paused “Alright. We’ll be home in about an hour.”
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