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Chapter Forty Seven - Don't Go

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They both instantly looked in the direction of where the shot had fired from. There he was. One of Better Living's best exterminators was right there.

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A/N Hey guys! This chaper's fairly eventful and all of this is leading up to something big that's gonna happen later on in the story! The next chapter'll be kind of exciting too, so yay for kind of exciting chapters! Thankies to Chemical_30 and YoshikiHide182 for reviewing, you're both awesome and if you can, please review! I love your comments and theories on what might happen! Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Forty Seven - Don't Go

"Bandit, you need to let go, baby." Poison said to his daughter.
She was clinging to Acid, refusing to let go of ther mother just like she had done to her father when they were about to leave to go to the Black Market. They were worried that it was becoming a habit.
"No! Mommy can't leave, mommy just came back!" She complained, crying at the same time. It was breaking Acid's heart to see her like that, she almost cancelled going back to Better Living just to get her to calm down.
She'd not taken the news very well. Whenever her father left, he always came back a few days latet, sometimes even the same day, but the last time her mother left, she didn't see her for five years.
"Mommy, please don't go."
"Baby, I promise I'll back soon. I'm never ever gonna leave you for very long again, I love you so much, Bandit. I'll be back before you know it."
"W-what i-if s-s-something h-happens to you, mama, and you d-don't come back like l-last time?"
"I'll be more than careful. You see . . . Baby, I'm important to them. They don't wanna hurt me and they'll let me come back to you. I promise I won't ever let them take me away like they did last time, baby. I won't let them."
"Can I come with you?" Her small child wondered, with huge teary eyes.
"I'm sorry baby, but you can't. They don't know who you are and they could hurt you. I won't be gone for very long, you'll have daddy, your uncles, your aunts and your cousins to play with you and keep you company. You won't even know that I'm gone."
"How long you gonna be gone?"
"No more than a week."
"A week? That's like forever, mommy."
Acid smiled and kissed her daughter's forehead. "It's no where near as long as that, baby. I promise. I love you, Bandit. I love you so much." She wrapped her arms around her and her daughter hugged back.
"I love you too, mommy."
"Will you promise me something?" She pulled away and her daughter nodded. "Be a good girl for daddy."
"I'm always a good girl." Bandit argued.
Acid smiled and hugged her again. "I know you are, baby. I know you are."
Acid gave her daughter to Poison, she now clung to her father's body like she had to mother's body.
"Be careful, okay?" Poison asked.
She nodded. "I will, I promised Bandit, didn't I?" She smiled slightly.
He returned the small smile. "Yeah, you did."
After hugging the rest of the Killjoys and promising them she'd be okay, she left and got ready to get into her car when she heard the door to the diner open and then Curse saying her name. He was alone.
"You know, you don't have you leave."
"I do, Curse. When I do, none of you'll be in danger anymore."
He sighed. "I just don't wanna loose you. Not ever."
"I know and I'll be careful. I've said that I don't know how many fucking times now, Curse."
He pulled Acid close to him, she didn't hesitate to hug him back.
"You'll still be here when I get back, right?" She asked.
He nodded, still holding her close. "I will. Even if Blondie and Sunny wanna leave, I'll still be here."
She pulled away and looked into his chocolate brown eyes. She was gonna miss those eyes. He looked into hers too.
Curse leaned in, not hesitating to kiss Acid.
Their lips moved together in harmony, never separating for one second. Their kissed was short lived, but it was also sweet.
"Do me a favour?"
"Make sure Bandit's okay and isn't unhappy because of me leaving for a few days."
"I will."
Their foreheads were pressed together, their eyes still boring into eachother. She pressed her lips to his for a brief moment, stealing one last kiss before she left.
"Goodbye, Curse."
"Goodbye, Ace."
He kissed her forehead, then she climbed into her car and drove away into the distance.
Curse walked back into the diner once she'd left. He already missed her, but he knew he'd have to get used to it since she could be gone for a week.
Death walked up to Curse when he walked in and looked at him with serious eyes.
"We need to talk, Curse."
He simply nodded and followed her into her room.
She sat down on her bed, Curse sitting next to her straight away.
"Okay, I gotta ask . . . are you and my sister dating now?"
He sighed. He didn't know what they were, but he planned on talking to her about what they were when she came back from the Better Living center.
"I don't know what we are." He said, truthfully.
"Okay . . . well, have you done anything couple-y since you've been here?"
He nodded. "I've made it clear that I like her and we've kissed a couple times, but we've never said if we're dating or not. It's just kind of complicated at the moment."
She nodded. "Is she happy with you?"
"She seems to be, whenever I've kissed her she's always kissed back. She's never told me to stop or that she doesn't feel that way about me. Why are you asking me this anyway?"
"I'm just warning you that even though she might not show it sometimes, she's suffering from depression, Curse. If you plan on being with her, if you want to be with her at this moment in her life, you can't just hurt her by leaving her or even hurt her at all. She's fagile and I need to know that if you're together, you're gonna support her and be there for her. If you hurt her, I'll fuck you up, do you hear me?"
"Loud and clear."
She nodded, smiling a little. "That's good."

Grace was hanging out with her friends and boyfriend in the Zones, happily laughing at a party and having the occasional glass of beer.
She was dancing, her arms wrapped around her boyfriend.
"You know what?"
"What?" She asked, smiling.
"When Better Living's gone, I want to move in together." He'd had a lot more to drink than Promise had.
"Move in together? For real?"
"Yeah! Totally, I mean, we've been together for what seems like . . . y'know . . . ever, I wanna be with you forever!" She had no idea what he was talking about, they'd been going out for about five months. That was hardly even close to forever.
"Um . . . yeah, let's totally move in together." She knew it was only drunk talk, so she thought that playing along would be harmless.
"Oh my god, really? You'll move in with me?"
"Yeah, why not?"
"I-I love you, Promise." It was the first time he'd ever said that.
"Yeah, love you too." She kissed his forehead and he picked her up, laughing.
"We're moving in together!"
She laughed, knowing he was going to think he was an idiot later on when he was sober.
She kissed him heavily, passionately. Her heart jumped when she heard a shooting noise. They both instantly looked in the direction of where the shot had fired from. There he was. One of Better Living's best exterminators right there. Dr. Lufrini along with several Draculoids.
Everything after that was kind of a blur. Lots of guns were fired, lots of screaming and running escaped from the crowds of people at the party.
Des started running with Promise, their hands linked together.
She tried to keep running, but she stumbled, falling on her face.
"Promise!" She heard Des shout. He tried to run back and to save her, but the crowd wouldn't let him.
By the time she got up and was ready to start running again, she felt a laser beam go straight through her leg.
"Son of a bitch!" She screamed, expressing the pain she felt in her leg through her choice of words.
She fell flat on her face again, but she didn't bother to get up, she just lay there.
Some one turned her over and she was forced to look at the exterminator, who had a shocked look on his face.
She waited for him to kill her, to end her life, but he just stood there staring at her.
"What are you fucking waiting for?" She growled. "Go on, fucking kill me. I can't move, you've fucking got me."
Her eyes widened. "W-what? How the fuck do you know my mother's name?" She demanded to know.
"Y-you're her daughter . . . you're Grace."
"How. The. Fuck. Did you know. My. Mother."
"Draculoids, prepare the car, this girl needs medical attenion after what we've done. I am afraid we've made a mistake."
She was confused as fuck. Why was he trying to heal her after he'd shot her? How the fuck had he known her mother?
"W-what the fuck are you doing? You're supposed to kill me."
"I apologize, Grace. I didn't know who you were at first."
"Tell me how you knew my mom now."
"My name is David Lufrini . . . has your mother ever mentioned me to you?"
She shook her head. "The only way I know you the fuck you are is because you've killed so many fucking people. Now tell me, how did you know my mother?"
"Did something happen to her? You're talking about her in the past tense."
"She's dead. She died when I was eight, now tell me how you knew her." She was desperate to know.
"Not now. I shall tell you everything soon, first we need to go back to the Better Living headquarters."
"You asshole, get the fuck off of me!" He picked her up and put her into his car.
"It's good to see you again, Grace."
"I shall explain everything soon, be patient, my dear."

Acid arrived at the Better Living Headquarters, her heart pounding in her chest rapidly.
She tightly closed her eyes and took a long, deep breath.
"You can do this. Think of Death and Bandit." She told herself, desperately wanting to end the danger her family was in because of her.
She climbed out of her car, slamming the door shut and walked into the Better Living Headquarters where people stared at her in amazement and shock.
Many of them thought she was killed in the Zones, they didn't ever expect to see her face there again.
Lia, Dr. Isoda's assitant who used to be known as the Killjoy Silk Blood, noticed her immidately. She ran over to the woman she'd not seen in months, her extremely high heels creating a harsh banging noise each time they hit the marble floor.
Acid vaguely remembered the woman. She remembered her long blonde locks of hair, her warm smile and the fact that she always strongly smelled of strawberries.
Lia smiled, relieved to see her after so long.
"Alexandria, what a surprise. Dr. Isoda has been searching for you for months."
"Yes, I apologies for dissapearing so suddenly. However, I assure you I have very good reasons which I shall explain to both you and Dr. Isoda once we reach her office."
"Yes, you shall. Dr. Isoda was being to worry about you, Alexandria, as were your parents. Her parents?, why were her parents worrying?
Then she remembered. They worked for them too, her mother and father were still there and they were still their little mindless puppets. She wasn't going to be prepared for that, what if it was too painful to handle seeing them like that? Her heart spead up again.
"Again, my apologies."
Lia grabbed her phone from her pocket and contacted Dr. Isoda, informing her of the fact that she was back.
"I have just contacted Dr. Isoda, she is very delighted to hear you are back with us, Alexandria."
Acid planted a fake smile on her face. "I am very glad to hear that." She lied.
"Your mother and father shall be here shortly to greet you."
Acid panicked, but tried not to let it show on her face. She continued to smile and her parents arrived in a matter of seconds.
"Alexandria, where have you been?" Her mother, Diane, demanded to know.
"I shall be explaining everything to Dr. Isoda shortly. You are free to join us if it is okay by Dr. Isoda, mother."
"Yes, I want to hear where you have been the last few months."
"Hello, my daughter." Karl, her father, smiled.
She felt like bursting into tears. They weren't her parents, they weren't the ones she remembered, loved and even needed. They were nothing more than puppets now.
"Hello my father." She smiled, so desperately trying to hide her real emotions.
"Alexandria, are you okay? You do look a little bit," her father tried to find the right word. "stressed."
Acid nodded. "I am fine, father. I am just feeling tired after spending so long in the Zones. That is all."
She still smiled, but she felt like curling up into a ball and crying.
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