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Chapter Forty Eight - Answers

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Grace's eyes widened and she felt her heart sink to her stomach. No, it couldn't have been him.

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Chapter Forty Eight - Answers

Acid'd only been gone for one day and Bandit already missed her mother terribly.
"Uncle Curse, when's mama coming back?"
"Six days."
Bandit huffed. "I wish mommy was here."
"I know, I wish your mommy was here too."
"Uncle Curse?"
"Mama's gonna come back, isn't she?"
"Of course she is. Your mama loves you so much, B, she wouldn't ever leave you again."
"You promise?"
"Your mama promised you, didn't she?"
She nodded. "Yeah, mama did promise. Uncle Curse?"
"Yeah, B?"
"Daddy said that people have," She tried to think of the word. "Killjoke names. Is Curse your real name or your Killjoke name?"
He smiled. "No, Curse is my Killjoy name. My real name's Jon, Jon Landara."
She smiled. "I like that name, it's pretty. Mama's real name's Lexia, it's a real pretty name."
"It is a real pretty name. I know your mom and dad wanted you to have an unusual name, that's why they chose Bandit."
Bandit was about to reply to Curse, but she saw her father had woken up, so she smiled and ran over to him.
He picked her up. "Hey, Bandy." He kissed her forehead.
"Daddy, have you talked to mommy since she left?"
"I'm sorry, baby, I haven't. I'm sure she's missing you and I'm sure that she's okay."

"Welcome back, Alexandria. You have been dearly missed here at the Better Living Headquarters."
"I have dearly missed it here, Dr. Isoda. It is nice to be back." She remembered to speak more formally in front of her since she always spoke that way to way to her when she as being controlled by the bitch. It took a lot for her not to grab her gun and shoot her brains out, but she remembered that they could benefit from her being there, so she managed to restrain herself from killing Dr. Isoda in her sleep.
Just as she'd thought, they didn't check to see if the chip was still there when she arrived. Isoda was just glad to know that she was alive and that she could still use Acid to her advantage.
They'd belived Acid's lies about the supposedly important Killjoy in the Zones with important information, hence why she'd been gone for so long. She told them they had trust issues and it was taking a while for them to trust and confide in Acid, but Isoda didn't mind. She'd rather have Acid take her time than it be rushed and not know everything that they knew like people who were involved with their plan to kill them and to.
She hadn't been away from the diner and her daughter for very long, but she already missed her like crazy. She mainly thought about four people, Bandit, Death, Curse and Poison.
She thought about how happy she was gonna be when she saw her sister and daughter again, she couldn't wait for that moment. With Curse, she wondered what they were and she was questioning her feelings for him. She tried to think of him in a romantic way. He was probably what every girl wanted. He was kind, caring, considerate, understanding, funny, they had a lot in common with eachother and if you wanted to be vain about it, he was extremely good looking. No one could really deny that. She had feelings for him in a romantic way, but that was where Poison came into it. Her feelings for Curse weren't as strong as her feelings for Poison. She wished so desperately that they were, but they weren't. She remembered that she'd been with Poison for years, they got married and had a daughter together. She knew it'd be a while until those feelings went away.
Acid reminded herself that when she first met Poison, she thought he was attractive and had a good personality, but she didn't know she was going to fall in love with him, get married and have a child. For all she knew, she could fall madly in love with Curse and get married to him. In a way it was good since neither of them had any interest in having any more kids.
She was extremely confused about her feelings for both of those men, so she mainly tried to focus on seeing her daughter and sister again. There were no confused feelings when it came to Bandit and Death.
"Well, Alexandria, we wish for you to stay here for a week to rest since you have been working so hard in the Zones. We understand how difficult it can be living there."
She put on the fake smile she'd perfected over the years. "Please, Dr. Isoda, I am very used to living there now. It is no hard task, I assure you."
Isoda returned the smile. "I still wish for you to stay, Alexandria. So tell me more about this Killjoy."
"Very well. Their name is Dark Devotion, Devo is his nickname. He is a thirty six year old male, he has no family or friends. He holds a grudge against Better Living since the majority of his family died in the 2012 bombs. His younger sister was called Jacey however she was killed in 2015 by Draculoids, ever since Jacey passed away, he has not had any companions to my knowledge aside from the ones who are plotting against Better Living Industries." She'd rehearsed the story a million times over in her head to make sure it was perfect when she told Dr. Isoda.
"I see. Are you aware of his real name yet?"
She shook her head. "Dark Devotion struggles with extreme trust issues and paranoia, Dr. Isoda. I think the only reason he has let me keep him company the past few months is because he finds me attractive. He has told me several times before I remind him of his late wife, Georgina."
"We could use that you our advantage. Would you mind if we used that to our advantage?"
"Not at all, Dr. Isoda." She pretended to be a good little slave to her master.
"Thank you, Alexandria. May I ask which name you have given him?"
"I am currently going by Sunshine Heroine."
"Thankyou very much, Alexandria, for helping Better Living Industries."
"Please, it is my pleasure."
"I shall leave you to rest, Alexandria."
"Thankyou, Dr. Isoda."
"Farewell, Alexandria."
She left Acid in her room, she looked around at it. Everything was white, there was no splash of colour insight.
She decided to take a bath since she'd not had one in what felt like a million years. While there was running water at the diner, it wasn't extremely clean so they only took a shower when they absolutely needed one.
She lay down in the cool pool of water and let her self relax a little. She tried to avoid it, but her mind wandered to Poison and Curse again.
She remembered the time when she was living in the Better Living headquarters when she was supposed to become Korse's wife. She remembered how she'd met him and fell in love with him all over again. She smiled to herself. It felt like a lifetime ago.
Then there was Curse. He was an amazing guy and he cared about her and Bandit. He was one of the only people who treated her normally when she first came to the diner. Almost everyone else seemed to not trust her as much as they used to.
She sighed and tried to let them slip from her mind.

Grace sat there nervously. She was locked in one of the rooms in the Better Living headquarters, but she had to admit, it was a pretty nice room. She expected to be in a prison cell, but it was the complete opposite. There was a huge kingsized bed, a fridge filled with foods she'd never even tasted before, a bathroom, a desk and a window with a pretty decent view of Battery City. The only two things she detested about the room was that it was all white and she locked in, that was made it feel like she was in a prison cell even though it had no resemblence to one whatsoever.
Dr. Lufrini walked in, smiling.
"How is your leg doing, Grace?"
"Fine, will you just-" He cut her off.
"You look so much like your mother, Grace . . . it's almost scary." He laughed a little, smiling.
"How did you know her?" She sounded bitter and demanding, but she couldn't give less of a fuck about that. She just wanted answers.
"We used to know eachother as children."
"She never even mentioned you. How do I know you're not just bullshiting me? I don't know that you really knew her and you don't have any proof."
"You shall understand why she never mentioned me soon. You inherited Layla's impatients from her."
She just glared at him, waiting to hear how he'd knew who her mother was in the first place.
"Layla and I were around six when we first met. We hated eachother and we constantly faught as children, we called eachother names, she even pushed me over a couple of times and I did the same to her. We attended the same school together and our hatred for eachother continued to bloom. When we were around tweleve, maybe even thirteen years old, we were held back in class because we had gotten into an arguement. She grew violent and started throwing things at me," Grace cracked a smile. She remembered her mom's short temper and she missed it dearly. While sometimes Grace hated her temper as a child, she also thought it was funny whenever someone pissed off her mom and she snapped at them. Her mom always had funny comebacks. "Layla and I ended up being stuck in detention. I noticed there were bruises on her arms so I asked her about them, she just said it was none of my business. Since she could be a little bit violent sometimes, I assumed the bruises were from that and she had somehow accidentally hurt herself."
"So that's how you knew her? She fucking hated you and you hated her?"
"I am not finished, Grace. Anyway, we had a couple of detentions in that year together for one reason or another. After a while we became . . . I would not say friends, more like," He searched for the right word in his brain. "aquantances. However, the more we began to tollerate eachother, the more I notices the bruises and scratches she was trying to hide. When she was fourteen years old, she came in with a black eye and I confronted her about the wounds, demanding to know what they were. She broke into sobs and confessed everything, making me promise not to tell anyone. Her stepfather was abusing her almost everyday. A hatred for the man I'd never met grew for him. I hated him for abusing her, for hurting her. I realized I had feelings for Layla.
"I became protective of her by the time we were fifteen years of age. I would ask her how she was, I told her she should stand up to herself if her stepfather ever tried to hurt her, but it only just ended up getting her into even more trouble. She even came running to my home once because of how much he'd hurt her. There was a lot of blood and the bruises were already beginning to turn black and blue. I thought the man who had hurt her was a monster, I did not understand how someone could harm someone so beautiful. I told her I didn't understand how someone could hurt her when she was so beautiful. Layla kissed me for the first time that night, we confessed our feelings for eachother."
"So you were dating my mom?"
"I would not say dating since we never went out on a date together but you could say we were in a romantic relationship with eachother."
"Same thing."
"Your mother and I were together for a while, she introduced me to her mother who did not approve of our relationship one litle bit. It was not long before we . . . I know you probably do not want to hear this, but . . . your mother and I gave our purity to eachother."
"Yeah, you're right, I don't wanna hear about the fact that my mom lost her virginity to you. Are you trying to mentally scar me for life or something? Because you'red doing a pretty good fucking job of it."
"I am not trying to mentally scar you for life, it is important for you to know this."
"How will knowing that my mom lost her virginity to you benefit me in any way, shape or form?"
"You will see soon, Grace. Anyway, your mother and I were even closer after that. I introduced her to my parents, who also didn't approve of our relationship just like her mother didn't. My family urged me to abandon the relationship I had with your mother. Your mother's family was a working class family, however my family was fairly wealthy. They wanted me to be with a girl who was also from a wealthy family just like they wanted my sister to be with a man from a wealthy family." He took a deep breath. He knew this part would be hard to tell Grace, he knew she wouldn't handle it very well. "After a few months . . . your mother . . . she found out some life changing news. Grace . . . your mother . . . she found out she was pregnant."
Grace's eyes widened and she felt her heart sink to her stomach. No, it couldn't have been him. Her mother wouldn't even speak to someone like him, never mind be with them.
Both of them were sat there in silence until her eyes filled with tears and she started shaking her head.
"Grace, I-"
"No, no, no, no, no!" She screamed, the salty tears in her eyes spilling over onto her warm cheeks. "Not you. You're not my father. I can't believe I even sat here and believed you knew my mother, you work for Better Living. You kill Killjoys, you force people to become mindless drones or you kill them. I know who my mom was and she wouldn't have even looked twice at someone like you!"
"Grace, you need to calm down. You-"
"No! I won't fucking calm down! I have every fucking right to freak out, I just-"
"Grace, stop screaming!" He shouted.
She sniffed, angrily whipping tears away from her eyes. "Mom said that my father didn't want anything to do with me or her when she found out she was pregnant, so if you really are my father, which I highly doubt, then were the fuck were you?! Why the fuck weren't you ever around?!"
"I wanted to be, Grace. When she told me, I said I would be there for her and you. I promised her, but then I told my mother and my father. They were extremely upset, they said I'd failed them as a son. They told me if I was not involved with Layla's life and your life, they would forgive me. We fought for a long time about it, but I ended up doing what they asked me to do. I left Layla."
Grace slapped him across the face so hard it eve hurt her own hand. "That's your motherfucking exuse? Mommy and daddy didn't want you to be a father? They wanted you to leave us and so you fucking did it?! You fucking asshole!"
"Grace, my family had a good reputation, they still do to this day. I could not ruin that after they'd worked so hard for that."
"I don't five a flying fuck about your family's reputation and I'm sure that my mother didn't either!"
"Grace . . . I cannot tell you how sorry I am."
She continued to shake her head. "You're not sorry! And do you know what, fuck this shit, let me go back to the Zones."
"Grace, please. I-"
"Just let me the fuck out of here!" She screamed.
"Okay." He shocked her, making Grace pause.
"If you want to leave I am not going to force you to stay."
She blinked. "Aren't you going to shoot me or something so I can't runaway again?"
He shook his head. "Even if I wanted to, I do not think I could shoot you, Grace. You remind me of your mother and I cared for her deeply. All I ask is if you ever need me, wish to speak with me or if you have an emergency of some short, call me." He handed her a phone. "There is only one number in there and it can only get in contact with myself."
She was tempted to throw the device on the floor and stomp on it until it was just wires and broken plastic pieces, but she didn't. She found herself taking the phone.
"Also, if you are going to leave, wear this. They will not think you are a Killjoy if you wear this." He handed her a white coat, she assumed some of the employees at Better Living wore them.
"How do I know if you're just fucking with me?"
"You do not know, however I do not see another way you could get out of the Better Living Headquarters."
"And how do I know there's not some tracking device in the phone or some shit so you can kill me and my family?"
"Again, you do not know."
"Why are you doing this? Why are you letting me go?"
"Grace, whether you like it or not, you are my child. I have two other sons and I let them make their own decisions. I do not see how you are any different to them."
She put the coat on and he handed her a key to get out of the room.
"Take care of yourself, Grace."
She didn't reply, she only glared at him then and left with no trouble from anyone, not even Draculoids.
She climbed into one of the random cars and drove out of Battery City, thoughts wildly spinning through her head. She tried to tell herself that he wasn't her father. He worked for them, of course he lied to trick and kill people. He was just another Better Living employee who wanted to rid the world of Killjoys. Of course he'd lie his ass off by feeding her bullshit. He just expected her to listen and believe him, but how could she after what he'd done? She refused to believe him.
She pulled over to get gas and looked at her reflection in the window of the car. She looked closely at herself and she began to realize something. Her eyes weren't her eyes, they were his eyes. Her nose belonged to him too. While she looked a lot like her mother, she started to see him in her too and it was impossible to ignore. Before she knew it, she couldn't stand the sight of herself and she was in a fit of tears.
Her knees caved in, making her fall to the desert floor where she just cried.
There was no denying it now. His genes were inside her, they made her who she was. Her father was one of them. He'd killed so many people for such a ridiculous reason. She tried to tell herself that he was nothing but a muderer, a moster to her. But it wasn't true anymore. He was her father.
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