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Chapter Forty Nine - A Brother?

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"Thomas was actually thrilled when I asked if he would wish to marry you, Alexandria." That took her by surprise. "Marriage?" "Yes, marriage."

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A/N Hey guys! So, compared to other chapters in the story I feel this one's a little bit boring, so my apologies for that. I tried rewriting it a few times to make it more exciting, but it just wasn't working at all. I promise to try and make the next chapter more exciting for you guys. Thankies to Chemical_30 and YoshikiHide182 for reviewing the last chapter, you guys are awesome =D If you can, please review, I love reading what you guys have to say about the story so far and theories on what you think might happen in the future are welcome! Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Forty Nine - A Brother?

Violet was quietly humming to herself as she kept an eye on some of the kids at the diner outside with Light and Blondie.
"Vi . . . can I ask you a question?" Blondie asked, her legs crossed and her hands playing with tiny grains of sand from the desert floor from beneath her.
She nodded. "Sure you can."
"What the hell's been going on with you and Fun Ghoul? You've been flirty for a few days now."
Violet blushed. "How've we been flirty?"
"Oh c'mon, you're talking like you have no idea what I'm talking about."
"I don't have any idea what you're talking about."
"Whenever you're around eachother, both of you smile like the biggest idiots on the planet, you play with your hair when you talk to him, he always has his hand behind his neck when you're talking, you laugh every three seconds at everything he says, you both stare at eachother when you're not looking then when one of you looks at the other when they're staring you look away, he's been-"
"Okay, fine. I get the picture, you think that we like eachother."
"Well yeah, but I also think you both wanna fuck eachother really badly."
She blushed even harder than before, not confirming Blondie's theory on that.
"Well, do you wanna fuck him?"
"I-I . . . I d-don't know . . . I mean, he's cute. Actually he's really really fucking cute and . . . it's been a while since I last . . . y'know, but . . . s-shut up Blondie."
They giggled a little. "How long has it been?" Blondie asked, out of curiosity.
"A while."
"Please, it can't be any longer than me. It's been at least a year, I'm almost sure I'm getting cobwebs down there."
"Nice visual." Light laughed, a little creeped out by her friend's comment.
"I know. Anyways, how long's it been Vi?"
"A while, okay."
"How long's a while?"
"A very very long time."
"How long's that?"
Violet cleared her throat and whispered, "Twenty two years."
"What?" Blondie asked.
"Twenty two years." Violet said a little louder.
"But you are twenty two."
"Wait . . . Vioelt, are . . . are you a virgin?"
Again, Violet blushed. "I kinda am."
"Wow . . . like, for real? You've never had sex before with anyone? Not even one person?"
She shook her her head, her blue curls bouncing. "Nope. Not even one."
"Wow . . . props to you, I don't know how I'd live without it. Even if it is only once in a while. Can I ask why you've never had sex?" Blondie wondered.
"Well . . . I guess it was how I was brought up. My parents weren't religious or anything and they didn't think sex before marriage was wrong, but they always warned me about pregnancy when I was a teenager and it quite frankly scared the fuck out of me. They told me that even if you use protection, there's still a chance that you could get knocked up. I'm a firm believer in the fact that you don't have sex until you're ready to have kids. No way am I ready to have kids so no sex for me. Plus most of the guys I've been with found the no sex thing impossible to tollerate and I don't want to end up sleeping with an asshole and regret it later on."
"At least you don't have any regrets. If I could take back a few moments I had with guys, I totally would." Light said, recalling some of the many assholes she'd been with in the past.
"I hear ya, there's a lot of guys I'd take back if I could. Anyways, do you think Ghoul's the guy you'd . . . y'know . . . let pop your cherry?"
"When you put it that way it sounds fucking gross." Light commented.
"Yeah, she's right." Violet agreed with her best friend.
"Don't try to change the subject. Do you think you'll sleep with Ghoul?"
She shrugged. "I don't know. I mean, I like him but I barely know him. Having sex with him now would just make things awkward since I've never done it before."
Light shrugged. "Who knows, maybe you'll fall in love with the guy."
"Maybe, maybe not. I don't even know if he likes me the same way. Before you argue, he's never said it to my face therefore I don't know if he really does like me."
"He does. I know he does and I'm always right." Blondie said, laughing a little.

Acid had been at the Better Living Headquarters for a few days and she was ready to go back to the Zones. While she enjoyed having a shower and actually being clean for once, it wasn't the same. She missed the diner, she missed her family and she even missed Curse and Poison a lot too.
While she'd been in Battery City, she'd only confused herself even more on how she felt about the two men. Sometimes she was convinced she was better off being with someone like Curse rather than Poison, but she couldn't help but remember the kiss between her and Poison. While she was the one who had kissed him, he was the one who'd kissed her back.
She remembered the way their lips faught against eachothers, how it felt right and even powerful to kiss Poison like she had. When she really thought about it, right and powerful didn't justify how the kiss felt to her. It was indescribable and she was still waiting for the words to describe the kiss to be invented. Then there were the kisses she'd shared with Curse. They were completely different to Poison's kisses. Curse's kisses were soft, innocent and even a little shy at times as if he was unsure if he should've been kissing her.
Poison's kisses held memories and love in them, there was passion. But Curse's kisses held excitement and wonder. She didn't know what was going to happen with Curse and it excited her, she wanted to know what was going to happen between them and where it would lead them.
A knock on the door broke her train of thought and she concentrated on her mother, who'd just walked in.
She smiled the fake smile she'd managed to perfect over the past two days since she had to do it so fucking much around there.
"Hello, Alexandria. How are you feeling to day?"
"Very well, thank you mother. How are you?"
"Also very well, thank you. I was going to get a beverage from the center of Battery City and I was wondering if you would care to join me."
"Of course. I would love to, mother."
Her mom smiled. "Would you like to leave now?"
She nodded. "Yes."
Her mother was wearing black pants with a matching shirt, a huge coat whiter than snow and huge glasses which looked like they could've been from the 1960s. Lexia was wearing a mindnight blue shirt, dark pants and a red coat around her shoulders.
She left with her mother, the silence between them awkward to her, but she had no idea how she acted with her mother when she was being controlled. For all she knew it was awkward on a regular bassis, but she could've been talkative. Back when the name Better Living Industries was unheard of, she used to talk to her mom all the time. Her mom felt more like a big sister rather than a mom, that was one of the things that made her feel even more depressed when her parents first passed away.
They went to a cafe, everything inside it was white from the walls to the coffee cups. Lexia could feel a hatred for the colour starting to boil in her blood since it seemed to be every where she went.
Lexia took a sip of her drink when her mother asked her a question.
"So, my daughter, have you considered my idea?"
She paused. She didn't remember her saying anything about an idea of hers.
"I am sorry, but which idea? I have been very much distracted in the Zones lately and have not had any time to consider anything. I am sure I almost forgot my own name a few times." She joked, only smiling slightly.
Her mother smiled back. "It is quite alright, Alexandria. I understand you are busy with your job, I am very proud of you just as your father is and your brother too." Brother? Lexia didn't have a brother, but she couldn't ask her mother about it since she would wonder why she didn't remember her so called brother. Had her parents had another child since she last saw them? She thought it was unlikely since her parents were a few years away from being in their fifties. "Moving back onto the subject, I have discussed it with Dr. Isoda and she is willing to let you decide after you have completed the task with Dark Devotion. I have also spoken with Thomas Lacara and he is also willing to do this once you have completed the task."
What the fuck was she talking about? Who was Thomas Lacara?
"Thomas was actually thrilled when I asked if he would wish to marry you, Alexandria." That took her by surprise.
"Yes, marriage."
"But . . . mother . . ." She was speachless. Her love life was already fucked up enough as it was. She didn't know what was going on between her and Curse and even though she knew there was nothing going on with Poison, she was sure she still had feelings for him and yet her mother wanted her to add a third guy to the equation? There were already two guys and she didn't want to have feelings for either of them, but she did. A third was way to much for her to handle.
"I know it is a subject you do not like to talk about, Alexandria, however most women are at least engaged by the time they are your age, some are even married with children. I just wish for you to have a husband and children." Children?! You fucking want grandchildren when you know I already have a daughter?! She screamed in her head.
"I know, mother, but I am simply not ready to have children yet. I am too dedicated to my work for children."
"I have also discussed this with Dr. Isoda and she understands you will one day want children and she is happy for you to have children. She has made plans for someone to take your place and do your job while you are with child and after the child is born, you will go back to going into the Zones however, you will not be gone for long periods of time like you are the majority of the time. You will be able to speak with your child or children whenever you wish and you will be able to spend more time with them."
"Mother . . . I do not know what to say."
"I just wish for you to think about it. As we all know, Thomas Lacara a is very respected man in Battery City. Not to mention that he is very wealthy, Alexandria. You would both have beautiful children." She already had a beautiful child and she had no interest in having more than one. "You do not have to decide right away, you can think about it and take your time. Thomas has made it clear he his willing to wait for you to return. Thomas also wishes to see you before you leave to go back to the Zones just like your brother, Andrew, does." So her brother was supposedly called Andrew? She wondered if he was really her brother or if Isoda just made her parents think they had another son.
"I shall see both Andrew and Thomas before I leave." She promised.

Des was sweating bullets has he knocked on the door to the diner. How did he tell Poison, the scariest guy on the planet in his opinion, that Grace had been taken away?
The door was opened by Static, who smiled warmly at Grace's boyfriend. He momentarily sighed in relief, his heart beat going back to normal.
"Hey, Des, how are you?"
"Yeah . . . not so good, Static . . . is Poison here?"
"Yeah, he's with Bandit. I'll just go get him."
His heartbeat quickly increased again the second he saw Poison.
"What do you want? Where's Grace?"
"Oh fuck . . . that's why I came here. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" He was hoping Grace had found a way home and escaped, but it didn't look like she had.
"Des, what is it? Something's happened to her, hasn't it?" Poison grew worried for his eldest daughter.
Des took a deep breath. "Grace, a few friends and I went to a party not too long ago. Everything was absolutely fine. The music was fine, the booze were fine, the-"
"You let my daughter drink alcohol?"
"That's not the point! The point is, we were having a great time. I told Promise I loved her and she said it back, but . . . a few minutes later . . . Lufrini and some Dracs crashed the party."
Poison's eyes widened. Lufrini was their best exterminator, a lot of Killjoys were fucking terrified of him and the ones that weren't were clearly idiots or hadn't heard of him before, even though he was sure every Killjoy out there did know who he was. He was well known for the Route Guano Massacre, which happened a few years ago. Around thirty seven Killjoys were murdered in cold blood at a party near Route Guano and Lufrini and two other exterminators called Marcus Gregini and William Fredrickson were responsible for it. Better Living Industries worshiped the three of them, but the Killjoys were terrified of them with every cell in their body.
"What the fuck happened to her?"
Des's eyes were started to get teary at the thought of her possibly being dead. "Everyone ran away the second they saw them, Promise and I were holding hands, but the crowd made us split up. I swear I tried to go back for her, but I couldn't. No one would let me. He shot her in one of her legs so she couldn't run away. I don't know what happened after that. My friends and I have been looking through the Zones trying to find her. This was the last stop. I don't know where she is or even if she's still alive."
"Oh fuck . . . I need to get intouch with Ace." Acid had a cellphone and they found a working one at the diner, they exchanged numbers so that they could get intouch with eachother incase of an emergency.
"Ace? Why?"
"She's at the Better Living Headquarters now, she might be able to find Grace." Poison went back inside and started looking though his things to try and make sure Grace was okay.
Acid's number was the only one in the phone, so he called her within a matter of seconds.
She picked it up after a few rings.
"Hello?" She'd exused herself from lunch with her mother to speak to Poison privately.
"Ace, it's Poison. Look, something's happened to Grace. Her boyfriend thinks that she's been captured and taken to the Better Living Headquarters. He's looked around the Zones incase she escaped, but he can't find her anywhere. We need you to look for her, to see if she's okay."
"Okay, I'll look for her."
"Ace, just be careful and don't get caught."
"Will do, Poison. Send Bandit my love, okay?"
"Will do." He repeated. "Bye."
They both hung up while the possibilities of what could've happened to Grace ran wildly through Poison's head.

Grace finally got back to the diner just before the sun fully set in the sky. The pure white coat she was wearing was now dirty and covered in stains from the Zones. Her eyes were blood shot from crying her heart out, she was sure her hair resembled a bird's nest and she looked nothing short of a mess.
Her legs slowly carried her out of the car and to the door of the diner. Her hands pulled the door open, her eyes blankly staring at her family inside the diner.
To Poison's dismay, Des stayed incase she came home. They all knew it was probably going to be the first place she came back to if she got back on her own and he wanted to be there for her.
She didn't say anything when she came in, she just cried and they watched her brake down in front of them.
They expected her to dive into Des's arms and cry. But she didn't. She dove into Poison's arms and cried, shocking both Des and Poison.
Since they argued a lot, he was a little surprised she'd chosen to dive into his arms, but he didn't reject her. Not at all. He just let her cry and held Grace close to him.
"Could you call Ace and tell her not to look for Grace?" Poison asked his brother.
Kobra nodded and did as his brother had asked.
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