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Chapter Fifty - Missing You

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Something that pained her was the fact that he'd been brought up to love and accept Better Living Industries. He wasn't like Lexia and her sister, he was opposite when it came to what they thought ...

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A/N Wow, chapter fifty . . . this story's getting kinda long, a whole lot longer than anything I've ever written before! I feel that this chapter's better than the one that I posted last week. I feel it's more eventful and not as boring, so yay for a better chapter. Thankies to Chemical_30 and YoshikiHide182 for reviewing, you guys are awesome! If you can, please review I love seeing what you guys think of the story so far! Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Fifty - Missing You

Lexia's head was completely fucked up when it came to the fact that her mother had been talking about her having a brother. After she'd been told that Grace was safe and back at the diner, she started looking around her apartment to see if there were any traces of evidence of her ever having a little brother. While she wished that there wasn't any evidence, there was.
She looked through photo albums and new papers which all mentioned Andrew Oliveson. He was ten, almost elven years old and he looked like the male version of Lexia and her sister. There was absolutely no denying the fact that they were related to the ten-year-old some how.
If he was ten, it meant that Lexia was thirteen when he was conceived. It didn't make sense, her parents were killed when she had just turned fourteen.
Her parents didn't mention a baby to her, but then she remembered the day her parents were killed . . .

The sun was heavily beating down as usual in the Zones, the sweltering, unbareable heat was getting on Lexia's nerves.
A nine-year-old Vaimey and her mother, Diane, were out getting food together while Lexia and her father, Karl, stayed behind.
Her thoughts wandered to life before Better Living, her mind tended to wander there quite often. She remembered how life was and how it'd been distorted and fucked with because of Better Living and Korse. It made a burning hate form in her stomach whenever she thought about it. She also tended to think about the future and what her life would be like if Better Living wasn't taken down. She knew she wouldn't be able to do the things she wanted like become a musician, meet someone to fall in love with, get married and have children. It hurt to think about both her past and her future.
Lexia was eating refried beans just like she did every other day since they hardly ever got food in the Zones. The smell of the beans alone repulsed her, making her want to throw up even when she saw them.
Lexia had just finished the remains of her food when her father started calling her from outside.
Acid walked over to her father while he was trying to fixing their close to unusable car.
"Lexia, you and I really need to talk. Your mom made me promise not to tell you, but I thought that I should tell you. You're mom and I are having another baby."
She smiled weakly. "'S great."
She hugged him feeling a wall of sorrow building up inside her. She wanted her parents to be happy, but she couldn't help but think about the baby that would be brought into a world with violence, death, desctruction and murder all around them. It hurt her to think of any baby being brought into the world with all of thar going on, never mind her own flesh and blood.

She froze, remembering her mother was pregnant the time that she was killed. When Better Living managed to heal her mother, had the baby survived? She'd never even thought about it before.
If the child did survive, it fit perfectly. Andrew was nearly eleven, he was definitely old enough to be her brother.
His eyes were the same icey green as Lexia's were, his skin was just as pale, they shared their mother's nose, he had her father's chocolate brown hair and even the same smile as she did.
She didn't know what to think, she almost didn't believe it even though worse and scarier shit had happened to her before. Something that pained her was the fact that he'd been brought up to love and accept Better Living Industries. He wasn't like Lexia and her sister, he was opposite when it came to what they thought was right and wrong.
She took a deep breath. "Fuck." She murmered to herself.

Grace was curled up in bed, refusing to get out for anyone or anything. She'd been like that ever since she had found her way back to the diner.
They were all extremely worried about her, wondering what'd happened to her or what she'd seen in her time at the Better Living Headquarters. She didn't really talk much, but she was forced to when Bandit came in her room to see if she was okay.
Grace cheered up slightly when Bandit came to see her, she managed to distract her for a little bit. She was extremely thankful for that.
After Bandit had spent almost the whole day with Grace, she eventually had to go to bed and Grace was left on her own again. Thoughts were swimming in her head, why had her mother chosen to have a kid with that man? She knew that she didn't plan on having Grace, but she wondered why she just didn't have an abortion. It would've been a whole lot easier for both Grace and Layla. Layla wouldn't have had to raise a child by herself and Grace obviously wouldn't exist, she wouldn't have to go through shit on a regular bassis if she'd never been born in the first place.
Poison knocked on her bedroom door and opened it a few seconds later, smiling sadly at the fifteen-year-old.
"Hey. How're you feeling?"
She looked down at her nails. "Fuckin' peachy. You?"
"Yeah, same."
Poison sat down next to Grace, a few seconds later she enveloped Poison into a hug. He was taken by surprise, it'd been a while since Grace had hugged him, but he hugged back reguardless.
She started sobbing into his chest.
"Hey, ssh, it's okay."
She shook her head. "No it isn't. It's not okay. It's never been o-fucking-kay, Poison. It's fucked up beyond repair, always has been always will be."
"Grace, what happened when they took you?"
She sniffed. "Nothing."
"That's bullshit. Did they hurt you? Did you see something disturbing?"
She shook her head. "No." She pulled away, still sitting next to him. "They didn't do anything, Poison."
"Then why are you so upset?" He sounded genuinely concerned about her.
"I thought there were gonna kill me, Poison. I thought I was gonna die there . . . I guess I'm still not over it yet." It wasn't entirely untrue. She thought they were gonna kill her, but she wasn't that scared at the time. She just wanted to know how he knew her mother and he told her, the truth just deeply hurt her but Poison didn't have to know that.
Her answer seemed acceptabe since he just nodded.
She took a deep breath, harshly wipping tears away from her cheeks. "God I wish my mom was here right now."
He smiled slightly, remembering Grace's mother. "Yeah, I wish she was here too, Grace. I wish she was too."
"Can I ask you a question about her?"
He nodded. "Of course you can."
She paused for a moment before asking him her question. "My mom . . . did she ever mention anything about my biological father?"
Poison's face dropped a little bit. She'd mentioned him before. Not in great detail, but she told him enough for Poison to class him as a fucking huge asshole. "Yeah, she did. She didn't go into great detail about him, but she talked about him a few times."
"What did she say?" She didn't think Poison actually knew who he was, but she still wanted to know what he knew about him.
"She mentioned his name once, I think it was either Dave or David . . . maybe Davie . . . it was something along those lines." Her heart sank. "She mainly told me what you already know. She said he didn't want anything to do with the two of you, she always said it was his loss. Layla told me his family were important and the reason why he didn't want anything to do with you or her was because of their reputation. Apparently, he didn't want to be the one to ruin it. He had a younger sister, but your mom didn't ever meet her or even know her name." He searched through his brain for more information on her father. "She said he was a good guy to begin with, that he helped her through a lot, but somewhere down the line things started to get really bad between them, then she found out she was having you. Apparently his family offered her a lot of money to have an abortion and keep her mouth shut about what'd happened, but she obviously kept you. She didn't take the money either." She was a little shocked. David didn't tell her about that part. "She mainly just talked badly about him and from the sound of things, she was right to."
Grace nodded.
"Hey, look at me."
She looked.
"Your biological dad might not've been around, but you're loved by a lot of people Grace. I love you, Bandit loves you, Ace loves you, Dr. Death loves you, Ghoul, Kobra and Jet love you and even though I might not neccessarily like the kid, I know Des loves you . . . we all love you here Grace."
Grace very nearly cracked a smile at that.
She nodded, hugging him again. "I'm sorry I've been a bitch to you lately. I know I don't act like it sometimes, but I love you Poison."
He smiled, holding her close. "You're a teenager, Grace. I've been there, sometimes you hate shit for no reason, you want to rebel against everything you think's holding you back and you're trying to find out who you are as a person."
"I've still been a bitch. I'm sorry for that, I really am."
"It's okay, it's okay. I know you don't think of me as you father, but I still think of you as my daughter and I always will. I love you, Grace."
"Thankyou for being like a father to me, Poison. I love you too." She really did wish that Poison was her biological father. She wanted him so badly for him to be her father instead of David. But he wasn't. She just let herself pretend for a while that Poison really was her father. Everything felt better when she pretended.

Lexia was at her parent's house where she was about to meet them for dinner. They'd also said that her brother was going to be there and her mother had invited Thomas and his parents, Lucinda and Joseph. Apparently both Lexia's and Thomas's parents wanted them to get married and have children. The fact that they were trying to arrange a marriage for them was extremely strange for Lexia, but arranged marriages in Battery City weren't rare. If anything, arranged marriages were common, it was rare that people chose the person who they wanted to get married to to.
She was told to wear something fancy since they had people coming over. People who also happened to be extremely rich. She wore a simple black dress which clung to her waist with a pair of simple black heels. She thought that they would find it acceptable.
Her nerves were running high and it was mainly because of her little brother. She just begged he wasn't like her parents, she knew that the chances of him being like them was strong, but she still found hope for him in her heart.
When she arrived at her parents' house, she knocked on the door at eight o'clock sharp, just the time she had been told to arrive.
Her mother opened the door, smiling. "Right on time, as usual, Alexandria."
She smiled back. "Yes, I would have hated to keep you waiting. Have Thomas and his parents arrived yet?"
"Not yet, they informed me they may be slightly later than expected."
"Very well."
"Alexandria!" Someone came running over to her and wrapped their arms around her waist. It was her brother.
"Andrew! Is that any way to greet your sister after you have not seen her in several months?" Her mother said, giving him a stare that only parents gave to their children when they'd done something wrong.
"It is quite alright mother, I understand he is pleased to see me." She tried to appear calm but in reality she was incredibly nervous and even freaking out slightly.
"Still, I do not wish my children to behave in such a way."
Andrew pulled away and sighed a little. "My apologies, mother."
"Do not apologise to me, apologise to Alexandria."
"I am sorry, Alexandria. Pleasse forgive me?"
She smiled warmly at him. "You do not need to ask forgiveness, you already have it, Andrew."
He smiled. "I missed you, sister."
"I missed you too, brother."
While they waited for Thomas and his family to come, they sat in the living room and asked Lexia questions about the Killjoy in the Zones, but she could only tell them so much since it was considered confidential information to Dr. Isoda.
After that, her father took over the conversation and mentioned some things he'd heard in the news. Lexia was beginning to think that all they ever talked about was Better Living Industries.
"Well, Marcus Landara has become the Cheif Draculoid Trainer. You remember Mr. Landara, do you not? He is the man who trained you, Alexandria."
She had no clue who he was, but she pretended to. "Very well, he is excellent at what he does. I am glad he has been premoted and has such a great title."
Her father was about to reply when there was a knock on the door.
"I will get it." Her mother said.
Lexia could hear her open the door then people greeting her. They eventually walked into the room and it was two men and one woman, she assumed they were Thomas and his parents, Lucinda and Joseph.
The younger of the two men came up to Alexandria and gave her a beaming smile. He shook her hand. "It is very nice to see you again, Alexandria. How have you been?"
"Very well, Thomas, thank you for asking. How have you been keeping?"
"Very well too, thank you."
She couldn't deny that the guy wasn't hot. His smokey grey eyes alone were probably enough to make any woman want to jump into bed with him. His skin was slightly tanned and his hair was dark. Thomas's teeth were perfectly straight and white to give the perfect smile. His smile also included dimples, which just added to how attractive he was in Lexia's opinion.
While he was attractive, Lexia couldn't even begin to imagine marrying Thomas. She knew he was just like the rest of the mindless drones of Battery City even though his looks suggested otherwise.
"Well, dinner is being served in the dining room now."
They all went in where they were seven places at the table. Lexia's mother sat at one end, her father at the other. Joseph and Lucinda sat together on one side, forcing Lexia to Thomas. Her brother was on her other side, which she didn't mind one bit.
They began eating the food in front of them, which was delicious when Lucinda started speaking.
"So, Alexandria, I understand you are not married?"
"No, I am not, Mrs. Lacara."
"Please, call me Lucinda."
She smiled. "Very well, Lucinda."
"My son is not married either, we have been telling him to find a suitable wife for quite some time now. We were wondering if you would be interested."
"Mother, is that not a little bit forward? We have only just started eating." Thomas's velvet voice said.
"Well I was only wondering, my son."
There was an awkward silence in the room. "So I killed a bug yesterday." Andrew said.
"Andrew!" Karl and Diane said in unision.
Lexia resisted the urge to burst out with laughter at the comment her little brother had made.
"That was extremely innapropriate, apologise immidately."
He sighed "My apologies."
They ate dinner and mainly made small talk for the rest of the evening.
Before they left, Thomas asked to speak with Lexia privately. If she decilined him that, it would've looked strange so she agreed.
"I have had a splendid time tonight, Alexandria. I hope that you know that."
"Yes, I had a splendid time too, Thomas. It was very nice to see you again after so long."
"Yes, indeed it was. You look beautiful tonight."
She pretended to be flattered. "Thank you, Thomas."
"No need to thank me for stating a simple fact. I know that you are very dedicated to your work, just as I am, but I do wish for you to consider the idea of marriage between us, Alexandria. You are a very beautiful, repected woman and I would be lucky to be able to call you my wife and I one day hope that I will be able to call you my wife. I just wish for you to think about it."
She nodded. "I will think about it, Thomas. Thank you for your preposal. I would be lucky to call you my husband, but I do wish to think about it first."
He nodded back. "I understand."
She smiled. "Good night, Thomas."
"Good night, Alexandria."
He leaned in and stole a quick, small kiss from her. It was no more than a peck on the lips, so she didn't really mind. She just smiled then he left.
"You're not really going to marry him, are you?" Andrew said.
"I-I do not know, Andrew."
"Lexia, it's okay. Mom and dad aren't around now, you can call me Andy."
She was a little shocked. He wasn't speaking more formally and he called her Lexia. Did he know something?
"So, are you gonna marry him?"
She shook her head. "Probably not, no."
"Good, I don't like him. Or his family. They seem like mean people, they're only nice when you're around 'cause they want you and Thomas to get married. Hey, you wanna go on the swings? We always go there to talk."
"Yes, that'd be nice."
She followed Andy to the back yard where they were two swings. He sat on one and started swinging. It was pitch black outside, but since the lights from the house were on, she could see everything clearly.
"So, what has been going on with you lately." She asked him.
He shrugged. "Nothing much really. Everything's just been normal, still hanging out with Kyle and Jason, still have a crush on Emily Peterson and I'm still not looking forward to my birthday."
She was confused. "Why are you not looking forward to you birthday again?"
Andy looked at his sister as if she was crazy. "Y'know, 'cause then mom and dad are putting me on the Better Living pills. You've got to be eleven to be on them and I don't wanna take them, Lexia. Are you okay? I've said that like a million times before to you."
It made sense as to why he wasn't like the rest of them now. He wasn't on the pills yet. She wanted so badly to pick him up, never let go and take him back to the diner. She didn't know how she wasn't already doing that.
She nodded. "Right."
"I kinda still wanna be a Killjoy, Lexia. I know you don't want me to and you think I shouldn't, but I still wanna be."
She was a little shocked, but proud at the same time.
"I can't tell mom and dad stuff like this. They'd think I was crazy and lock me up for good, maybe even kill me."
"Andy . . . have mom and dad ever mentioned someone called Rosanna? Or maybe Vaimey?"
He nodded. "She was our sister, duh."
So they had told him some things. "What else have hey said about her?"
"That she died before I was born and you didn't remember much about her. They said she looked a whole lot like you, they said was real funny sometimes too."
She was tempted to tell him everything, but she didn't know if he was some kind of test for them to know if she was still her or not.
She nodded.
"Why, is there something you wanna tell me?"
She shook her head. "No, just curious."
The young boy sighed. "I miss you, Lexia."
She smiled. "I know. I miss you too, Andy."
He wrapped his arms around her and she wrapped hers around his. She wanted to cling on to him for dear life. He was only a kid and they were gonna put him on the Better Living pills soon.
"Promise me something?" He asked, still huging his older sister.
"Anything, Andy."
"Don't let them put me on the pills. Make up some lame ass exuse, I don't care how you do it. Just don't let them, okay? It's three months until it happens."
"I'll find a way, Andy. I'm sure I will."
"Thank you, Lexia. I love you big sister." Death called her big sister too, which made her smile.
She hugged the boy tighter. She'd technically only known him for a few hours, but he was her little brother and she loved him.
"I love you too, little brother. I love you too."

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