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Chapter Fifty One - Home Sweet Home

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Each kiss she gave to Poison was hungry, it wanted more and more and Poison could feel that.

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Chapter Fifty One - Home Sweet Home

Poison was tangled in a mass of bed sheets when his five-year-old daughter started tugging on his bright red hair.
"Daddy, daddy, wake up!" She said, still excitedly tugging on locks of her father's bright red hair.
"Mhh, Bandit, what is it? Daddy's tired." She stopped tugging.
"Mommy's coming home today, daddy! Mommy's coming home!" It'd been one week since Acid had left to go to Battery City and Bandit was expecting her to be back that day.
While he was tired, he couldn't help but smile at how excited his daughter was.
"Do you think mommy's excited to see me, daddy?"
"I think she's really excited to see you, Bandy. Your mama loves you a whole lot just like I do."
She smiled and kissed her dad's cheek. "Love you too, daddy. Can you get me breakfast now?"
"Sure, sweetie."
He kissed her forehead then got out of bed.
Bandit was happily running and jumping around, screaming that her mother was coming home at any one who'd listen to her. The second she saw Curse, she got even more excited.
"Curse, mommy's coming home to day!"
He smiled at her excitement and picked her up. "I know, B! Are you excited?"
"Yeah, super excited! I miss mama lots, but mama's coming back today so it's okay! I miss mommy's smile the most."
"Yeah, I think I miss Acid's smile too the most."
Poison tried hard not to glare at Curse for talking about Acid that way. He didn't know why it bothered him so much. Well, he did. He knew it was because there were some feelings there that he thought were dead, but he pretended they'd die for good soon. All he needed to do was ignore it, or at least, that's what he told himself.

Lexia tried to spend as much of her last day in Battery City with her little brother as she could since she didn't know the next time she'd be seeing him. She just begged it wasn't before they put him on the pills, before Andy wasn't himself anymore.
Andy took Lexia to his favorite hang out point, apparently they'd been there before, but she had no memory of it so it was all new to her.
It was just inside the boader line between Batter City and the Zones. You could see the whole city from that point, the view would've been beautiful but in Lexia's opinion, it was completely ruined by the gate that cut off Battery City from the Zones.
He smiled and ran around, no buildings or adults there to stop him from being a real kid for a little while.
Lexia brought some food with her and after he'd finished running around and getting rid of energy, he sat down next to his sister and started eating the sandwhiches they had.
"Can I ask you a question, Lexia?"
"You just did, didn't you?" She teased, smiling.
He playfully rolled his eyes. "You know what I mean, idiot. I want to ask you a serious question."
"Okay, shoot."
"What's it like being in the Zones?"
She paused. "The truth?" He nodded. "Well . . . in the beginning, it's horrible. It's dirty, sweaty, it stinks and everywhere looks the same aside from the occasional sign telling you were you are. If I tell you something, can you keep it a secret?"
"Sure I can. It's not like I tell mom and dad the truth about what I really do anyway."
"It becomes home. You start to love the dirt, sweating's just normal, you get used to the smell and places kind of start to look a little different to other places in the Zones."
He smiled. "I wanna go with you someday."
"I want you to come too with me one day."
"For real?"
She nodded and smiled, she couldn't help but smile at him. "Yeah, for real. I want you to come with me one day."
"Just don't kill anyone, 'kay? I don't want you to kill people around me, if that's cool."
"I won't, I promise buddy. I promise."
"Lex . . . what's it like to kill people?"
She looked down and paused, wondering why her eleven-year-old brother wanted to know what it was like to end someone's life, to watch the life fade out of their eyes because of the pain you'd inflicted on them.
"Why do you wanna know that?"
"I-I'm sorry, it was a stupid question, wasn't it?"
"No, not stupid just . . . unusual for my eleven-year-old brother to be asking me that question. I guess I didn't ever think someone'd ask me something like that, let alone a family memeber."
"I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking."
"It's okay. I just have no idea on how to describe it. You just don't know what it's like to watch the life drain out of someone's body because of something you did until you actually do it yourself. It's horrible, Andy. I really really don't reccomend ever doing it. Not ever."
"Why do you do it?"
"Because I have to."
"But why? Why do you have to kill people?"
"People expect me to, it's my job whether I like it or not, Andy."
"Will that happen to me one day? Will I have to kill people too?" Was that why he was asking all those questions about murdering people? Lexia was almost one hundred percent sure that was it.
"Have mom and dad ever mentioned you doing something like that?"
He nodded. "Never in much detail, but enough for me to understand. They want me to be like you, I was wondering if you knew anything about it." She didn't remember anything being mentioned, but then again she didn't even remember her own brother.
"I don't remember anything about that."
"You seem different lately, Lexia."
"Yeah, I feel different lately too."
"Did something happen?"
"Kind of, but it's not important." It was a lie, it was important, but she wasn't one hundred percent sure she could trust her brother completely even though she so desperately wanted to. He was her brother for crying out loud, of course she wanted to tell him everything about herself and who she really was.
"Do you want to tell me about it or can't you?"
"I can't right now, but maybe soon, buddy."
He nodded. He didn't really seem to care all that much about it, he just mainly asked her about life in the Zones after that. She smiled and had fun with him, letting him be a kid and not a little puppet for her parents and for Better Living to control. She let him be himself for a while.
Her heart was breaking in two. On one hand, she had her sister and her daughter waiting for her return in the Zones, but on the other, she had her brother trapped in Battery City. It broke her heart to leave her brother on his own, but it equally broke her heart to leave her daughter and sister in the Zones. She needed all three of them in her life, she needed all of them in the Zones with her.
She hugged her brother, holding him close to her. "I love you, Andy."
"I know. I love you too, Lexia."

Later that day, Lexia was ready to leave to go back to the Zones. Everything was ready, but someone tapped her on the shoulder just before she climbed into her car and left the Zones.
She turned around only to be shocked.
She'd seen the man's face before, but it wasn't his exact face. She'd seen the same eyes before, the same smile somewhere before.
"Alexandria, I thought I would say goodbye quickly before you left to go back into the Zones." She'd heard a similar voice too.
She smiled, assuming she'd known the man before the chip was removed. "Thank you very much, it is much appreciated, Dr. Landara." Luckily he was wearing a name badge.
The man was extremely buff in her opinion, he looked like he could've worked in the military.
Then it hit her.
The man looked similar to Curse, she knew he'd mentioned the fact he worked in the military before Curse was born and he'd left his family to return to Battery City.
A hate bloomed for the man in Lexia's stomach. He'd left his children in the Zones to join Better Living Industries, he'd left them without thinking twice about it.
"I still remember the day we met. You were just a child and now you are a woman, a very good one at that. You are extremely important to this company and to Battery City, Alexadria. You really are."
"I am truly flattered, Dr. Landara, really."
He smiled. "Dr. Isoda wishes she could have come, however there were important matters to attend to."
"I understand. Her work is very important."
"Indeed it is. Farewell, Alexandria."
"Farewell, Dr. Landara." She pretended to smile, to like the man, but she couldn't help but think at what he did. Since Lexia had a child herself, it repulsed her even more than he'd left his own children in the desert to die. She couldn't even bare the thought of doing that to Bandit, never mind actually leave her to die with no way of defending herself. It only made her hate the man even more.
After seeing Curse's father, it put a damper on her mood driving back to the diner. She just couldn't wrap her head around the fact he just left his kids. She couldn't even think about doing that to her own daughter, as said before. She just didn't understand how he could do something like that.
Her sour mood lasted the whole ride until she got to the diner when she saw her daughter again.
She watched the biggest smile spread across her daughter's face, it instantly killed any anger she had felt before.
"Mommy!" She ran over to her, Acid holding her arms out to catch her.
The second her daughter crashed into her arms, it was all she cared about. Nothing else mattered when she wrapped her arms around her and held her tightly in her warm embrace.
"I missed you lots and lots and lots, mommy."
"I missed you too, baby. I missed you so so much." She kissed her forehead then pulled away to look at her, smiling. "God, have you grown a foot since I last saw you?" Bandit giggled.
"Yeah!" Acid picked her up again, her arms craved to hold her little girl again after not seeing her for a week.
They all said their hellos to her and made sure she was okay by the time Curse got to her. There was none of the 'hey, how're you doing' bullshit, he went straight in for the hug with her and he gave her a tight hug. She hugged him back just as tightly without hesitating, smiling at the same time.
"Fuck I've missed you." He said.
"I missed you too. I really did."

Bandit didn't leave her mother's side once that day and while Acid loved spending time with her daughter, it made it hard to talk to her sister in private. She needed to tell her about their little brother, about Andy, but she didn't want to bring up around her daughter. Acid didn't have the heart to push her daughter away or to tell her to go play outside, she didn't want her to leave, she'd missed her so she decided it could wait.
She didn't even leave when she was sleeping, Acid ended up taking her to bed once she was knocked out from sleeping.
Bandit only groaned slightly when she picked her up, but she luckily didn't wake her daughter up from her beauty sleep. She carefully placed her on the matress, pulling the covers over her then kissing her forehead before leaving the room that once belonged to both her and Poison.
She smiled at the memories that came back to her head when she looked around the room. The walls held so many memories for her, both good and bad ones, but she didn't care. She found herself loving the room.
"Hey. Is she asleep?" Poison asked, wondering how is daughter was.
"Yeah, she's knocked out for the night." She smiled slightly.
"So, how was Better Living? I've not really gotten a chance to speak to you since Curse and Bandit have been hogging you all night."
She sighed. "I found out some things I wished I hadn't, but I guess in a way it's better for me to know it."
"What did you find out? Are they planning anything serious?"
She shook her head. "No, it's nothing like that. It's more personal stuff about my parents. They're still working for Isoda, they're still her slaves and . . . actually, never mind. You won't wanna hear it anyways."
She was about to leave, but his hand caught her arm before she left.
When his hands made contact with her, it felt like little electric shocks jolting through her skin. She wished it didn't feel like that every time he merely touched her arm, but she did and she had no idea how to change that.
She turned to look at him. His eyes were burning into hers, causing her heart to beat unevenly.
"If you wanna talk about it . . . I'm here." His words shocked her but made her heart soar at the same time. She stried to ignore her heart, even though it was making it difficult to pretend it wasn't there.
She smiled. "Thanks, but . . . I guess I'd just feel like I'm bitching to you about it. It's a pretty big deal to me."
"I wanna listen, you won't be bitching to me about it if I wanna listen in the first place, right?"
She shrugged. "Yeah, I guess so."
"Do you wanna talk then?"
"Yeah, that'd be nice actually. Could we talk on the couch or something? I don't really wanna risk waking Bandit up then her getting upset about it or hearing anything."
He nodded and they both sat on the couch facing eachother.
"So, what happened?"
She told him everything. Everything about her little brother, everything about her mother wanting her to get married to someone else and everything about her mother wanting her to have kids even though she was fully aware that she already had a daughter. She couldn't help but feel betrayed by her parents. She tried to remind herself they weren't themselves and they hadn't been since Acid was fourteen years old.
"Holy shit . . . Ace, I . . . fuck, I don't even know what to say."
"Yeah, I know." Her legs were tucked into her chest as she talked to him.
"W-what are you gonna do about Andy? It was Andy, right?"
"Yeah, he's called Andy. And I know what I want to do. I want to bring him back here so he can live as himself and not a mindless drone, but they're obviously gonna notice he's gone. If Andy were to leave within only a few months of me being back in Battery City, they're gonna be suspicious, but I can't just let them do that to him. He's my flesh and blood and I love him."
"I can't even imagine if that was Mikey."
"Tell me about it."
"And what about that Thomas guy? You're not really gonna marry him, right?"
"God no. I refuse to marry someone I don't know and who I don't love. If I ever meet someone and get married again, it's gonna be because I love them. Not because my fucking mother tells me to. And there is absolutely no way I'm gonna be having kids with this guy either."
"I didn't think you would. I'm glad you wouldn't marry him though or have kids with the asshole. I don't think Bandit'd be too impressed with that." He smiled a little.
"No, she wouldn't. I don't think any of you would though."
"No, I'm sure we wouldn't either."
He watched a beautiful smile spread across her face, it made a funny fluttering sensation in his heart. He ignored it, just like he'd been igoring a lot of his feelings for her lately.
When he looked at her lips, he remembered what it was like to kiss them, to feel her mouth fight against him, to feel their tongues dance together in perfect harmony. He felt the urge inside him to kiss her with each passing second.
She noticed he was staring, but she didn't say anything, she just stared back at him, not moving.
He leaned in, getting closer to her. He looked into her eyes, she wasn't protesting for him not to kiss her. Not even in the slightest.
Without thinking, he pressed his lips to hers effortlessly.
Kissing her just felt natural to him and it felt natural to her too. There was just one little thing bothering her. A voice in her head was screaming at her for allowing him to kiss her when she knew that Curse had feelings for her, but she found herself ignoring the desperate screaming voice. She almost didn't really care about the voice telling her to stop.
The kiss quickly deepened, their tongues making an appearance in their kiss. His arms started pulling her closer to him and she let him, never once did she fight back against the kiss, she happily let it happen. She welcomed the kiss with open arms.
She let a soft, quiet moan escape her lips. It only encouraged Poison to go further.
His hands travelled up her shirt, feeling every inch of her back. While he couldn't see it, he felt the scar on her back that'd been given to her by Korse all those years ago. He remembered the first time they'd slept together, he kissed the scar and called her beautiful. He wanted that again. He wanted to kiss the scar and make her realize that she was fucking beautiful, but he managed to resist the urge to do so.
Acid could feel the electricity between them all over her body, it was heavily intoxicating and it was taking control of her. Each kiss she gave to Poison was hungry, it wanted more and more and Poison could feel that.
She wrapped her arms around Poison's neck, closing off any gaps that were once between them before.
He pulled away for a moment and moved his lips to her neck, gently kissing it.
She let a second soft moan escape from her again. Her hands ran through his bright red hair, slightly pulling it, but no enough to create any pain for him.
She kissed Poison's temples, he pulled away from her neck to let her find his lips once again.
She could've stayed there forever, she was tempted to, but then his hands requested to remove her shorts, it dawned on her. She was heavily making out with him and with the way that things were going, they were going to have sex with eachother soon. If they had sex, it'd be awkward. He may have even gone back to hating her for what hadn't yet happened.
And so, she was faced with a choice. Was she selfish and carry on or did she stop what they were doing before it went any further?

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