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Chapter Fifty Two - Can't Do This

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"Sometimes a shadow of a dead love can kill you and believe me, it's almost killed me a few times. I just don't wanna go through that again."

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A/N Hey, I know this chapter's a little early, but I only just realized that I wouldn't be able to update tomorrow since I'm going to a different city for the weekend and I won't have wifi, so I figured I'd just post it now. I'm gonna be honest, it's not the most exciting chapter, but I don't think it's particularly dull or boring either. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it ^_^ Thankies to Chemical_30 and YoshikiHide182 for reviewing, you guys are both awesome! If you can, please review, I love reading what you think the story so far! Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Fifty Two - Can't Do This

Acid pulled away, breaking their passionate and hungry lip lock.
Poison froze in his place, realizing he'd done something wrong.
"Fuck." She sighed. "We can't do this, Poison. We can't."
"Why not?" He found himself wondering.
"Because if we actually do this, you're probably gonna blame me for not stopping us and you'll start hating me again."
"Ace, I've never hated you."
"You know what I mean, Poison. We can't just be selfish here and think about what we want to do, we need to think about Bandit here too."
"What do you mean?"
"Say we did have sex right here, right now. What'd happen afterwards? It'd be awkward, we'd fight about it and Bandit would get hurt from it. You're only just starting to actually like me again and I don't want to ruin that by doing this."
He would've been a liar if he said he didn't understand. He understood perfectly and a part of him knew it was true. He realized that not too long ago, he'd whitnessed Acid and Curse kissing without them knowing about it. Was she with him? Was that really why she didn't want to go any further than they already had?
"Can I ask a question?"
"Depends on what it is."
"Is this because of Curse?"
She huffed. "What does Curse have to do with this?"
"It's obvious, Ace, you're together."
She paused. "It's really none of your business."
"We were just about to have sex three seconds ago, I think I have the right to know if you technically just cheated on him with me."
She paused for a few seconds before replying. "We've never said we're together."
"But you've made out with him a few times?"
"How did you know about that?"
"I saw you not long after we came back from the Black Market. He was kissing you and you didn't look like he was forcing you to do anything."
"Because he wasn't forcing me to do anything." They both started to sound irritated, they knew a fight was beginning to bloom.
"So you are together?"
"I don't know! He's never asked me to be in a relationship with him and I've never asked him."
"Do you want to be in a relationship with him?"
"God, I don't know?! Why all these questions all of a sudden?"
"I just wanna know what the fuck's going on."
"I don't even know what the fuck's going on, Poison. Look, I already know what you're going to say. Pretend that this never happened, right?"
"Pretty much read my mind." He was clearly pissed.
"Well fine. I'm going to bed, so will you please get the fuck off the couch and leave me alone?"
He stormed off into his room.
She angrily put the blankets over her. She got the feeling that Poison was going to hate her for what'd happened anyway even though they didn't end up sleeping together.

"WE HAVE A WHAT?!" Death screamed after her sister had explained to her about what'd happened with her parents and their little brother.
"We have a little brother, Death. His name's Andrew, but he prefers being called Andy. Before you ask, he's with out a doubt our brother."
"Care to explain what it is that exactaly adds up?"
"Andy's almost eleven, our parents died eleven years ago and when mom died, she was pregnant, dad told me just before she was killed. When they healed our parents, I think that the baby survied too. Andy was that baby and he's our little brother, Death."
She paused, hating the fact everything her sister had just told her made perfect sense.
"Fuck." She angrily muttered.
"I know."
"What are we gonna do, Ace? Just leave him?"
"We can't do that. He's only a kid, Death. I couldn't just leave you behind like that."
"That's different."
"You've known me since I was born, we're obviously close. We don't know anything about this kid, we don't even know if he's really their kid. They could've known mom was preggers and just gave her a fucking baby, telling her it was her kid. He could be just like the rest of them, he could just be a test to see if you're still the same person. If you take him back, it'll prove you're a Killjoy again."
"Death, this sounds crazy, but I just know he's our brother. You haven't met him before, you don't know what he's like."
"I know enough and it sounds like a trap. We can't risk that, Ace."
"I know we can't, but trust me, Andy isn't a risk. He's our little brother."
"I just can't lose you and I don't want you to leave again because of this."
"And I won't. I'm careful."
"Besides, you said that we have like what, three months until they put Andy on the pills, right?"
Acid nodded. "Right."
"Mommy, who's Andy?" Bandit asked, overhearing a part of their conversation.
She decided to he honest with her daughter about who Andy actually was. Even if Acid wanted to, she didn't think she could lie to her daughter about something like that.
"Andy's your uncle, B." She said, picking her up.
"I thought uncle Kobra, uncle Curse, uncle Ghoul and uncle Jet were my uncles."
"All of them are your uncles. You know like uncle Kobra is your daddy's brother?" She nodded. "Well Andy is my brother."
"You have a brother? I didn't know that, mama."
"I only just found out, B." She pressed her lips to her daughter's soft skin.
"What's he like?"
"He's like me and your aunt Death but he's a boy." She smiled.
"Does he have pretty pictures on him like aunt Death does?" Bandit said, referring to the tattoos that her aunt had.
"No, he doesn't. He's not old enough for tattoos yet, B."
"How old is he?"
"He's almost eleven."
"I wanna meet him. Where is he, mama?"
"He's far far away from here, but you might be able to meet him soon, B. I can't promise anything, but hopefully you will,"
"I hope so, he sounds nice, mama!" She smiled at her daughter's enthusiasm.
"You wanna go play with Lacie and Guiden, I think they're outside."
"Okay! You come with me?"
"Sure. I'll be there in a sec, baby."
Bandit happily skipped out of the room and outside where the desert lay while Death glared at her sister.
"You know if we don't get him back here, she's gonna be heartbroken about that right?" Her arms were crossed, her shoulders were rigid. Death's whole body language screamed that she was pissed off with her older sister.
"Well it's good job we're gonna get him back then, isn't it?"
She sighed. "Whatever."
"Death, c'mon, don't be a pessimist about this. He's our brother."
"Or so you think."
"I know he is." She corrected.
"I still want proof. When we have proof, great bring him back, but if we don't we we can't risk that and we won't."
"I know we can't and we won't be risking anything. I know we won't."
"Fine then. Now give me a fucking hug."
She didn't hesitate to wrap her arms around her little sister. She held her tight, never wanting to let go.
"I love you, little sister."
"I love you too, big sister."

Violet noticed that Ghoul was alone in the diner, reading a Battery City Times news paper on the couch due to bordom.
She stood behind him and put her hands over his eyes. "Guess who."
"From the low, monotone voice I'm guessing Rorschach."
She playfully hit his arm, sitting on the couch with him.
"Watcha readin' there?" She looked at the main story on the cover. It was some bullshit story about Marcus Landara. She scoffed at the story.
"Shit, that's Curse's dad."
"Curse's dad is this asshole?"
"Yup, he's not seen him since Curse and his sisters were teenagers. He abandened them to join Better Living Industries."
"Shit, I had no idea."
"Yeah, I didn't either until he told me."
"So what's the deal with your parents if you don't mind me asking?"
She smiled. "My parents were fucking perfect. I used to go shopping with my mom, sister and brother every week end and my dad took me and I used to help my dad do the cooking every night."
"You had silbings?"
"Yup I had an older brother called Cam and an older sister called Caidee. I was the youngest one."
"I've just realized, I don't eben know your real name."
"It's Cora. Cora Clarke."
"Cora's a beautiful name."
"Well thank you. My dad wanted to call me Laura when I was born but my mom wanted to call me Courtney, they kind of met eachother half way and called me Cora. My mom was obsessed with having all our names beginning with a C so that all our enitials were CCC."
He laughed a little. "Really?"
"Yeah, with me it's Cora Christina Clarke, for my sister it was Caidee Cathrine Clarke and for my brother it was Cameron Castiel Clarke."
"What happened to them?"
"They were all killed off. My dad died in the bombs, my mom and sister got sick not long after the bombs and died and my brother was killed by Dracs three years after my mom and sister died."
"Shit, I'm sorry."
"It's not like you were responsible for it. It's fine, Ghoul."
"What about boyfriends? You had any of those?"
"A few, but nothing serious has ever happened. Most of them turned out to be huge assholes. What about you, any girlfriends?"
He nodded. "A few, but there was one imparticular."
"What was her name?"
"Killjoy name was Demolition Lover, her real name was Lenah."
"Can I ask what happened to her or do you not wanna talk about it?" Her voice was sympathetic, she could tell that he'd been hurt by her through the way he spoke when he said her name.
"We were together for almost two years and she meant the absolute world to me, but her cousin, Radio, died of cancer five years ago. She was actually with Jet for around about the same time that Lo and I were together. Radio was like a sister to her and she felt she had to get away for a while. She said she'd eventually come back to me, but she never did. I don't even know if she's dead or alive right now."
Violet just hugged him. "Fuck, I'm sorry about that."
He smiled. "It's not like it was your fault." He repeated her words to her, making her smile.
"Smartass." She said, trying to cheer him up a little.
He pulled away and smiled at her. "Sorry, she just used to mean a lot to me."
"You don't have anything to be sorrry for, Ghoul."
"But I do. I-I really like you, Vi. You're funny, sweet, smart, beautiful and I'd be a liar if I said I didn't want to be with you because I do," She blushed a little, smiling. "but I just haven't been able to talk to you about it yet and I've wanted to ever since I got to know you."
"Is it because of her?"
"Parcially, but there's other things too."
"Ghoul . . . I wanna be with you."
"No but. I just want you to be sure that you're over her. I've already been the rebound too many times before and I've been hurt because of it."
"You wouldn't be. I am over her, sometimes I think about her, but it's never particularlly in a romantic way. I just wonder how she's doing, if she's okay."
Her eyes started to fill with tears.
"Why are you crying?"
"Because I want to be with you, but I'm scared."
"Of what?"
"Getting hurt again. Sometimes a shadow of a dead love can kill you and believe me, it's almost killed me a few times. I just don't wanna go through that again."
"I won't put you through that again."
"You promise?"
"I promise."
She found herself smiling. "Then what are you waiting for? Kiss me already."
He smiled and pressed his lips to hers, it was something he'd wanted to do for an incredibly long time. He'd longed to feel his lips on hers and it was actually happening. He was kissing her.
The kiss to her was the most amazing sensation she'd ever experienced, she found herself tangling her fingers in her hair, letting the kiss completely consume her.
She pulled away, smiling like crazy to see that the same ridiculous smile was plastered all over his face too.
She was about to speak, but he just pressed his lips to hers again before any words could escape. She was happy to let his kiss drown her words. She was happy to stay there for the rest of her life.
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