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Chapter 31: Make a splash

Gia and Lucas laid sprawled on the bed, their feet where the pillows were supposed to be. A laptop was positioned in front of Lucas, and he was typing furiously on Facebook. Gia was laying on her back, Lucas was on his stomach, and she was holding a magazine above her face. Five minutes ago she had had a school book instead of the Cosmopolitan magazine, but when Lucas had claimed to get an allergic reaction from the book, she had decided to abandon the book just for once.

“Can I ask you something?” Lucas suddenly asked, not even looking away from the laptop screen.

“Sure,” she replied.

“Why did your dad look at me like he wanted to shoot my brains out with a bazooka when I came over?”

Gia lowered the magazine and glanced at him. “Doesn’t he always look at you like that?”

“No,” he shrugged. “He just usually looks like he wants to stab me with a butcher’s knife a bit.”

“Oh, well,” Gia sighed. “It’s probably because he thinks you made me get that tattoo...”

“You blamed me?” he asked in disbelief. “Doesn’t he hate me enough already?!”

“I didn’t even mention you! He drew the conclusion on his own. I told him it was Sean’s fault but you know dad can turn anything around so that it’s your fault. The other day he stubbed his toe and screamed for twenty minutes, swearing he’ll kill you.”

Lucas shook his head. He’s gotten used to Gerard hating his guts, anyway. "What are you reading?"

"Cosmo," Gia answered. "There's a quiz: 'Are you the control freak of your relationship?'"

Lucas laughed. "You don't have to take the test, we know the answer already."

Gia grinned, but hit him with a pillow anyway.

"And not only are you controlling, you're also violent," he said, although he was clearly joking.

"Oh look," Gia said, showing him an article on the magazine, and read the title of the article out loud. "How to please your man: 10 tips to the perfect blowjob."

"What?!" he shrieked, snatching the magazine from her. "Gia, do you wanna...?"

"Oh I don't know, I am so awfully controlling and violent. I might bite your dick off," she said, mocking him. She laughed, but he did not look pleased. "What are you doing, then?" Gia asked, rolling over to him so she could see the laptop screen.

"Just checking my Facebook."

"Farmville?" she asked in disbelief. She wasn't on Facebook nor had she ever been, but even she knew that no one played Farmville anymore.

"Come on, it's fun! See, my blueberries are ready to harvest!"

"You are such a dork," Gia said, shaking her head. As she was looking at Lucas’ Facebook page, she happened to glance at the list of his online friends. Why was he still friends with Janie?

"Hey, did you know there's fan groups for you on Facebook?" he asked, and Gia shook her head. She watched as he typed her name on a search bar.

"No way," she gasped when she saw the results.

"Yeah, and look, this one has over five thousand members."

"Damn, My Chemical Romance has some weird fans."

"But don't worry, you're not nearly as popular as Bandit."

Gia glanced at him suspiciously. "Exactly how much time do you spend stalking us on the internet?"

"Oh please, I'm not even that bad. You should see the fanfiction some people write!"

And despite her protests, Lucas typed the address on the bar and browsed through the results of a search he did with her name. There were a ton of them.

"Oh my god," Gia gasped and stole the laptop. "No way! I'm in all of these?!"

"Yeah, and some of them are really weird."

Gia stared at him in disbelief. "You read this stuff?! Lucas, that's sick!" She decided to ignore the clear shame on his face and clicked on the first one of the stories that popped up. "Now what is this?" she asked, reading a random paragraph from the page. "'Her whole body shook of pleasure as his gentle hand touched her skin. A moan escaped her lips as she gasped his name out loud, and Frank --'" Gia paused as the information sunk in, and as her eyes widened, she finally let out her screech of terror. "Frank?!"

"Yeah..." Lucas nodded. "It's a pretty popular pairing."

"Frank and I?! Uncle Frank?! The same guy that shoved Oreos up his nostrils so I wouldn't cry? That's disgusting!"

"Oreos? Seriously? How many?" Lucas asked, but Gia ignored him.

"Gosh, I knew My Chemical Romance had some sick fans but why drag me into this?!"

"It's not just you. Some of them really like to pair Bandit with Frank," he explained. “Now THAT’S freaky.”

"Okay, Lucas, you don't write this stuff, do you?"

He glanced at her like she'd gone crazy. "Of course not! And I only read the clean fan fiction, I swear."

"Thank god," she sighed, and then screamed: "Oh, I can't get it out of my head now!"

"Hey here's one where you're doing dirty stuff with Mikey!"

"Shut up! I don't want to know!"

Gia had never been so happy to see her father as she was now. Gerard poked his head into the room, and Lucas was forced to shut up. If Gerard heard him talking about Gia having sex with Frank or Mikey, well, that wouldn’t exactly give him any points, would it?

“Am I interrupting something?” Gerard asked suspiciously when he saw the two of them on the bed.

“No,” Gia said at the exact same time as Lucas said: “Yes.”

“Get off the bed before I get a shotgun,” Gerard commanded. After his words were obeyed, he went to the topic he had been sent up to the room for: “Anyway, Linds and I are taking Bandit to the water park tomorrow since summer’s almost over and Bandit doesn’t shut up about how she wants to go swimming and how our pool doesn’t have a waterslide. So do you wanna come?”

The question was obviously directed for Gia, but since Gia was still pretty upset about how Gerard had ruined her mock-first date with Lucas, she asked: “Can Lucas come too?”

Gerard was already about to answer with a firm ‘no’ when he remembered the lecture he got from both Gia and Lindsey after the date disaster. Yes, he got quite a scolding, and he was still sort of offended because of how badly they overreacted to some innocent spying. Who’s to say Frank wasn’t there in the cinema and the restaurant all on his own? Some people can be so suspicious.

“Fine,” Gerard replied through gritted teeth. Apparently these two were, like, dating now or whatever, so apparently Gerard needed to be nicer to the boy. Bullshit. “But only if you both agree to stay at least twenty feet away from each other the entire time. And you’ll both wear full-body wetsuits. With sharp spikes on them.”

Gia considered the terms. Then, she obviously refused. “No, you’re crazy. Go away.”

Gerard, who had had to go through that kind of pandering the entire week frowned. “We’re going tomorrow. At 11 AM sharp. And if someone,” Gerard said, glancing at Lucas meaningfully, “isn’t there at that hour, they will be left behind.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Way,” Lucas replied with a wide smile. “I assure you I’ll be there in time.”

Before Gerard left, he narrowed his eyes at them and asked: “Don’t you have some homework or something?”

Lucas returned to the laptop to harvest his blueberries after Gerard had gone (and conveniently left the door open and left one of the old baby monitors they didn’t need anymore outside of the door). But Gia promptly snatched away the laptop and replaced it with a math book.

“What is that?” he asked with a look of utter disgust, eyeing the book like it was a mess of bloody, cancerous organs.

“He’s right. We need to do homework. Oh, don’t look at me like that! Maybe we can have a look at that Cosmo article when we’re done.”


Much to Gerard’s dismay, the boy was at least punctual. He scowled all the way to the waterpark while Bandit couldn’t control her spontaneous bursts of energy on the back seat.

The waterpark was relatively empty because of a festival that was going on in town, which was mostly the reason why they chose this particular day to soak Bandit in pools of urine-infused water. Of course there were still people there, but were it any other day, it would’ve been packed.

“Nice swimsuit, Mr. Way,” Lucas said with the cheesy smile that he knew annoyed the man. They were waiting for the three ladies to come out of the dressing rooms by the nearest pool.

“These are swimming trunks,” Gerard growled, feeling very self-conscious about being dressed in such a ridiculous get-up. He didn’t swim much, nor did he particularly enjoy not being clothed from head to toe, so this was a relatively uncomfortable experience for him. Not to mention that the loose swimming trunks were bright orange because he had so foolishly allowed Lindsey to pick them out at the shop.

Bandit emerged from the dressing rooms, dressed in her yellow and blue swimsuit that had frills on it. The girl’s black hair was up in pigtails, and she was carrying her swimming ring already around her waist and she had her pink swimming glasses hanging around her neck.

“Daddy!” the girl screeched, her voice echoing in the indoor waterpark.

“Honey, not so loud,” Gerard said, picking the girl up. “Where’s mommy?”

“I escaped,” Bandit admitted with a mischievous smile on her face.

A very worried-looking Lindsey hurried out of the dressing rooms, looking around frantically. When she spotted her daughter with Gerard, she sighed in relief. “Bandit, you can’t run off like that,” Lindsey scolded when Gerard set the girl down.

“Swim now?” Bandit suggested, trying to break her hand free from the grip her mother had on it.

Seeing as the girl was getting impatient, Lindsey said to Lucas: “Gia will be right out,” and then allowed the toddler to lead her to the kiddie pools. Before Gerard followed them, he threw a nasty look at Lucas.

“Wow, he really hates you, doesn’t he?” Gia said, coming out of the dressing rooms just in time to see the disapproving glare.

“I’m starting to think hate is not even enough anymore...” Lucas muttered before turning to look at her. “Well don’t we look dashing today.”

“Oh shut up,” Gia huffed and pushed him. She wasn’t nearly as shy about her body as she used to be. In fact, she was perfectly comfortable in the black two-piece she was sporting.

“I’m just saying, I’m glad you finally decided to grow even some boobs,” Lucas continued as they were walking to the wave pool which would be their first stop. “I don’t want people to think I’m dating a guy because you look like a dude.”

“Like you’re one to talk,” Gia shot back. While Lucas stood at the edge of the pool, wondering exactly what she meant with that comment, Gia went into the warm water.

“Wait, did you mean my penis?!” Lucas hollered after her once she had already swam quite far, and a mother covered the ears of her children in shock. His face red as a turnip, Lucas swam after his girlfriend.

A few pools and slides away, Gerard was lurking by the kiddie pool, spying on Gia while Bandit was splashing fiercely behind him. They had dressed the toddler up in all the possible flotation devices, so she resembled more a gigantic balloon rather than a toddler enjoying a swim. Bandit had found a yellow rubber duck and was beating it against the surface of the water, and as a result, everyone else was forced to stay the hell away from her to avoid the splashes.

“Would you relax?” Lindsey sighed. “She’s fine.”

Gerard knew what she was referring to. “I just... I can’t stand this!”

“Being at a waterpark? Frank was joking when he said everyone pees in the pools. I swear the water is clean.”

“No, it’s not that,” Gerard sighed. “Look at them! He’s all up her business!”

Lindsey glanced at the two teenagers. They were walking hand in hand to the waterslides, laughing. Apart from the hand holding, they didn’t look all that intimate.

“Honey, I think you’re overreacting again.”

“And look at what they’re wearing! Totally inappropriate!”

Lindsey shook her head. Lucas’ trunks weren’t any worse than Gerard’s, and Gia’s top and bottom weren’t at all too revealing for a place like this. Lindsey decided to ignore the man and concentrated on trying to pry the rubber duck from Bandit’s destructive hands.

After they tested a couple of the slides (and after Gia refused to go on the biggest, longest one and settled for waiting at the other end while Lucas slid down on it), Lucas spotted his favorite part of the waterpark. Actually, it was his favorite part of everything, just, life in general. Gia should’ve known he’d want to pig out in the food court.

Since they were planning on going out to eat later, they didn’t get any real food, just a huge bowl of ice cream (the biggest they had) to share, and a large coke with two straws. They were having fun, Lucas eating ice cream like it was the only thing keeping him alive at the moment, and Gia mostly concentrating on the speaking part.

And yeah, they were enjoying themselves, until a toddler with black hair and a gleeful, ice cream-covered face was placed on Lucas’ lap. “What the fuck?” Lucas asked. He had to drop his spoon to hold the toddler.

“You two are babysitting now!” Gerard announced. “And don’t curse around my kid.”

Gerard luckily left before he could see the eye-roll Lucas gave him. “As if my cursing could ruin Bandit. If she’s anything like your dad, she’s going to be in a mental institute by the time she’s five.”

Gia laughed. “Oh, well luckily she has some of Lindsey’s genes, too. Maybe she won’t turn out as crazy as I did,” she grinned.

They abandoned the bowl of ice cream, cleaned up Bandit’s face, and took her to the pools. It was a bigger one than the kiddie pools where Bandit had previously splashed around in, and Bandit had announced that she was definitely ready for a big girl pool. So they got into the pool, into the shallow end of course, and let Bandit float around. There was no way she could drown anyway, she looked like the movie UP with all those floating devices on her.

“Shoulders!” Bandit screeched and stretched out her chubby little arms so she could climb on Lucas’ back. Lucas allowed her, and when Bandit climbed to his shoulders and jumped down into the water, Gia screamed in horror.

“Watch it!” Gia cried out, attempting to grab the child who simply floated to the surface, laughing maniacally, and started splashing, demanding that they do it again. “If you drown my sister, Dad’s gonna castrate you!”

“If he caught us making out, he would. If I drown your sister, it would be endless hours of torture.”

Gia shrugged. He had a point.

With Bandit floating around them as if she was doing a little bit of synchronized swimming that involved lots and lots of water flying all around the place, Gia and Lucas stayed at the edge of the pool for the rest of the time they had left to swim. And they were very aware that they were still being watched, so they made sure to be as close as is appropriate in the presence of a two year old.

In one of the hot tubs, Gerard scrunched up his nose in distaste and snarled. “How can you be so calm at a time like this?” he demanded from his wife.

Lindsey sat beside him, leaning to the railing of the tub, her head rolled back. Unlike her husband, she was enjoying this visit. “I don’t even care,” she replied, having given up trying to convince Gerard not to worry.

But Gerard’s mind was racing. The bubbles and the massaging water of the tub only made his blood boil even more. Oh, yes. He was going to destroy Lucas. As sure as his name was Gerard Arthur Way, he will have that boy’s blood in his hands.
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