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Gerard’s POV…

The next morning me, Hozzie and Raven went up to the surface like we normally did to talk about a plan. We’d borrowed some of the pieces of paper that Frank had been scribbling on. We kind of borrowed them without his permission because he refused to let us see them. But we all needed to work together if we were going to achieve anything.

We started reading the sheets of paper “Frank’s got really messy handwriting.” Hozzie sighed.

“Yeah well so have you.” I laughed “I can read it. Hand me your sheets.” Hozzie passed me her pieces of paper “This is basically saying that we need to find other killjoys to help us otherwise we don’t stand a chance.”

“What if the people who live at BLI that were on our side like still support us?” Raven asked “We could just ask them to help us, couldn’t we?”

“If we can even get into BLI to ask them…” I sighed “And if they’re even still alive.”

“What about Paul?” Hozzie asked “If Kat talked to him then he’d definitely help us all.”

“Yeah, well-“ Raven stopped talking and muttered “We need to get back inside. Now.”

“Why?” Hozzie asked, not bothering to whisper.

Raven pointed discreetly at something. Me and Hozzie both turned to look at what she was pointing at. We saw a BLI van making it’s way towards us “But what if they know about the underground den?” I whispered back “They’ll have us trapped!”

“They don’t know about it! We need to get back in.” Raven hissed.

So Raven and I started shuffling towards the entrance but Hozzie sat still, too scared to move “Hozzie, come on!”

“I can’t move…” She muttered.

Suddenly the BLI van stopped and a single draculoid got out from the driver’s seat “Are there more in there?” Raven asked me.

The draculoid aimed his gun towards us and pulled the trigger. I quickly pulled my gun out and shot at him. It hit him and the chest and he hit the floor. He was dead “Are you okay?” I asked the others.

“I am.” Raven said, her eyes wide “But Hozzie isn’t.”

I looked at Hozzie. The draculoid had hit her and now she was on the floor “Hozzie!” I shrieked, crawling towards her. I grabbed hold of her and carried her back down into den. I carried her into the living room and let her down onto the sofa “Hozzie, speak to me, please.” She blinked at me but didn’t say anything “Get Doctor DD now!” I yelled.

Raven ran off to go and find him and Sapphire came into the room “Is Mommy okay?” She asked, looking near tears.

I didn’t reply, just held my little sisters hand and waited for Doctor DD to come in. It felt like an eternity until he showed up. Once he was there he told us all to get out and leave them alone because he couldn’t work with the rest of us hanging around.

So we all went into the kitchen to wait for him “Mommy’s gonna be okay, right?” Sapphire asked again, tears trickling down her cheeks.

“Of course she is.” Crayon re-assured her, pulling her onto her lap.

“She’s my daughter, I’ll look after her.” Jack said quickly, taking Sapphire off of her and I glared at him. He barely paid attention to me though.

About twenty minutes later Doctor DD came into the kitchen “I’m really sorry guys…” He said “Hozzie didn’t make it.”

[A/N] – No I died D: Short chapter but something happened in this chapter, right? :)
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