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Gerard’s POV…

“W-What do you mean Hozzie didn’t make it?” I asked “Crayon took a shot to the face and survived! It only hit Hozzie in the stomach! How could she not have survived?”

“She had a reason to come back!” Penina yelled “Why didn’t she survive?”

“It’s been a long time guys, BLI know what they’re doing now.” Doctor DD shrugged his shoulders “They must’ve upgraded their weapons. Hozzie’s dead. I’m really sorry.”

I stormed past him and into the living room where I’d left Hozzie. She was still lying on the sofa. I walked over and took her hand like I had earlier. Only now her hand was stone cold and she wasn’t breathing. I burst into tears. Crayon came into the room and put her arm around me “Come on…” She whispered.

“No, I can’t leave her!” I yelled.

“Gerard, she’s dead. There’s nothing you can do now.” She kissed my cheek “Come into the kitchen and try to calm down.”

I stood up and let her drag me into the kitchen.

One year later…

I kept hoping it was a big misunderstanding. But Doctor DD was right. BLI had upgraded their weapons. Hozzie was dead now.

Jennifer had her baby. It was a girl and she named her Hollie after my little sister. She’s really cute and now we can start thinking of ways to take down BLI. It was just an idea before, something that we weren’t really sure about doing. But now that they’ve killed Hozzie, we now that we have to do this.

“Jennifer, we’ve been talking.” Bob said quietly “We think it’d be a good idea if you stayed back here while we went to BLI.”

“No way!” Jennifer cried “I’m not staying here while you all risk your lives! I get why you wanted me to stay home while I was pregnant but I’m not pregnant anymore.”

“But if something happens to us then Hollie will need you!” Bob begged her “Please! You need to stay here and not get into any danger. Look after the kids. Please? For me?”

Jennifer sighed “Fine, but only because you begged me. Not because I’m a coward.”

“You’re not a coward.” Danielle said, hugging her “You’re the bravest person that I know.”

“Which of the kids are coming then?” Frank asked, putting his arm around Penina.

“Umm Levana, Ezra, Miles, Draven, Alicia, Rosie and Shayla.” I replied “We need to leave then. Now.”

“We need to say goodbye first.” Penina said, bending down and giving Jora a hug “Stay strong, okay? We’ll be back before you know it.”

“I don’t want you to leave me again Mommy.” Jora burst into tears and wrapped her arms around Penina’s neck “I love you!”

“I love you too.” Penina kissed her cheek and Frank picked her up to say goodbye.

Crayon went to say goodbye to Finn and Ben hurried after her, still trying to prove that he can be the perfect Father. Jack was saying goodbye to Sapphire even though he’d barely paid any attention to her since Hozzie died. Bob was holding Hollie and kissing her goodbye. I turned to Rosie and saw her biting her lip nervously “Are you okay Sweetheart?” I asked, lifting her up.

“I’m scared.” She admitted “You’ve never let me help you out at BLI before.”

“I know, I just thought it’d be better to shield you away from everything.” I sighed “And I was wrong to do that. I’m really sorry.”

“Well come on then, let’s leave.” Rining said, heading up the stairs.

[A/N] – JENNIFER I LIVE ON IN YOUR DAUGHTER ;D That sounded weird but yeah… I’ve decided to take Modern History as my fourth subject because the careers advisor told me I’d probably like it. She also thought I was Canadian though so…
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