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Blood Suck, Blood Lust, Blood, blood, blood!

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" ARE YOU WEAK? " Just fucken do it! Shoot me! Watch me bleed! Blow my brains against the wall.
Among the rest of the crowd, whispering and worried for what was about to be done. What should happen, to a monster like me.

You can cut me, i'll bleed for a second and my skin will attach. I can be hit, but has no affect. I'm sneaky, silent, a nightmare.
Screaming back at the man with the pistol, will you do it? Show me how it feels to feel pain. 
I snapped his neck, his spine twisted. People screamed and ran. I fed off his corpse, sucked in the life. I tasted the warmth from the blood, flesh and fluids. Swiftly, making my way down back alleys. I kept running. Gun shots were firing. But soon enough I was gone, all you can hear was the sirens. 

I fled the city, gone for days, kept running. How can I change who I am? A blood sucker. I reached this place, it looked cold. I walked down the street in the moonlight. When I noticed this boy walking fast, he didn't notice me, I followed catching up to a steady pace behind him. 

His black sweater hiding his idenity, he was short but skinny. He wore black everything, is this bitch mocking me? I looked down at his bag, it had the misfits logo on it. I can smell the fear, almost taste the blood, i was so close. Should i let him run? The blood will pump heating up his body faster. 

Then i heard some noises, from people running this way, i fled the scene, and got up in a tree, as I watched these boys jump the short, skinny kid. The misfit!

My heart may have stopped beating but i still had a strong sense to save him from this chaos, i leaped down, in a split second i was there, bashing skulls and ripping skin. Careful not to kill them though, i pushed all three across the street and they were out cold. Then I looked at a hopeless body on the ground, laying weak and unconsious.
I grabbed him and carried him to a dark alley than ran. I couldn't kill the boy, maybe because he looked out of place, or that i had a large dinner. I felt sorry for him. The first of a victim I didn't want to kill. Looking for an empty street i laid him down. Checked for a cellphone and called 911. I climbed a building and watched as he was taken to safety. 

Not realizing I was running close behind the ambulance. My black clothing blended me into the dark shadows of the night. The moon was reflecting though so I had to be quick. I climbed the hospital , reaching a window and jumping through. I carefully made my way through. Looking out for the boy who was nearly beaten to death. I finally found him, he was hooked to needles and wires and machines. I hid behind curtains. Watching him, the needles caught my eye, but they didn't bug me anymore, when i was once human and weakless. I had a fear of them. But, things change. I then climbed into a vent over the boy, watching as doctors and nurses rushed in and started at work. They cleaned him up, he was alive but barely. They said he lost alot of blood.

What i'd give for blood. I snuck the papers with him information, I found out his blood type than crawled through vents than a window and jumped out into the night! I rushed through the city looking, and smelling for the certain blood type. But, I wasn't looking for an innocent soul. I found a man, deadbeat.. I can tell. He was trying to harrass this lady and i knocked him out. And dragged him away. I stuck my nail into him. Then poured enough blood out of him for the boy. Into a blood bag. I left it in my jacket and jumped roofs to the hospital. Then, I found his room and watched the boy struggle to breathe.

Inserting a needle into his main vein, i gave him the blood. And watched and felt his pulse grow stronger.
It tempted me, but i fought off the feeling. Jumping back out a window, i took off without a trace. But, i kept close to the hospital. For some reason, i been finding myself checking on him every couple of hours, for days. Until it came when he felt better and was to leave. Following the boy back to his house, i'm guessing his mother took him. I snuck into the house and observed the rooms. The house reminded me alot of my home. I left a long time ago, i recognised the area he lived. When I was younger I lived not to far from here. I stayed in the attic of the house for a good day. When it came night I decided to explore this area of the city or town we were in. I believe I used to live close to here. Well my brother does somewhere, I came up to a familiar house, when I walked in. The lights were off, and it was quiet. I touched everything and checked rooms. 

This was my home, everything I had before i came this monster. I went to my old room nothing looked out of place. This was shocking to me.
A few years ago, I was beaten badly and left to die in this alley outside of Jersey when I was drinking. When this thing grabbed me, and sucked my blood. I was weak, and don't remember anything else. Besides when I woke up in this old place. I was fine, i had scars though and I was ice cold. Trying to get home, on the way home i could feel heart beats all around me. I smelled a sweet but bitter smell and can taste it at the tip of my tongue. My mood and body went through changes. Before i made it home, i feasted on this guy, that I didn't expect to do. When he walked to close. I sunk teeth into his arm, i watched him as he died. 
When i got home, my mother and brother weren't there, i checked my bestfriends houses. No one i knew were home, when I walked passed a cememtary. I can see these guys burrying a fresh new guest. They left, and I walked over i looked at the tombstone. It read in cold stone letters, my name..

Here Lies Gerard Way
April 9th 1977 - June 18th 1994
Brother & 

I turned my back, at it! Why would I believe it? Instead of going to see everybody. I ran far away, from everybody. Now i'm known as a unknown killer. Murderer .. Nightmare!

Somehow I find my way back here years later.
Not wanting to be here, i left the house. Running through the park, i leaped on a man, and sucked his blood. Leaving him without hope, dead. I was watching my next victim. Until something dropped out of my pocket and it was a button. The button had a misfit. I admired the button it came from that boy's bag. I smiled at the button laying on the cold floor. When i picked it up, i put it inside my jacket and left my victim alive. I made my way back to the boy's home. I climbed through the basement window.
You can sense the people sleeping in the house, it was quiet. I found the boys room. And put the button on his bag by his desk. I looked back at the boy who was curled up. His hair was in his face and each breath he took blew it up, as it fell back on his face.

I must of been starring too long, and i took cover. He opened his eyes and looked around his room. His heart beat picked up. And then he rolled the other way and went back to sleep. I spooked him, with my presence. I quietly and quickly left the closet and the room. I walked down the hallway, pictures caught my eye. There was pictures of the boy, from a toddler until now. It must be just him and his mother, no sign of anyone else. I left the house once again and walked the lonely streets.

Days past, but i haven't left this area. I watched over the boy and learned his daily routine. I was intrigue by him. He fascinated me in ways, i probably would of befriended him if I was still " alive " 

Everytime I saw boys who tried to pick oh him, i beat the shit out of them, until no one bothered him. This one day, i had the urge to talk to him.
It was sorta rainy and very cloudy out, so i was able to avoid sunlight. It didn't do anything to me, but i hated it with a passion.
It was very bright to me, i preferred darkness and shadows. Even when I was human.

Stealing clothes from a band store. I dressed up in clothes that I thought would make him feel comfortable around me, and wouldn't think im just some punk trying to beat him.
I walked out of an alley and tried to make it look like i ran into him by accident, than i tripped him. He fell and i grabbed him fast and pulled him up. " I'm so sorry! " I said, and he looked up at me, his eyes were green. He gave me an odd, insecure look and he backed off. Then kept walking. " Hey, you okay? " I followed the boy, " What do you want? " he snorted. " Just wanted to see if you were okay. " " I'm fine! " his tone changed and he kept walking. " I like your bag. "
He stopped and turned around.. " Really? "
" Yeah, The misfits are awesome! " I gave him a devilish smirk. " Damn rights! "
He had a smile that kept growing. It lit up his face. 
" My name's Gerard, " I let out my hand
" Frank, " he slapped my hand.
We engaged in conversation, until he asked me if I wanted dinner at his place. I knew it was wrong but I agreed. I liked talking to Frank. I liked him, because we had similar intrests, plus.. I'm guessing he needed someone. A friend, a weird, horrible, unsafe friendship with a vampire. 
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