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Oh Bloody Hell!

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Sweet Tasting..

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The smell, the sensation, the purity. His scent grew on me, it was the lust for the warm blood that washed through this boy's body. I kept close, walking a steady rhythm pace next to Frank. He didn't seem so insecure anymore, he opened up quickly to me. I didn't pay much attention to what he was talking about. I was abit distracted at the steady heartbeat he possesed. 

We walked a few blocks down the street, making a familiar turn to his house. I didn't say much, But it didn't look like he didn't mind. By the time we got to his house, he still didn't shut up. We stopped at the door, he kept talking and talking until this lady opened the door who welcomed us. " Frankie, honey.. Who's your friend? " she warmly smiled, and i had a sudden urge to bite his neck. I slightly stepped back, and answered..." Gerard.." with a mumble, as she gave a nervous smile, she turned and headed to the kitchen. " Awks.." Frank blurted as he took off his converse and motioned me to follow him upstairs too his room.

It took almost an hour, and we came the bestest friend's. He showed me all these concert tickets and magazines and his collection of cd's. When his mother called us down for supper. I was kinda unsure of all this because... Unless she's serving raw animal, or a person.  I probably wouldn't be sinking my teeth into anything else. Frank walked quickly down the stairs and into the kitchen, i was kinda slow so i figured i just jump. Which i did, no sound was made, but in a split second i sat down before Frank even pulled out his chair. His jaw dropped and he shook ot off. His mom served a veggie meal. I starred at the food with disgust. It was like giving a lion a salad. Frank, looked at it like it was the last meal he was gonna have for the year. 

" Oh, if I knew Frank was going to have company I would of prepared something different. Are you not a vegetarian? " 
I gave her a blank look. I looked at Frank, as he practicalled already finished his plate.
" Well uh no. "
Frank coughed and started to talk with his mouth full, " Didn't I mention I was a vegetarian? " 
" I..uhm..don't recall.. "
I didn't really have any conversation so i didn't really listen to what people say to me. So I wasn't listening when Frank blabbered his mouth all the way home.
I didn't think he was such a talker.

" Are you going to eat that? "
" Probably not... " Frank finished it, and he sat back as he unbuckled his belt.
His mom left to work, as she was a nurse for some hospital just on edge of town. Frank asked if I would stay for a movie since supper didn't go my way. ( like it was going to anyways... )

We sat through the whole movie talking, I started to open up to him a bit more of my interests. It was the first time in years since I felt like the old me.
I didn't urge to taste blood the whole time i was with Frank. But i still needed to feed. I just did that on my own time. 

A few weeks passed, I spent every minute I could with Frank. Until this one day, he asked me.. " What school do you go too? " Curiously he watched me, as I looked up at him.
" Mhm, Well I graduated.. " I lied through my teeth, i didn't hold eye contact as he didn't respond. " So, your 18? 19? " 
" What? "
" Well unless your freakishly smart.. How old are you!? "
" Oh, yeah i'm 19.. " 
" Really? Sweet! I'm 17 " He said proudly and did a really high pitch giggle. Which made me smile.. I glanced over at him. He must of been standing too close but I couldn't fight the urge and I bit his neck.

He moaned, which led to a scream in pain. He was pushing me, but thrusting into me at the same time. Then he punched me in the face. Which didn't hurt but made me realize what I was doing to the kid. 
I backed away and my mouth closed, my jaw clenched as I stepped back. Blood was dripping, he looked down at his white t-shirt which was drenched in dark, red blood. He fainted.
I reached out and grabbed his hea before he fell. 

Time elapsed..

Once again, another hospital visit. This time I was welcomed. I laid for a period of time in a hospital chair, I thought it would look more casual than standing for hours. I watched evey movement Frank made. He lost a ton of blood, he had to get stitches to his neck. His mom was pissed, she was working at the hospital, and paid every minute she could with him. She didn't like me at all. She blamed me for the reason he was in here. 
The story was, he slipped and fell on a sharp counter corner. Which was dumb because we were know where near a kithen counter. But it was believeable. I watched over the boy. I grew a bond with him, i wasn't sure how strong it was.. Because i tried to bite into his neck a few hours ago. There was no excuse to why he had teeth marks to his injury. There was no questions asked though.

Face it, mama i'm going to hell. I mumbled and looked over at the hallway. I decided to look for the room they kept the blood bags. I was in need of some food before i attack someone else. The " walk " turned into me, crawling swiftly through vents and sneaking through rooms. I found it, and drank a few, or more bags. I was satisfied in many ways as possible. This was so much easier than killing a person but feeding off a person is so much more arousing, so much powerful. Like a hundred orgasms at once.

Even though, I didn't know what to do.. I tried to bite.. Not nibble! On a friend.. On a innocent boy. Who trusted me. It's my fault he's here.. If I leave now, he wouldn't have no one. But if I left, he would be safe. I had an attachment to him, Like a spider does to a web when being spun. To build a creation, to take in, to feed off of... To wait what!? I'm comparing our friendship to a spider-web catching it's pray. K, I seriously gotta leave this boy alone.
Should I?
Forever. Or stay, until the end?
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