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Chapter 4

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Collins strode swiftly into the room JJ resided in. He knelt next to JJ and whispered

"We get to spend a little more time with each other, not much but ... enough" as he spoke the final word his lips turned into a dark grin.

"Lucky me" JJ responded. Not having enough strength to reply with something snarky.


Back at the BAU the team, with the exception of Garcia, gathered around the round table.

"Someone must have seen him taking JJ from the house, surely" Prentiss though out loud.

"We questioned the neighbors but no one saw anything" Rossi spoke. Disappointed in the lack of witnesses.

"What about someone seeing him take her to the other location?" Will spoke up. He had been silent since they arrived back to the BAU.

"Morgan and Will, I want you both to set up a press conference, someone has to have seen something" Hotch instructed "and make it personal" he added.

"No problem there" Will commented before he and Morgan left the room.

Garcia swept into the room, a frown on her face.

"I searched Collins' complete life that has been recorded and he is a classic anti-socialist. Doesn't belong to any clubs or anything. Just work."

"Alright so maybe he didn't take her to someone. Maybe a secondary location that he had planned in case of something like this happened?" Hotch spoke.

"That would make more sense" Reid spoke up "if Collins' is an anti-socialist then he probably wouldn't trust anyone with this. This is his work and I doubt he would trust anyone to be apart of it"

"How do we know there isn't someone else working with him even in the slightest of ways?" Prentiss asked, she didn't fully agree with writing out the idea of Collins taking JJ to another person "What if he does know someone, but like Collins, hes an anti-socialist, so he wont show up in his search? Maybe a work colleague?"

"That is a possibility" Hotch considered "Prentiss, you and Reid go to Collins work and see if he has any colleagues"

Morgan glanced around at the crowd of people they had gathered for the press conference and suddenly wished that they had JJ here to help organizes the mess of people trying to push their way closer to the front.

He turned to face Will.

"Will, your going to have to do most of the talking. Identify who you are but not professionally. Identify yourself as JJ's ... partner" he explained. Pausing momentarily cause he wasn't quite sure of what to call JJ and Will's relationship.

Will had noticed the pause and smiled a little "Fiancé"

"When did you propose?" Morgan asked. Not only out of curiosity and interest but also to keep Will as calm as possible.

"The first time I saw her after she told me she was pregnant. Of course she didn't really say 'Yes' but she didn't say 'No' either" Will laughed slightly "When she first when missing I was planning how, when we found her, I would propose again. Make it official"

"You better have a plan thought up" Morgan told the man next to him "cause we're going to be getting JJ back very soon"

"No pressure or anything" Will smiled.

"When you speak you have to keep reminding people that she is significant in both her personal and professional life. Keep bringing up her profession and accomplishments within it" Morgan continued with readying Will for the press conference. "As for her personal life. Bring yourself and Henry into the picture. People tend to cooperate more when a child is mentioned"

"Okey I think I've got it" Will took a deep breath then smiled slightly "wouldn't it be funny if JJ saw the conference?"

"Your proposal would be completely ruined" Morgan laughed.

A women walked over to the two and informed them that it was time to start.


Prentiss and Reid walked into the building that Garcia had insured them was where Collins worked when he wasn't volunteering at daycare centers.

"Why would a daycare center even consider hiring people voluntarily?" Prentiss questioned out loud.

"They probably did a background check on him before hiring him and since nothing in his files show anything dodgy they had no reason to think that he would appose a threat to anyone" Reid pointed out.

"But still" Prentiss replied.

Before she could say more on the subject a man approached the two of them.

"Agents Prentiss and Reid I presume?" He asked, holding out his hand.

"Yes and you must be Mr Norman" Prentiss spoke as she shook his hand.

"Yes, I believe you want to know about one of my employees?" He asked.

"Ah, yes sir" Reid spoke "Peter Collins"

"Peter Collins is one of our best employees. Hes never late. Always up to date with his reports." Norman spoke, confused. "Whats he done?"

"We have reasons to believe he has abducted one of our agents" Prentiss spoke softly "and killed 8 other women"

"Who? Peter?" Norman gasped "he wouldn't do anything like that. Hes just not capable of it. Especially after his wife died"

"Collins killed his wife and is about to kill our agent. I'm sorry but we don't have the time to discuss what he can and cannot do" Reid stated "now we need to know if he has any work colleagues"

Norman thought for a moment then blurted "Louis Turner! He and Collins have worked in the same department since they both started here"

"Are they often seen together? Either at work or away from work" Prentiss asked.

"They're always chit chatting and stuff at work but i'm not sure about out of work" Norman replied.

"Thank you sir" Prentiss spoke before turning to leave.

Reid already pulling out his cell phone and calling Garcia.

"Garcia, I need you to look up the address of Louis Turner"


JJ could faintly hear Collins and his friend talking. Something about Collins getting things ready and him having to leave for a couple hours.

With Collins out of the picture for a couple hours, JJ might have a chance of getting away. Of course she'll have to deal with the friend but surely he cant agree with what Collins is doing.

JJ heard the two men walk further away and then a door open and close. She figured that Collins had left since only one pair of footsteps returned and the friend appeared in the doorway of the room.

"Who are you?" JJ questioned him.

"It doesn't matter who I am" he responded. Walking into the room.

"Why doesn't it matter?"

"It just doesn't" he sighed "Peter wont be back till a little later"

"You don't agree with what hes doing do you?" JJ spoke softly. Adjusting herself into a sitting position. "Not fully at least"

"Do you wanna watch some tv?" The man completely changed the subject.

"Uh, sure" JJ replied, not quite sure how to answer.

The man walked cautiously over to her and carefully picked her up and carried her out to the lounge. Placing her down on the sofa.

"What channel do wanna watch?" he asked after heavily seating himself in a chair next to her.

"The news?" she offered. Might as well see what was happening in the world.

The man changed the channel to the local news and JJ was barely able to contain the gasp of surprise when Will's face appeared on the screen. Then suddenly Morgan took his place saying:

"If anyone saw something, anything please call the helpline that has been set up. Anything that you think could help is appreciated"

Then it went back to Will:

"Jennifer was taken almost a year ago after dropping our son Henry to daycare."

Morgan returned on screen:

"This man followed her for days and learnt her routine so that he could take her at just the right time"

Then back to Will:

"Ever since Jennifer went missing, Henry would ask each night about whether his Mother was coming home. Please, if you know anything, don't be afraid of telling on someone, just help us bring Henry's mother back to him ... back to me"

By this point Will was tearing up and walked away from the podium. Morgan finished the conference with a final statement and followed Will.

JJ watched the screen with tears streaming down her face. She didn't care that the man next to her saw her tears. At that moment it just didn't matter.

"Is that you their talking about?" The man questioned.

"Yea it is" JJ replied quietly.

"It wont matter what anyone says. Peter is going to kill you when he gets back" with that said he stood, picked JJ up and took her back to the room.


The BAU team plus Will all gathered into the round table room to discuss their findings. But before anyone could say what they had found an agent from another unit rushed in.

"There is a caller on the line saying that she saw her neighbor and his friend carry a blond women into the house" the agent spoke.

"Did the caller say the name of her neighbor?" Rossi asked.

"Uh yea, Louis. Louis Turner"

"Thats him!" Prentiss blurted "Collins boss said that Turner and Collins were more or less close"

"Garcia is working on his address as we speak" Reid mentioned.

"And I've got it and am sending it your way right now!" Garcia said enthusiastically.

"Lets go" Hotch spoke as the group rushed from the room.
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