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Chapter 5

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"I'm back" JJ heard Collins call out as he entered the house.

He quickly made his way to the room where JJ was.

"Miss me?" He questioned her.

"Not in the slightest" JJ replied sleepily as she sat up. She had felt more or less 'safer' with Collins out of the house so she had allowed herself to dose off for a short while.

"Ah well, it doesn't matter" Collins calmly replied as he came to sit next to JJ. He reached out and grasped her hand tightly. With her fatigue she wasn't able to pull her hand free from his grasp. He brought her hand to his mouth and kissed it.

"Calm down" he demanded "tonight is our last night together. Don't you wanna make it special?" he then lent forward and forced his lips onto hers. He jerked back after JJ bit his lip and drew blood.

"You know I love things rough" he grinned evilly before shoving her onto her back and tearing at her clothes.

JJ tried to shove him away but failed. Collins used the ripped remains of JJ's shirt to tie her wrists together. Doing the same with her ankles.

Fighting back was pointless with his weight pinning her down.

JJ closed her eyes tightly. Prepared to take her mind off to someplace else, while he had her way with her.

Just as she heard him unzip his jeans, Collins friend bursted into the room.

"Peter! We have a problem!" he said, panicked.

"Problem?" Collins questioned. Lifting himself partially off of JJ, but kept some of his weight to keep her pinned.

"I think one of the neighbors tipped the police"

"What?" Collins shouted "Louis! You said no one would see anything!" Collins swiftly stood. Zipping his pants up as he strode over to his friend.

"I'm sorry! I didn't think anyone would see" Louis said, sounding honest.

"What makes you think they contacted the police?" Collins asked, trying his best on to it his anger and rage get the better of him.

"There was a press conference about the women on TV just before, asking for people to call inif they saw anything. Also she keeps staring at us through her kitchen window"

"You've ruined EVERYTHING!" Collins raged at Louis and shoved past him. Louis trailed after him.

JJ could hear Collins shouting at Louis, who remained silent. Moments later there was crashing and a grunt of pain, then a thump as something heavy falling to the ground.

Collins returned seconds later, untied the fabric around her ankles and pulled JJ to her feet. Causing her to gasp as a sharp pain shot up her injured leg.

He pulled her along behind him, forcing JJ to walk.

"What did you do to Louis?" JJ asked though gritted teeth.

"Nothing you need to concern yourself with" Collins replied and tossed her an oversized grey shirt "put that on"

JJ held her wrists out to him "you'll have to untie me first"

Collins untied her wrists and she quickly pulled the shirt on. It came up just above mid thigh but at least it covered what need to be covered.

When she was done Collins roughly re-tied her wrists, then tugged JJ out of the house and to the car where he shoved her into the back.

"Keep your head down or I will kill you right here and now" He warned as he climbed into the drivers seat and locked the doors.


Hotch and Rossi bursted through the front door while Morgan and Will went around to the back entrance. Both Hotch, Morgan and Will called out 'clear' as they searched the house. Rossi however called out "I got a body"

"Its Louis Turner" Hotch spoke, entering the kitchen.

"Hes dead. Stabbed right through the heart" Rossi spoke as he examined the body "its fresh as well" he indicated to the pooling blood.

Reid then strode into the room "the neighbor that gave us the tip off said that Turners friend took off with a blond women only 5 or so minutes ago" he reported.

"We only just missed him ... again" Will breathed heavily.

"The neighbor gave Prentiss a description of the car he took off in and shes putting out an APB on it"

"We will catch him Will" Hotch assure the man.

The 5 of them strode out of the house, towards the SUV's outside.

Upon seeing them approaching Prentiss said "The car Collins fled in was seen pulling into a local jogging park" she wasn't pleased by the news she was telling.

"Hes either getting reading to kill her or hes already at the point of dumping the body" Hotch spoke grimly before climbing into one of the SUV's, his team and Will following suit.


JJ lay across the backseats of the car. Doing her best to keep herself from being seen.

The movement of the car was close to lulling her to sleep. She was beyond exhausted, starved and her body ached. She was just about to allow herself to succumb to the thought of sleep, when the car came to a slow stop.

"Why did you stop?" JJ asked quietly.

"We're here" was all Collins said as he opened the door and slowly got out.

"Wheres 'here'?" JJ questioned.

He didn't answer, just opened the door and began pulling her out of the car by her legs.


"How far are we from the park?" Morgan asked. Failing at his attempt to remain calm as Hotch drove like a maniac through the traffic. However its wasn't entirely the crazed driving that had Morgan so on edge. Up till now he'd been able to keep himself as calm as he possibly could.

But now that there was even more of a chance of finding JJ dead in a ditch he was finally unable to keep himself from panicking.

"We're almost there" Hotch replied. Although he seemed calm, his knuckles were white from his death grip on the steering wheel.

The inside of the SUV became silent as everyone was left to there own thoughts.

The moment the SUV stopped Hotch, Morgan and Will jumped out. Prentiss, Reid and Rossi doing the same in the SUV behind them. They ran towards the silver Nissan that Collins had used to flee in.

Guns raised they approached the car, only to find it empty with the driver and back passenger door wide open.

"Hes here somewhere and hes got JJ with him!" Hotch shouted and the group split up in search of their friend and her captor.

A couple minutes into their desperate search, Rossi's voice came over their headsets "I found him"


Not them.


He gave his whereabouts and the rest of the team plus Will soon came to stand with him.

From where they stood they could clearly see Collins standing alone with his face pointed to the sky.

"He looks almost at ease" Reid muttered.

"Which can't mean anything good" Morgan stated before beginning to move towards Collins.

"Peter Collins!" Prentiss shouted, as she followed Morgan.

Collins was shook out of his daze and turned to see the 6 people slowing walking towards him with guns trained on him.

"Your the feds aren't you" It wasn't a question.

"Yes. and your under arrest for the murder of 8 women and the kidnapping and attempted murder of a federal agent" Morgan shouted back.

"8 Women?" Collins questioned. Then laughed "No, no, no. You mean 9 women. Your lovely friend Jennifer would agree...well the body of your lovely friend Jennifer..." he trailed off.

"Put your hands in the air Collins" Hotch demanded.

Surprisingly he did.

Morgan quickly took the last final steps to reach Collins and roughly cuffed him.

"Where is she?" He demanded in his ear.

Collins grinned "And if you look far to your right..." he spoke, trying to act like a tour instructor.

"Shut up you bastard" Morgan growled and forcefully pushed him towards the SUV's.

But he was true to his word.

Off to the right a body lay half hidden in a ditch.

"JJ!" Will yelled as he ran towards the body and began clearing away the dirt and fallen leaves that Collins had used to cover the body.

Will had removed the dirt and leaves by the time the others got to them.

Prentiss was calling for an ambulance.

"JJ!" Will spoke as he carefully moved the hair from her face. Tears streaming down his face and falling onto hers.

Reid knelt next to him and gently reached for her wrist.

The others had surrounded them. Tears either falling freely down their faces or on the verge of it.

Reid pressed two fingers to her wrist.

He then looked up at the rest of the team.

"Shes ..."
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