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Chapter 6

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"Shes alive!" he declared "she has a pulse, weak, but its there" Reid spoke.

"There is an ambulance on its way" Prentiss stated, kneeling on the other side of her fallen friend and carefully searched the blondes body for wounds.

"Could you lift her back slightly?" She asked Will, who did as he was told. Lifting JJ's near skeletal body so her back was visible to Prentiss.

"Shit" Prentiss groaned when she saw that the back of the shirt JJ wore was soaked in blood. She yanked off her jacked and pressed it to the stab would that was visible through a slight tear. "I think he planned on her bleeding out" she informed the team.

"She'll be alright though, wont she?" Will asked quietly. Still holding onto JJ.

"Shes held on this long, I think she'll hold on as long as she has to" Rossi spoke confidently.

"The ambulance is here" Hotch spoke, just as medics situated themselves around JJ.

Both Hotch and Reid had to physically pull Will away from JJ so that the medics could tend to her. They soon had her on a stretcher and moved her into the awaiting ambulance.


At the hospital

Will had gone in the ambulance with JJ but now waited with the rest of the team in the waiting area.

They had been there a whole 4 minutes before Garcia strode into the room, Henry in her arms.

The young boy wiggled his way out of his godmothers arms the moment he saw his distraught father. Will wrapped his arms around his son tightly, surprisingly Henry didn't complain about his father hugging him to tightly but rather whispered 'It will be okey' to him. Causing Will's tears to fall harder.

It was well over an hour before a doctor came to them.

"Miss Jareau?" the doctor questioned the large group.

"Yes. How is she?" Hotch asked, seeing that Will was currently incapable of speaking.

"We managed to get her stable. But only barely. Shes lost a lot of blood. Not to mention the severe malnourished state her body is in" the doctor spoke "we're going to keep a close eye on her for the next 24 hours just in case but if she does make it though the next 24 hours without any trouble then i'm certain that she will eventually make a full recovery"

"What about her injuries?" Morgan asked quietly.

The doctor understood what Morgan meant and spoke "Miss Jareau has sustained a large amount of injuries. Most being burns, broken bones - which are healed and luckily correctly, stab wounds and although a rape kit hasn't been done yet I suspect multiple sexual assaults" the doctor listed grimly "not to mention the beating her body has taken"

Morgan raised his hand to signal the doctor to stop. He didn't want to hear anymore and he was sure the others felt the same.

"Can we see her?" Will managed to say.

"I would suggest against it but if you really must, then just quickly" he replied.

Hotch turned to Will "I'll take Henry and you go see her" he took Henry from his father who followed the doctor towards the ICU.

"Did you hear that? Shes gonna be okey!" Garcia spoke, breaking the silence that had hung itself over the group.

"Yea she is" Prentiss smiled.

"What are we going to do?" Morgan whispered.

"What do you mean?" Reid asked, although he knew what he meant.

"How do help her through this?" He spoke "shes gone through a year of hell. Shes going to be traumatized!"

"We'll be there for her" Garcia spoke "when ever, where ever, we will be there"

"She wont come back to the BAU" Morgan deadpanned the positivity.

"You don't know that" Rossi responded "JJ is strong and shes surprised us before"

"It is possible that she could see this as a motivation" Reid spoke up "knowing what its like to be the victim, she could try harder to prevent others from experiencing it themselves"

"I guess we will just had to wait and find out" Morgan sighed.


A week later

JJ could faintly hear voice talking around her. She couldn't understand what they were saying or even who the voices belonged to.

She registered that her body ached and that she was too weak to move.

Her mind was fuzzy and muddled as she tried to figure out what had happened.

She tried to open her eyes but her eyelids were simply to heavy. But she wanted to see who was talking and where she was. See if she was safe.

She put all the effort she could master into the simple act of opening her eyes. It took a while but eventually they fluttered open slightly.

Her vision was blurry but she could tell that the figures around her hadn't noticed her waking.

She waited till she could see the person holding her left hand clearly before weakly speaking.


The voices stopped instantly and each of the blurry figures turned to look at her.

"JJ your awake!" Will's astonishment clear in his voice.

"I'll get the nurse" Garcia's voice rung out and one of the blurs left the room.

"How do you feel?" Will asked softly.

"My body aches but thats about it, I think" her reply was little more then a whisper.

A nurse soon strode into the room. "She shouldn't be awake just yet" she stated "her body still needs to heal itself, so i'm going to put her back to sleep" she informed everyone what she was doing. She looked straight at JJ and said "you wont feel a thing hon" and she was right.

JJ didn't feel a thing as her world turned black once again.
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