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Chapter 7

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Garcia smiled brightly as she entered JJ's hospital room. Her smile however wasn't noticed by either of her two sleeping friends.

JJ hadn't woken since her first waking 10 days previous and Will slept in the chair next to her. His head resting on the bed, his hand in hers.

"Looks like we're a bit early" she spoke to the young boy in her arms.

Henry stared at his parents and nodded in agreement. He then pointed towards JJ.

"You wanna sit with her?" Garcia questioned the small blonde.

"Yes, please" Henry whispered, as if trying not to wake either of his parents.

"Alrighty then" Garcia said. Placing the boy on the end of the bed.

The second he was released from Garcia's hold, he crawled up to his mothers side. Then lent as far as he could towards JJ's face and kissed her cheek.

"Get better Mommy" he then whispered to her.

"Henry?" Will questioned groggily.

"Daddy your awake" Henry whispered excitedly.

"Yeah, i am now" Will laughed slightly.

"Sorry did we wake you?" Garcia asked, taking a seat on the opposite side of the bed from Will.

"No, I've been in and out for bit" Will assured her.

"If you say so" Garcia sighed, not believing him "Henry REALLY wanted to see JJ before daycare, even said he wouldn't go if he didn't" she laughed.

"Sounds like him" Will smiled looking at his son "think you got that attitude from your momma"

"Yay!" Henry cheered, not quite understanding what it was his dad was really talking about. He just knew it had something to do with his mom.

"Haha just wait till he hits puberty" Garcia snickered.

"That is a frightening thought" Will laughed.

"Whats a frightening thought?" Prentiss's voice questioned from the doorway.

"Morning Emily!" Garcia greeted her brunette friend.

"Penelope was just successfully scaring me" Will explained.

"Just doing my job" Garcia grinned.

"How is JJ?" Prentiss asked.

"Nurse says that shes doing much better then yesterday" Will replied.

"Which is good" Garcia said "now i should probably get Henry to daycare now"

"I'll take him" Will said, standing but not letting go of JJ's hand.

"Are you sure?" Garcia asked.

"Yeah, i haven't been home for a while, haven't showered properly ... " Will trailed off.

"Okey, Emily and i will hold down the fort till your fresh return!"

"Come on Henry, say goodbye to momma"

Henry shook his head "i don't wanna".

"Henry ..." Will sighed "we will come back after daycare"


"Promise" Will smiled at his son and lent down and kissed JJ gently on the forehead.

Henry tried to copy but could only reach her cheek still. "Bye bye mommy! See you later" he cheerfully said.

Will squeezed JJ's hand before letting go so he could pick up his son.

"I'll be back in an hour or so" he spoke.

"Nonsense!" Prentiss said "take your time, you've been here for days"

Will smiled at both women and then left the room with one final glace at JJ.

Not long after Will had left with Henry, Prentiss broke the comfortable silence in the room.

"Do you think he'll propose here or wait awhile?"

"Oh My God, I thought I was the only one thinking about that!" Garcia said excitedly "i think he'll do it here, after shes been awake for a bit"

"You think? Yeah your probably right" Prentiss laughed "Why wait"

"Exactly!" Garcia smiled "off the topic for a second, are the others coming by this morning?"

Prentiss glanced at her watch [8:05am] "Hotch said they would come by around 9ish, so about an hour"

"Or how about now?" Morgan spoke as he strolled into the room.

"Ooooh what a lovely surprise" Garcia commented with a wink.

"Finished up the paper work earlier then expected" Reid explained, filling the seat Will had left empty.

"Which was a surprise in itself" Morgan grinned "so how is our girl?"

"Better then yesterday" Prentiss announced.

"She does look a bit better, less pale" Reid spoke.

"Thank God for that" Morgan muttered.

"God has nothing to do with it. This is all JJ" Prentiss stated.

"Damn straight" Garcia agreed.

"It sucks that all we can do is sit by and do nothing" Reid muttered.

"We've done our part" Hotch spoke as he entered the room "all we can do now is support and help her the best we can"

"Has the reports been filed?" Morgan asked.

"Yes, Strauss has cleared them" Hotch replied.

"Good, it was horrible writing them, having to re-write them would have been hell" Morgan sighed.

"Agreed" Prentiss nodded.

"Strauss has also given us some time off, cases will be handed to another team" Hotch informed his team.

"The news just gets better" Morgan grinned.

"Do you know what Strauss has planned for JJ's position?" Garcia questioned seriously. It was a subject that each of the team has been thinking about.

"She says that she will not fill it just yet. She wants to hear what JJ has to say about whether or not she would want to continue with the BAU or not" Hotch declared.

"So shes on our side with this?" Rossi spoke, having slinked into the room while Hotch spoke.

"Yes, thankfully" Hotch smiled.

Hotch stood near the end off JJ's hospital bed. He watched as Reid slipped his hand into JJ's.

Hotch knew that JJ and Reid had a special sibling like bond. Even though that bond started growing after Gideon pushed Reid into asking JJ on a date so many years ago. After that secretive date that was never talked about, the two had been as close as ever. Until the Hankel case when JJ pulled away a bit, the closeness from before never fully mended.

With Morgan its similar. The sibling bond is there, but it is different. Morgan presents himself as the protective older brother figure to JJ. JJ never seemed to mind too much when Morgan would slip into that brotherly role. Although Morgan wasn't quite as close to JJ as Reid was.

As for Prentiss, well Hotch guessed that their friendship would come under close friends. Due to Emily not really being with the team for as long as the others. But JJ was defiantly closer to Prentiss then she ever was with Elle. Most likely because Prentiss is more approachable then Elle ever was.

Rossi saw himself as the father of the team. He made sure to be extra fatherly towards the younger members. JJ being on them. Hotch guessed that Rossi saw a kind of innocence in JJ that you don't find in most FBI agents, and he wanted to protect that innocence.

Then there was Hotch himself. He had worked with JJ for years now. She never really worked for him, since she was technically apart of the media department. This probably helped with their working relationship. Unknown to both Hotch and JJ, people had commented that they resembled 'Batman and Robin' when it came to their work relationship. Hotch trusts JJ 100% with his life, always has. She probably is the only friendship of his that has lasted this long. Excluding Haley. Hotch always tried to protect JJ the best he could, he would keep her out of the field if he could even though he knew it annoyed her.

If they did lose JJ. The team would forever be incomplete. In the year that JJ had been absent, there had been a gaping hole where she should be. It was obvious and noticeable. Without JJ the team couldn't perform to their full potential.

When they searched for JJ, Hotch couldn't help but think of how much easier it would be if JJ was there with them.


JJ could hear the buzz of people talking. She couldn't focus on them properly so the voices owners remained anonymous.

Her thoughts floated about in her head. Slowly becoming structured enough to make a bit of sense.

Her body felt as though it was materializing. The weight of it gradually coming back to her. The sense of feather like lightness disappearing.

She couldn't decide if she like that or not.

The aches and pains came next. They weren't bad. They weren't good either. But they confirmed that she was still alive.

Once the fuzzyness in her head cleared JJ opened her eyes slowly, testing them.

Everything was white at first. Blurry.

But after a few seconds everything focused and she could see that she was in a hospital room. The people talking were her team, her friends.

She closed her eyes again and tried to focus on what they were saying.

"- i cannot wait!" Garcia's voice.

"Have you got a ring?" Morgan's voice.

"Yes. I've had it for a while now" Will's voice.

"Really?" Hotch's voice.

"Yea, JJ's mom actually gave it to me haha" Will again.

"Was it hers?" Prentiss's voice.

"It belonged to JJ's sister, but her mom said that JJ doesn't know though" Will again.

"Thats sweet" Garcia again.

"So Pen and I were discussing this earlier, but when do you plan on proposing?" Prentiss again.

"I'm not sure. Knowing me I'll just blurt it out at random" Will again.

"Haha, nothing says "I love you" then a sudden inappropriately placed proposal" Rossi's voice.

They all laugh.

"I'll wait till shes healthier" Will again.

"Or you could ask me now?" JJ spoke.

JJ's voice cut clearly through the room.

Attention instantly on her.

"JJ?" Will asked softly, leaning close to her.

"Yes?" JJ questioned, opening her eyes to look at him.

"Your awake?" Will stated simply.

"Yes I am" JJ replied.

A nurse came into the room and checked JJ over, she deemed JJ as well enough to be awake and left the room.

"Welcome back to the real world" Garcia grinned, trying to contain her excitement.

"Glade to be back" JJ smiled weakly. She turned to Will "could you please help me sit up?"

"Do you think thats a good idea?" he asked her.

"No, but I think I would rather be sitting right now" she stated.

Prentiss who sat directly across from Will help him as he eased JJ into a sitting position.

Once JJ was more or less sitting JJ looked at each person in the room then said "first order of business. Where is Henry?"

"Right here" Hotch laughed, lifting the small boy from a hidden chair and placing him next to JJ on the bed.

"MOMMY!" Henry screamed, pouncing into a tight hug that JJ happily returned, ignoring the pain.

Mother and child stayed that way for 5 straight minutes before Henry spoke up about the tears that now escaping JJ's eyes "Mommy why are you crying?"

"Because I missed you so much" she told him.

When she released Henry, she noticed that her team had left the room.

Will moved to sit on the bed "I love you so much Jennifer" he then hugged her tightly. Tears falling freely down his face.

"I love you to William" JJ replied, hugging him just as tightly.

"I love you both!" Henry declared and joined the hug.

"As much as I love you both, can we do this when it wont hurt so much?" JJ asked.

Will automatically pulled back, concern filling his face.

"Are you okey? Did I hurt you?"

"No, its just a few aches, the pain meds are still in my system" JJ reassured him.

"Should I get the others? They'll want to assure themselves that your okey"

"In a second. I think you should propose first" JJ smiled mischievously.

"You heard all that?" Will sighed.

"Only a bit of it"

"Well then" Will cleared his throat, slid off the bed and pulled the ring out from his pocket "Jennifer Jareau, will you marry me?" Will said as he knelt down on one knee.

JJ smiled. Unable to do much else.

"Yes! Yes I will marry you William LaMontagne Jr"

Will slipped the silver band with a single small diamond set in the band, onto JJ's ring finger and kissed her sweetly on the lips.

"Was that a proposal we over heard?" Garcia questioned, popping her head through the doorway.

"Yes!" Henry confirmed.

"Can you guys please come in here?" JJ asked her team, who obeyed.

"What is it JJ?" Prentiss questioned.

"Well. For one I want to thank you. For finding me in time" before anyone sound speak she continued "plus I have yet to hug any of you, so get over here before the pain meds leave my system"
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