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Chapter 9

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George decides to go to Pattie's next appointment with her.

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“Georgie? Georgie, it’s time to wake up!”

George opened his eyes. There was Pattie, looking at him eye-to-eye. She had an excited expression on her face. George smiled.

“Hey Pattie-cake!” he yawned. “You look like you’re in a good mood!” Pattie giggled.

“Come on, honey, get up—we’re going to be late,” she said. George yawned again.

“Late for what?” he asked.

“For the doctor’s appointment! It’s Thursday, remember?”

“Oh, yeah,” he said, getting out of bed, “I almost forgot.”

George quickly got ready for the day and the couple left the house. While driving, he often looked over at Pattie, who would look back and smile. He would then smile back. When they got to the office, George parked and they went inside.

When they got inside, Pattie signed her name in the book and sat down in the waiting room next to George. They waited until they called her name.

“What room are you going into?” George asked.

“Room 18,” she answered. “Why?”

“I’m sneaking into the loo and want to know what room to go into when I come out.”

“Ok, be quick. Bye!” she kissed him on the cheek. He turned around and went into the men’s bathroom.

After he left the bathroom, which for some reason took much longer than he thought it would, he walked down a hallway and got to room 18. He opened the door to find Pattie sitting on the patient table with hospital clothes on. She stared into space, looking almost as white as a sheet. Uh oh, he thought, what did I miss?

He looked around the room to find Dr. Johnson, who was an older doctor, looking at some files. So that’s what she meant by cute, George thought. Dr. Johnson looked up and motioned George to come to him.

George walked to him, afraid of what he had to say. “We were taking some tests while you weren’t in the room,” he told George. “I’m sorry, Mr. Harrison… But your wife had another miscarriage.”

George bit his lip and sighed sadly, looking at Pattie.

“We’re trying to figure what went wrong,” Dr. Johnson explained. “That’s what the tests are for. I’m afraid one of you may be infertile… We won’t know for sure until sometime next week.”

“Alright,” George said softly. “Thank you for your services.”

George and Pattie left the office and got inside the car. Pattie faced the window and quietly sobbed. George found it hard to focus on the road ahead. He looked over at Pattie and used his left hand to rub her back a little.

When they got home George looked at Pattie again. “Do you want me to skip work and stay home with you?” he asked. He rather would have done so, but he decided not to say anything in case she thought otherwise.

“No, why don’t you go. They need you over there,” she answered quietly.

“Ok,” he said, “then I’ll go. But I’ll come home as soon as I can.” Pattie nodded her head and got out. Once she was inside, George drove off. He tried not to let tears fall so his eyes would be clear for the road, but he couldn’t.

He got to the studio and slowly walked inside. When he walked into the room, John, Paul, and Ringo jumped out at him while Yoko just stood next to John.

“SURPRISE!” they cheered, and George looked at them with a blank face.

“We got the idea of giving you a ‘daddy shower’ and set it up while you were gone!” Paul said excitedly. George could feel himself turning red. Before another tear could sneak out, he dashed out of the room into the bathroom, which was right across the room. He sat against the wall and scrunched himself up, letting all the tears he held inside fall.

A few minutes later, he heard footsteps. “I’m going to try to talk to him,” Paul’s voice said to whomever he was talking to.

“Please don’t…” George begged quietly. But Paul didn’t hear his request and came in anyway.

“Hey, George!” Paul greeted. “Don’t worry, we got Yoko out, so you can come back.”

“That’s not why I left…” George said quietly. Paul looked at him confused.

“Then why did you leave?” He saw George’s tears. “What’s wrong?”

George hesitated. “We… We lost the baby again.” He then sobbed into his knees. “The doctor said… One of us may be… Sterile…”

“Oh my god…” Paul said. He came down and sat next to George. He put his hand around him and pulled him in closer to him. George cried for a few minutes before Paul said, “Um, you can take the day off… John and Yoko already left, so I might as well just let everyone go home.”

“Thanks Paul…” George said. Paul helped him up and they got out. George got out of the studio and felt good to be able to go home.
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