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Chapter 2

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Face-painting sessions

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Gerard’s POV

After a while, me and Mikey walked Ray and Bob back to work, said our goodbyes, before setting off in the direction of the local park. The park was fairly quiet apart from the dog walkers wondering about; dogs either running wild chasing after a ball and sniffing every blade of dead grass or simply walking quietly alongside their owner. The brisk autumn wind picked up, brushing the dried crumpled leaves across the ground, as well as sending a cold shiver down my spine. Pulling my jacket closer around myself, I glanced up at the still greying sky. Mikey walked beside me, hands shoved deep into his pockets, while he stared ahead of him
“So,” Mikey began. I gave him a quick sideways glance, before looking ahead of me
“Seen anyone yet?” Here we ago, yet again

“The answer is the same as last time Mikes,” I sighed, fishing around in my jacket pocket, Mikey sighs next to me as I pull out of my pocket, a very battered looking box of smokes. I delve back into my pocket in search of my lighter; I’m sure I put it in a pocket
“You ask me that question every time Mikes, and you know the answer is always going to be the same.” I pull out my lighter and smile to myself, before balancing a cigarette between my lips and attempting to get my lighter to kick into life
“I know,” Mikey sighs again. My lighter kicks into life and I cradle the flame carefully, bringing it to the tip of my cigarette, watching it begin to burn, all the while puffing at the same time, making the tip glow red. Satisfied, I stuff my lighter back into my pocket and take a long drag
“You’ll find someone,” Mikey stated, before snatching my cigarette
“Hey!” I protest, scowling at him as he takes a drag. Mikes smirks slightly
“It’s impossible Mikes to find anyone, and you know that.”
“No it’s not. Just because most of the country frowns upon people who are,” Mikey paused, glancing around, before lowering his voice a little, “Gay doesn’t mean you have to act any differently or act by their rules.”

“You do have a very good, valid and fair point their Mikes,” I sigh, before glaring at his as he takes another drag of MY cigarette
“But it doesn’t stop those, who are homophobic from showing how they feel about . . . well, you know,” I say awkwardly rubbing my hands together
“I know, I know Gerard,” Mikey sighed and went quiet. We walked in silence again for another minute or two

“You’re welcome by the way,” I spoke up. I looked Mikey as he looked round, confusion evident on his face as he took another drag of my now, pretty much dad cigarette
“My cigarette,” I point out
“Oh! Sorry Gerard,” Mikey said, looking at the cigarette before flicking the butt away
“I didn’t know you smoked anyway.”
“Yeah, well,” Mikey rubbed his arm, while staring at me
“Just don’t tell mom or dad, you know they’ll get pissed!” I chuckled
“Whatever Mikes, you owe me a cigarette,” I laughed, pulling my box of cigarettes back out

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mikey’s POV

“MOM!” Gerard cried out. I fell against the doorframe, arms wrapped around my stomach as I laughed
“My God you’re soaked!” mom fussed, holding Gerard tightly against her chest, while he protested and began trying to push her away
“Really? I hadn’t noticed!” Gerard replied sarcastically, pushing at our mom’s shoulders. See, after a while of wondering around the park, it started to rain, and by rain I don’t mean just a light shower or even that weird fine misty like drizzle, I mean pouring it down, as if someone was continuously chucking buckets of water over you. We had run back to Gerard’s car and driven home. However as soon as I had wrestled the front door open and me and Gerard both stumbled into the hallway, soaking wet, mom had appeared out of nowhere and swooped down, like an eagle, and caught Gerard into one of her death-like grip hugs

“Don’t you use that tone with me! You may be the oldest, but it doesn’t mean I still can’t belt you across the backside!” mom scolded, making me laugh even harder. Gerard broke free of mom’s grasp; his cheeks flushed pink, hair even more dishevelled. He glared at mum as she glared back at him
“Have you’ve lost weight?” mom asked, crossing her arms across her chest
“What?” Gerard asked, eyebrow raised
“You’ve lost weight,” mom sighed as she nodded her head
“Mom, I have not lost weight,” Gerard protested
“You go away for what? Less than two months and you lose weight!” mom exclaimed, throwing her arms up in the air and turning on her heel and marching into the kitchen. Gerard stared after her
“Mom, I haven’t lost weight!” Gerard called after her; I could hear her talking to herself out in the kitchen, but she didn’t answer back. I chuckled again as Gerard turned to stare at me

“Oh shut up Mickey Mouse,” Gerard spat before marching off in the same direction as mom
“MICHAEL DON’T SHOUT!” mom shouted back. Scowling, I drag myself into the kitchen and drop into one of the chairs, next to Gerard
“Yeah ‘Michael’ don’t shout,” Gerard mocked. I stuck my tongue out in response, while mom shuffled herself around the kitchen, different cupboards being opened and closed
“How’s college going?” mom asked, the question directed towards Gerard
“Good,” Gerard leaned back in his chair, stretching his arms
“Are you up to date with all your work?”
“Yes mom,” Gerard replied sitting forward again, pulling the discarded newspaper towards him
“That’s a pretty stupid question to ask mom,” I said. Mom glanced at me, eyebrows raised, lips pursed. I looked at Gerard to see he too had an eyebrow raised, with a slight smirk on his face

“Well it is! Gerard’s work is always done, considering how ‘social’ he is,” I said. Mom simply shrugged her shoulders
“Don’t start that again Mikes,” Gerard sighed, the slight smirk gone from his face, as his eyes dropped back down to the newspaper
“Start what?” I asked innocently. Gerard glared at me
“You know perfectly well what I mean,” Gerard muttered, pushing away the newspaper, and slumping down in his seat, and began to pick at his nails. Mom sighed from her spot in the kitchen
“How’s Elena?” Gerard piped up, looking up at mom
“Still her fiery old self,” mom chuckled. I laughed as Gerard grinned
“Just last week, when she came round to visit, she was complaining about the ‘youths of today’ and how they have no manners or respect for their elders, and how they swear so much is disgraceful,” mom said, going over to a cupboard and pulling out three mugs and placing them down on the counter, before wondering over to the kettle
“Of course, your father had to walk in at that point in the middle of her rant. He was complaining about something that had happened at work and of course let slip one little word. Within seconds, Elena had your father on the couch, hitting him with a rolled up magazine,” mom giggled at the end as Gerard started to laugh
“That sounds like something she would do,” Gerard laughed

“Needless to say, your father has steered clear of her since,” mom said, turning to the now boiled kettle. Gerard chuckled again
“Are you still going out tonight Mikey?” mom asked, stirring a spoon in one of the mugs
“Yep,” I smiled, looking at Gerard. Gerard smiled back
“Ray’s picking me and Gerard up just before eight and collecting Bob along the way.”
“Ray’s such a good lad,” mom said wondering over, placing two mugs on the table. I peered in it and grinned as the smell of the coffee filled my nose
“Thanks ma,” Gerard said picking up his mug. Mom smiled at him, before ruffling up his hair and walking away. I giggled again, as Gerard placed down his mug, pouting slightly as he tried to fix his hair

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A couple of hours had passed by. Dad had come home from work and greeted Gerard in a much friendlier hug. Mom had made tea for all of us, before me and Gerard had retreated down to his room. It was about half seven, and the doorbell had been rung several times by children going around in costumes. It was still raining too
“What are you doing?” I asked. Gerard was sat at his desk, with a rather cracked mirror in front of him, along with what looked like make up
“We’re going to a Halloween party, right?” he asked back. I stretched out across his bed, while nodding
“So I am doing just a little bit of make-up.”
“Well, if you’re planning on using that white powdered foundation, you don’t need it as you’re pale enough,” I said, staring at one of the many drawings pinned to Gerard’s wall
“Whatever,” Gerard mumbled. I sit back up again, glancing around his room. I haven’t been in here for a while, not since the last time Gerard came home
“Are you even going to make an effort for this Halloween party?” I looked over at Gerard, to see him facing me; his face was even whiter, which I didn’t even think was possible, his eyes surrounded by a rusty red coloured eye shadow and his eyes ever so slightly lined with black eye liner. He even had done fake blood smeared around one corner of his mouth

“Uh, haven’t really thought about it,” I muttered. I hadn’t really thought about a costume; heck I hadn’t even asked if Ray or Bob were going to put any effort into a costume. Knowing those two, they probably have. Gerard rolled his eyes, before standing up
“Come here.” Heaving myself up off the bed, I wonder over to Gerard, before sitting down on the chair, while Gerard rummaged around in a draw, pulling out a couple of pots, and dumping them on his desk, along with a few brushes and a sponge. I stared at the sponge, while he disappeared off out of his room. He was back within a few seconds, dumping a plastic bowl, filled with water. I quirked an eyebrow, just as he pulled my glasses off, before perching himself on the edge of his desk in front of me
“You’re not allergic to face paint are you?”
“Uh, don’t think so,” I replied, watching as Gerard picked up the sponge, dropping it into the water
“Good.” Picking up a pot, I watched as Gerard unscrewed the lid, revelling what looked like a thick white paste. He dipped his fingers into the bowl of water, pulling out the sponge and squeezing the excess water out
“Is this going to take long?”
“Shouldn’t do, as long as you keep still,” Gerard said, swiping the sponge into the pot and pulling it out. The paint was cold and slimy, as Gerard rubbed the sponge across my face. After a moment or so, Gerard dumped the sponge and pot on his desk, before picking up a brush and swirling it around in the water, before picking up a different pot and taking the lid off

“Don’t move, I don’t want to poke you in the eye,” Gerard said, dipping the brush in it, before moving it towards my right eye. I flinched back a little, closing my eyes, feeling how the brush tickled slightly, while Gerard swirled it around my eye. I felt him pull away but didn’t dare open my eyes. Soon enough, I felt Gerard brushing the brush over my left eye
“Ok, open.” I blinked my eyes open, seeing Gerard dipping the brush back into the point
“Look to your left.” I laughed as I looked in the direction I was told to, feeling the brush make contact with my skin again. My face felt funny, as the face paint dried
“Now look to your right.” I turned my head and looked in the opposite direction, as Gerard continued his work. After a minute, Gerard turned my head forwards and stared at me a second before tilting my head upwards and painting the underside of my chin black. Gerard spoon painted a small section of my nose black, before picking up a finer brush and dipping it into the water and then the black paint. He leaned forwards and did delicate lines across my mouth, before pulling back
“Done.” He reached around behind him and grabbed the mirror and held it out for me to take. I peered at myself in the mirror, smiling brightly, at the skeleton face he had painted
“That’s so awesome!” I chuckled. Gerard smiled as he hopped off his desk, screwing the lids back onto the pots and taking the mirror back
“Glad you like it, though I suggest, you go and change a little.” I nodded my head and jumped up off the seat, walking over to his door. I stopped a second, turning around to face Gerard, before running over and wrapping my arms around him
“Thanks big brother.” Gerard laughed a little, patting my head
“You’re welcome, now go! And be quick, Ray will be here any minute.” I grinned and nodded my head, before running over to his door, opening it and running up the stairs.

Gerard’s POV

I laughed at how Mikey ran out of my room like a child. I walked over and closed my door again; Mikey is forever leaving doors open, and it doesn’t half annoy me most times. I turned and walked over to my wardrobe pulling the door open. Hmm, I’m sure I still have my old beat up messenger bag from high school in here somewhere. I start pulling stuff out of the bottom of my wardrobe; old shoes, clothes that had fallen down, the odd pencil or scrap of paper. Shifting a pair of old jeans, I find it, pulling it out and throwing it onto my bed, before grabbing a pair of clean sweat pants, an old baggy t-shirt and a hoody. I walk over to my bed and shove the clothes inside my messenger bag, along with a sketchpad and a few pencils. I make sure my keys, wallet, phone and cigarettes are in there too, before I turn and head back to my wardrobe, pulling out a black shirt and a clean pair of skinny jeans. I quickly strip of my clothes and change into the clean ones, before picking up my messenger bag, grabbing my black doc martens and heading upstairs. The kitchen was empty, so I wondered through to the lounge where my dad was sat, watching the TV and dropped down into the arm chair and began to wrestle my doc martens onto my feet
“Nice job,” dad said
“Mikey’s face, it looks good,” dad smiled and I smiled back
“Thanks.” I slump back into the seat after getting my doc martens on, just as Mikey comes into the room. He’s changed his t-shirt to a black one, with a skeletal print across it and changed into a pair of faded grey skinny jeans. I notice a bag slung over his shoulder, while he holds onto a black and grey stripped hoody

“I’m assuming we’re not coming home tonight,” I say. Mikey grins and nods
“Of course not, think we’re going back to Bob’s afterwards.” Mikey dumps his bag, while he pulls his hoody on and zips it up
“Don’t you boys cause any trouble tonight,” mom said appearing in the doorway, holding a bowl, filled with candy
“We won’t,” we said in unison. Just then the door went and mom turned on her heel and disappeared back out into the hallway
“BOYS! BOB’S AT THE DOOR!” both Mikey and I winced as mom shouted
“I think the whole neighbourhood heard that,” dad mumbled, grinning cheekily as me and Mikey laughed
“Coming!” I called back, pulling myself up as Mikey disappeared out into the hallway
“See you later dad,” I said, scooping up my messenger bag
“Be good!” he called back as I walked out into the hallway and grabbed my coat off the radiator. Mom smiled and gave me a one armed hug before I stepped out into the cold, damp night and walked after Mikey towards Ray’s car. Bob had already climbed back into the front passenger seat, so I climbed in after Mikey and shut the door

“Hey, looking good Mikes!” Ray laughed as he revved up the car
“That’s because I have an awesome brother, who is just as awesome at face paint as he is at his college art work,” Mikey chuckled. I grinned as I felt a little blush creep up my cheeks. Bob turned in his seat to look at me and Mikey. I laughed at the werewolf mask, perched on Bob’s head. He grinned sheepishly at us both. The drive over to Warren Street was quiet; we passed several groups of young children, dressed in fancy costumes, clutching their bags, filled with candy, smiling brightly. Parents that were with them looked a little fed up. I chuckled at the memories of when mom or dad used to take me and Mikey out trick or treating, and how Mikey would run off towards the next house, leaving me and dad behind
“This is it,” Ray said pulling into a street. The street was fairly quiet looking, several cars parked out in the road. Ray pulled up and I grabbed my messenger bag, and rummaged through it, pulling out my wallet, cigarettes, keys and phone and shove them into my pockets, before climbing out of the car and dumping my messenger bag into the boot of Ray’s car
“Alicia said she’d meet us out here,” Mikey said also chucking his bag into the boot before slamming it shut. Bob smirked at Mikey and I took a glance at Ray. Ray had clearly gone to some effort, making himself look like a zombie with face pant, and a ripped t-shirt. I nodded my head in approval as Ray grinned at me
“There she is!” Mikey pointed out before walking off, in the direction of two figures
“He so has the hots for her,” Bob chuckled. Me and Ray laughed as we followed Mikey. Sure enough, Alicia, the girl I had briefly met earlier today, stood outside and was smiling brightly at Mikey. I bit my tongue to stop myself from laughing, noting that Alicia was dressed in a skeleton onesie
“Loving the make up!” Alicia giggled. Mikey laughed too and scratched his head
“This is my friend, Lynz.” The black hair girl next to Alicia saluted, smiling slightly; she was wearing a batgirl outfit
“Nice outfit,” Bob commented, smiling slightly
“Cheers wolf-man,” Lynz saluted him laughing as Bob saluted her back. I shivered as the cold breeze picked up, a few spots of rain in the air
“Come on, let’s go in, besides,” Alicia grabbed hold of Mikey’s arm, “You still owe me a favour.” I laughed as Alicia dragged Mikey inside; Lynz rolled her eyes before following after them
“Well this is going to be an interesting night,” I mumbled, Ray and Bob laughing in agreement before we followed after Mikey, Alicia and Lynz.


I'm sorry this has taken me a little longer than a week to post. And before you ask, I have no idea what possessed me to put Lynz in a Batgirl costume, I really don't!!! I have started writing chapter 3 and I hope to post it soon :-) as of now, I think I am going to go and curl up in bed as I feel like absolute crap! Enjoy and sorry if there are any spelling mistakes. Oh and just for you all to see; Alicia in a skeleton onesie;
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