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You... Forgot... I Remember

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what did hilary forget that billy remembers?

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Ch. 3
You... Forgot... I Remember

The figure stood at the corner of a building watching the ambulance and fire department with the police come and search the house and the car accident. It smiled and turned walking, "You... Forgot... I remember..."

"Hilary! Come here!"

Hilary looked back at the figure, "Oh hey..." She called not knowing who the person was, high school, we were freshmen ... it was sunny and a wonderful day. I was going to say "I love you..."

The figure stood waving holding a rose in hand

Hilary started towards the figure


She looked back, "Hey Joel!" She called waving

"You want to go out to eat tonight? My treat?" Joel asked

Hilary smiled and looked back at the figure, "Hold on Joel..." She walked up to the figure, "What did you want?" She smiled with such beauty, grace

"I want to know... will you go out with me?"

Hilary blinked, "Oh... well... I can't..." She said looking away

The grip on the rose loosened, "Wh... Why not?" it asked

Hilary rubbed her arm, "You know Joel...?" She asked


"Well I love him..."

The rose fell to the ground




"No no... I understand my purpose... good day Hilary..." The figure said and turned walking away

Hilary looked down then looked back, "Coming Joel!" She ran off towards Joel

Night fell

"I want you Hilary! I will have you! Dead or alive!"

The figure grabbed a knife from his drawer

Pictures of Hilary scattered over his dresser and all over his mirror and everywhere in his room, which he could put them. An obsession...

The knife shown in the dark light, "I prefer you dead..."

"You in here?" A women's voice came to the room


"What is that! What do you have! Put that down! No!"

The sound of wrestling filled the room

A women's scream filled the house


"Mother! I'm sorry! Don't let them take me! That knife wasn't meant for you... I wanted it to be my future!"

A door shut

The figure sat in a corner of a bed close to the wall

A slide in the door opened, "Your mother is dead..."

"I'm sorry..."


Crying, sobbing

Years passed

"He hasn't said a word since the incident."

"I will go in and talk with the lad..."

The door opened and footsteps walked in, "Excuse me. Are you..."


"Oh you talked! Wonderful!"

"Of course... for you everything is wonderful... not for me... nothing is wonderful for me..."

"What are you talking..."

A man's scream filled the room

An alarm

"A break out! He stabbed the professor in the neck with his pen! Get him!"

A break out...

The figure smiled and stepped away from the building, "Oh Hilary... I'm coming my love..." The figure ran towards Waldorf, Maryland

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