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Internet Surprise

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hilary gets a surprise...what is it?

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Ch. 4
Internet Surprise

Hilary walked up to Benji, "You fucking little ass!" She screamed

Benji blinked, "What?" He said watching her

"Don't fuckin what me! Stop being a fucking stalked and stay the fuck away from me!"

Benji narrowed his eyes

Hilary crossed her arms, "See you know what I'm talking about! Right!" She screamed

Benji turned and started walking

Hilary watched him and waved her hand, "Whatever!" She said and walked off

Benji stopped and looked back at her and narrowed his eyes again

Hilary walked up to Joel, "Your brother's a dick..." She said leaning on a building

Joel looked at her with an angered and confussed looked, "Why?" He asked raising an eyebrow

"Because he ruined my car and ruined my window." She said

Joel shook his head, "Nope... Not him." He said

Hilary looked at him, "In my bag I found a paper, not if you will, in my bag!" She stomped her foot down lightly, "It was folded just like his note for Brittany!"

Joel sighed



"Don't believe me?"

"Yeah I do..."


"Is that what you wanted to hear?" Joel said sarcastically



"I'm sorry..." She said and leaned her head on his shoulder

He sighed and put one arm around her waist, "It's ok... What did the note say?" He asked

"Don't ask..."


Sunday afternoon

Hilary opened the kitchen cabinet, "God! Food!" She cried digging around in the cabinet. She grabbed the counter and pulled herself up on it and sat on her knees, "I'm hungry for anything..." She reached in and pushed a box aside, "Oh yummy!" She said and grabbed the Cheez-it box, "Now to go to the computer!" She ran up to the computer and sat down signing on MSN. She started looking through the names, "Benji's on..." She mumbled to herself, "He won't talk to me..."

A message popped up

"Hi Hilary..."

Hilary looked at it, "It's Benji... I wont talk to him..." She thought

"What are you doing?"

Hilary rolled her eyes clicking out of the window

There was a long pause

Hilary smiled, "Now he's not talking to me!" She said

"I still love you..."

Hilary looked at it, "Wha..." She started typing

"I found you..."

She stopped typing reading the message her heart falling, "Benji... what are you talking about?" She entered it

"You wouldn't understand. You never did..."


"Get ready to run..."

Hilary's eyes went wide then she spun around looking back at the kitchen as there was a crash coming from inside, "Hello..." She called back into the kitchen

The door opened some but not enough for Hilary to see the person

Hilary stood up slowly her legs shaking, "Who are you? Benji?" She said trying not to sound scared

The door slowly shut

Hilary backed up against the computer desk, "Benji! This isn't funny!"

After a long silence she started towards the door, "Benji... You're going to pay for busting anything in there!"


She pushed open the door slowly, "Benji... You in here still..." She started in slowly

A knife went through the wall beside her head just inches from her ear

Hilary screamed and backed out not spotting the person as she tried to catch her balance. She rammed into the back of the couch and toppled over it. She kept screaming as she stood up. When she started to calm down and her mind clearing of fear, she looked around shaking horribly.


"B... Be.. Benji?" She stuttered pulling her arms up hugging herself

Not a sound came from the kitchen

Hilary stumbled to the phone and grabbed it picking it up tears going to her eyes. She looked around to hide but her mind still fluttered she started to the steps and she sat down holding the phone to her chest. She looked around then started dialing her moms work phone

On the other side the phone started ringing

Hilary kept her eyes out for anything that moved

Her mom was the secretary for a big business so her mom would be the one who would answer any calls

No one picked up

"Mommy! Please pick up!"

After what seemed like forever the phone was picked up



"Mom please come home!" Hilary started crying harder

A pause


"Hilary you know you're not supposed to call me at work... unless it's for an emergency!" Her mom finally said

"This is an emergency! Someone broke into the house and tried to stab me!" Hilary cried
"What! Ok... um.. honey stay where you are hiding and wait for me! I'm coming right home!"

Hilary nodded though her mom couldn't see her nod

"Ok Hilary!"

"Ok mom!" She screamed crying harder

"Hilary calm down and stop crying, I'm coming home..."

Her mom hung up

"Mom? Please hurry..." She said pushing the talk button on the phone. She sat there looking at the phone, "I don't really think that was Benji..." She though and started dialing again. She put the phone to her ear rocking back and forth

"Hello?" It was Ms. Madden, Benji and Joel's mom

"Hello... May I speak to Joel please?" Hilary tried to sound as calm as she could hold

"Ok hold on..."

In the background you heard their mom yell Joel's name

Soon Joel picked up the phone, "Hello?"

"Joel? It's Hilary. Is your brother there?" She asked looking around again

"Yeah. We're playing video games." Joel said

Hilary blinked and then nodded slowly, "Ok, how long has he been there?" She asked looked behind her

"Ever since we both woke up this morning. We woke up at the same time when our mom called our names for us to get up. Why?" He asked. He gave her all that information hoping to make her say why

She sighed, "No rea..."

The phone got knocked away from her ear when a purse whacked her in the head from behind. She screamed grabbing onto her head, the pain came from her ear, it hurt so bad she started crying lightly. She turned around looking up the steps hearing footsteps

A door opened then shut

She ran up to the phone, Joel was calling her name over and over

"Hilary? Hilary! Hilary where are you!"

Hilary grabbed the phone and put it up to her other ear, "I'm getting out of here and coming over Joel... ok?" She asked wanting not to cry of fear and pain. Her ear throbbed hurting bad.

Joel's voice got seriously worried, "Hilary?"

Hilary hung up on Joel throwing the phone on the couch and running out of the house down the street to Joel and Benji's house as fast as she could

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