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billy has a flashback of what his father did to him when he was younger

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Ch. 5


"Oh Hilary... your screaming is delightful!"

A scream


"Daddy don't hurt me! Mommy help me!"

"It's ok son..."

A little boy started running down the steps, "Mommy! Mommy! Daddy is trying to..." The little boy started screaming his voice fading

The sound of someone getting hit filled the air

"Your mother is not here little imp!"

A little boy started crying

"Get up!"

"No daddy!"

Someone got hit

"Get the hell up you little bastard!"

"Stop hitting me!"

"No cause I like hearing you scream! Get up!"

The little boy started running again sobbing for his mother

"Get the fuck back here!"

A door opened and shut and the little boy trailed around the back crying holding his hands to his face

"It wont hurt bad... just come with me!"

"Daddy no!"

The father grabbed the boy and started shaking him, "You need this! You know it! Just stop resisting you little brat!" he yelled in the little boys face and started pulling him upstairs

"No daddy!"

"Stop crying!"

"It hurts when you touch me!"

The father started laughing, "You just think it hurts!" He said and pulled him upstairs

"You hurt me daddy! Don't you get it!" The little boy started pulling

"You are eleven, you can stand it. You know you want this!"

"Get away! Now! I hate you!" The little boy screamed

Someone hit the floor as a door shut

"Now... get ready!"

"No! Stay away!" The boy cried backing away against the bed

"Get the fuck ready you little bastard!"

The little boy pulled his legs up crying, "No!"

A hit against skin echoed

The little boy started screaming

His fathers voice started echoing in his head, "It wont hurt... you want this you know you do... Get ready..."

"No!" The person started screaming opening their eyes

Breathing heavy the person looked around, "Father... you ass hole... I will get you for that..." An insane and not there smiled went across the persons face

Hilary ran to Joel and Benji's and up to the door, "Joel! Joel!" She screamed through the door hitting it hard

Joel ran up and opened the door, "Hilary! Calm down! What is the matter?" He asked grabbing her shoulders, "Why did you hang up!"

"Let me in! God damn it! Let me in!" She pushed in crying

Joel moved and shut the door, "Hilary..." He grabbed her

"Let me go!"

Joel let her go

Hilary toppled to the floor crying

Joel bent down hugging her, "I'm sorry Hilary..." He said holding her tightly

She put her face in his shoulder, "I don't know who it is... but they are trying to kill me!" She cried

Joel blinked, "What! Oh my fucking god! Hilary it's ok you are safe with me..." He spoke softly

The person sat at the computer, smiling going through some files

Joel Ryan Ruben Madden, age 18, La Plata High School,

Computer- A+
Health- B-
Math- A+
Physical Science- C+
English- A+
Study Hall/P.E.- A+
Study Hall- A+
World History- A

Cross Country

Swing Chorus



Year Book

Another smiled went to his face and he nodded, "Ok Joel Ryan Ruben Madden. I'm coming after you... I will enjoy killing you..."

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