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Joel's Passing, C'est a la kermesse un cauchemar...

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joel goes to the mall but gets the surprsie of his life...

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Ch. 6
Joel's Passing, C'est a la kermesse un cauchemar...

Joel is walking to the Mall. Hilary slept at his house that night and Hilary's mom was fine when she got back home but was freaking out when Hilary wasn't there. She was so worried she called the cops to do a search party for Hilary and she ended up at their house.

Joel walked into the Mall and stopped looking around then he started walking again smiling, he started towards Hot Topic. He walked in the store and started shopping for clothes

After an hour of shopping Joel walked up to the bathrooms, "Go I need piss bad!" He went in there and set his things down under the counter, "Damn it! I really hate shopping like a woman! You get so fucking carried away!" He walked into the stall

A person was in the one beside him

Joel after awhile flushed and walked out of the stall and started washing his hands

The person peeked through the crack at him smiling

Joel shook his hands water going everywhere, he looked up at the mirror and smiled whipping it off with his sleeve, "Oops..." He said laughing.

He started drying his hands singing lightly, "Oops I did it again... I played with ya heart, got lost in the game. Oh baby baby..." He laughed at himself

The stall opened slowly and the person stepped out walking forward

Joel looked in the mirror seeing the person and turning red cause he was singing Britney Spears in the bathroom. He smiled back and said, "Hey." He wanted to be nice

The person smiled, "Nice day sir..."

Joel smiled and nodded, "Yeah..." He started studying the face and blinked, "Have I... seen you before?" He asked


Joel bent down watching him curiously, "You really look... familiar..."

"I won't soon..."

Joel blinked, "What?" He asked getting puzzled

The person put their hand in the sleeve of his coat, "You ever wanted to know when you were going to die Joel Ryan Ruben Madden?"

Joel looked at his sleeve then at him, "Who... are you?"

The person pulled a knife out of his sleeve, "Today is that day dear friend..."

Joel dropped his bags, "Holy shit!" He screamed and backed up, "Help! Someone!" He screamed to the door

"I'm a little tea pot short and stout here is my handle, here is my spout.." the person started singing the child song walking towards Joel running their finger along the knife, "When I get all steamed up here me shout." The person held up the knife, "Tip me over and pour me out!" The person lunged at Joel

Joel screamed and moved to the side and stumbled to his feet running to the door

The knife flew pass Joel's shoulder getting stuck in the wall

Joel jumped and looked at it. He looked back at the person, his eyes went wide, "I... I know you..." He mumbled

"Bonjour!" The person smiled saying, "Quoi de neuf ?" The person asked

Joel blinked, "What?" He asked reaching for the door

"Hello, What's new? That's what that means friend?" The person started laughing

"French?" Joel asked

The person smiled, "Yes... the most romantic place in the whole world." He smiled holding his hands out

"That's great! Bye!" He swung open the door and ran out down the big halls

The person stood there smiling, "à votre santé..." the person said saluting the door, "Cheers is what it means..." The person said smiling

Joel finally got out to his car and got in and sat down breathing heavy. He started the car up

"Ça bouge ?" A voice came from behind him

Joel froze and looked back

The person sat behind him

"C'est a la kermesse un cauchemar...the person said smiling at him

Joel blinked, "What..."

A knife went into Joel's neck side ways

Joel gasped and grabbed onto the persons hand looking up at him, choking

The person smiled and lead towards him, "C'est a la kermesse un cauchemar means, it is a nightmare..." the person pulled the knife out, "Rest in peace Joel... You will be joined by two."

Joel fell to the side and his head rested on the passengers' side of the car, he was dead

The person smiled getting out and started walking holding the bloody knife in hand

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