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Take Back The Life You Stole

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Gerard, Lindsey, Ray, Mikey and Bob set up a plan to help Frank...

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Mikey's POV
Before Lindsey went through her plan, she got out her phone and called Ray telling him "Look fuck face, I don't have time to answer your questions, you get here now or I'll shave your head." after that Ray quickly hung up, Lindsey then went to call Bob which went a lot more smoothly with a "Bob I need you over here right now, it's important."
no more than ten minutes later Ray and Bob walked through the door, Ray looking slightly cautious of Lindsey, but curious all the same, Bob on the other hand just casually strolled in, not knowing what shit he was about to be put into...

"Right, guys you might want to sit down for this..." Lindsey said calmly, the two men obediently took their seats and waited for Lindsey to respond.
"This won't be easy to hear, especially for you Ray..." Ray moved so he was on the edge of his seat "What do you mean?" Ray questioned, Lindsey sighed "I'm going to tell you, but as much as you both want to, I don't want you asking any questions while I'm telling you because it's going to be a long story..." Lindsey informed them, the boys nodded and Gerard walked into the kitchen, I assumed to make coffee, while I stayed to listen to Lindsey explain everything again...

"Okay, so, you both think Frank is human, but he's not, He's a hybrid, Bob that means a mixture of two of the three main species, His mother was human, and his father was a death dealer for the local coven..." to this Ray became slightly agitated, but Lindsey continued " When his mother fell pregnant with him, the coven rejected his father and stripped him of his honors as a Death Dealer. He was trained by his father to fight like a Death Dealer, to hunt like a Death Dealer and to kill like a Death Dealer, only he's stronger, faster and more intelligent, his father and mother were killed by Better Living industries when he was ten years old, I was there." Ray had calmed down now but both men were on the edge of their chairs in interest, Lindsey composed herself and continued "they took him away and for nine years kept him in the New York company skyscraper like an animal, running tests and changing him, training him to be the new biggest weapon in warfare. The terrorist attack on the building a few weeks ago wasn't an attack, Frank had finally made a plan to escape and when Frank did escape he came here, but the time he spent there he has been able to analyze the building interior and exterior, he knows exits in and out and what door leads where in the entire building, he spent so long there he's the only thing that can destroy them, but he's being hunted not only by them, but by covens of vampires and packs of lycans. Mikey, Gerard and I are going to New York to find him. We need eyes elsewhere too, Ray, I want you to stay here with Bob, I want you to do nightly patrols of the entire area, anywhere where you'd think a vampire or lycan would be hunting someone, Bob I want you to stay here, surf the internet for information and keep us updated on anything that goes on." the boys both nod and stand up Lindsey approached Ray and placed a hand on his shoulder "I know it's hard for you to help him, but he could save us all one day..." she whispered darkly, Ray simply nodded and Lindsey then pulled a plastic bag from her handbag and handed Bob and Ray a Walkie Talkie each Bob chuckled "do you have everything in that purse?" Lindsey smiled but shook her head "the only thing I'm missing is weapons and transport..." her tone serious but Gerard walked back into the room from the kitchen without the coffee I'd expected him to be making "We can get weapons in New York, I know a few places that sell them from when I worked up there a few years ago" Lindsey nodded and turned to Bob "Dad's got a 45 in the kitchen, I'll just take that." he stated Lindsey nodded again "Now all we need is a ride" I sighed "we could get the bus" I pointed out but Lindsey shot it down "No the bus stops every half an hour, it would double the journey time..." then Ray stepped in "Hey Gerard, you still go the old band van?" he asked, Gerard nodded "Yeah, Alicia's still fixing it up in the Garage, but we can see if she'll let me take it..."

We said our farewells to Bob and Ray and the three of us headed quickly toward the garage where Alicia was working on the Van, when the place was in sight Gerard nudged me in the ribs "Hey try and keep your head on and your tongue in your mouth please, we have a serious job to do, I don't want you drooling all over her like you always do." he stated, I rolled my eyes "I do not drool over Alicia, she's just a good friend" I stated which was an obvious lie, Gerard rolled his eyes and I nudged him before walking over to where Lindsey was standing talking to one of the other mechanics "Yeah she's in the back, let me get her for you." he said hoarsely before walking into the small building and disappearing from sight, soon enough Alicia walked out of the door, she smiled and waved at me and greeted me with a quiet "Hi Mikey" before she walked over to Lindsey "So what's up?" she asked, Gerard stepped in and smiled "Hey Alicia, is the van good enough to drive do y'think?" she smiled "Hell yeah, I gave her a new engine a few weeks ago too, real clean, you got twenty extra horse power, and I gave you new brakes and a new clutch so she's doing pretty well." Hearing Alicia talk technical about cars would make any guy want to jump her, but I don't exactly want to jump her, I've known her a long time and she's always been so nice and when I told her I wanted the van doing for Gerard's birthday she said she was more than happy to do it for free, and she's gorgeous, but like naturally gorgeous, she wears make up she doesn't need to wear but she likes to so that's her style and I love her for that.

I followed her Lindsey and Gerard as they walked round to the back of the garage to find van sitting alone "The scratches are still there but I smoothed them over so they aren't as bad, I was going to paint them later but you can take her now if you need to" Gerard nodded "Yeah we're going on a bit of a road trip to New York..." he stated, Alicia smiled and handed him the keys "That's awesome, going to visit someone?" Alicia asked Lindsey smiled "Yeah my friend visited me and he forgot to take his mobile when he left this morning, so we're taking it back to him..." Alicia nodded "Well I gotta get back to work, have a nice time" she said waving and jogging back to the building "Close your mouth idiot, you'll catch flies in there." Lindsey said tapping the underneath of my chin; I shook my head "sorry guys..." I stated Gerard rolled his eyes and hopped into the driver’s seat "get in loser, we're going shopping." Lindsey laughed "Mean girls quote about guns. Nice!" she said high fiving Gerard, I rolled my eyes "whatever" I stated before climbing into the back of the van, I closed the door and Gerard hit the gas....

Gerard’s POV

We had been on the road for about half an hour when Bob called in on the Walkie Talkie, Lindsey answered “Bob what’s going on?” Bob cleared his throat “The Walkie Talkies, you can talk to one person instead of all of them right? Like if I wanted to talk to Gerard I could click the button of whatever number Walkie Gerard had?” Lindsey sighed “Yes, each Walkie has a number from one to six, Gerard’s is two, mine is five and Mikey’s is four, you’ll have to ask Ray what his is…” there was shuffling on the other end of the connection before bob spoke again “Yeah, Ray is three and I’m six, but who is one then?” Bob asked, Lindsey sighed again “I couldn’t find number one when I picked them up this morning, I must have lost it somehow…” I heard Bob go ‘oh’ before continuing “Well everything is good here so far, I’ll see you when you get back, drive safe.” And then the line went dead.
“Where the hell did you find a pack of six walkie talkies anyway Linds?” Mikey asked Lindsey simply shrugged in response “I stole them from the coven when I was little, my dad told me to keep them safe because I might need them one day, they are like the shit the army use.”

Frank’s POV

I knew what I was doing and where I was going, but I knew I was alone, I don’t expect Lindsey to forgive me for just walking out like it was nothing, because this is everything, this is what most of my life has led up to, this crucial act, the moment I step inside that building, I might never come back, well I might never come back right now, I know their people are swarming New York looking for me, and I fit the police description on the Local New York radio station for the terrorist that bombed the building, although, I’m not a terrorist and I didn’t bomb the building, I threw grenades in the elevator, I don’t even know why they are so shocked I escaped, training me the way they did, they just thought I’d listen to them like some kind of pet, well fuck them, I’m not their pet, I’m my own person, and god damn it I’m going to take back the life they stole, I’m not spending the rest of my life running and hiding and I don’t want people to think they are good people, because they’re not, they are what is evil about the world, what’s evil about this vile, deceitful world, and if I fail, I’d happily take my own life for the protection of my friends but I’m not going down without a fight, and they know it.

So as I enter central New York, I just try and blend in, not sticking to the shadows or hiding in back alleys I’m walking around with all the other normal people like I am one of them, this is how naïve humans are, I’m a trained cold blooded killer and they are walking the same path as me, breathing the same air, and for all they know I’m just your average teenager, they don’t know I’m technically dead, or that I could kill them without them seeing anything, they don’t know, and the thought that there are people out there, that do kill for what they call ‘fun’ and I stand here knowing that, while they all think it’s just what you see on TV and it only happens to everyone else but you, it’s only when it hits you, you know it’s all one big reality, and it’s too late to start being cautious...

I didn’t have a care in the world.
And then they stripped me of my life.
And they will pay for what they did to me, what they did to my parents,

They will pay with their lives..
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