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What Would You Rather?

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What happens when a group of teens decide to camp unsupervised in a supposedly haunted mountain?

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Gerard's POV

"Shhhh. You'll wake them up!" I heard a voice whisper. I was half awake now, wondering what the heck my idiot brother Mikey and friends were up to. Last night Ray, Bob, and Frank (also my adorable and tiny boyfriend) slept over because we just got out of school for the summer.

I heard a click and suddenly a bright light flashed. I shot up to see Ray standing a mere five inches away from my face with a camera in his hand, grinning like a crazed lunatic.

"Huh? Whazzat?" I turned to see Frank lying next to me, arms shielding his face from the morning sun and hair spiked in fuzzy tufts. I heard a snort and looked for where it was coming from. Under my bed. Where Mikey and Bob were hiding, hands muffling their growing laughter. Another flash went off.

"Hey, knock it off!" I cried. I snatched the camera from Ray and stared at it. Well fuck. The picture depicted Frank and I, sound asleep with our arms slung around each other. I glared at Ray. "Okay c'mon seriously? It's seven in the morning and you decide to have a photo shoot?"

"I gotta say, Gee, it'll look better in Facebook!" Ray snickered. I was annoyed. Before I was so rudely awakened I was having this awesome dream about Frank making out with me, dressed in a schoolgirl costume. Ahem, was.

I shot up grabbing the nearest object to throw at Ray which turned out to be Frank. He sailed across the room and hit Bob square in the groin. I heard an audible yelp, an "AIIIIII" sound, and then a thud.

Bob was doubled over while everyone else was too, but we were because we were laughing so hard.

"FUCK GERARD?! WHAT'D I DO TO YOU?" he screamed. He picked up an empty Mountain Dew bottle and threw it at my head which I ducked from and hit Mikey, knocking his glasses off his face.

Mikey grunted and whipped the bottle back which hit Frankie on the shoulder- he was on his side checking for broken bones.

"Owwwwww! Jeez guys, way to wake me up!" he pouted. I walked over and hugged him and he reluctantly hugged back.

"Hey! Dudes! What're we gonna do this summer? We have to go all out because next year is Junior year. . ." Ray was nonchalantly sat on the ground as if nothing had happened.

"Which means we'll be stuck filling out forms for college." Bob finished for him. I sat down on my bed and pulled Frank next to me. Yeah, we did have to go all out. I didn't tell the guys this but there was a possibility Mikey and I were moving to Alaska for a job offer my father got. We'd have to live in igloos and fend off angry one-legged moosen. Or at least that's what Mikey told me. . . .

"Dammit Mikey it's moosen!" I screamed, face red with anger. Mikey stepped closer.

"No, you don't understand it's MEESE!" he yelled back. I shoved him and he punched me on the arm. For being so skinny he can pack a hard punch.


Mikey stomped out of my room yelling behind his back "IT'S MEESE AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT. YOU'RE SO STUPID!" And he promptly walked straight into the wall.


I sighed. I couldn't leave my Frankie behind. What would I do without him? I'd be just another lonely, emo hamburger-eating teenager. I had to try my mom's new diet. . .

Frank proudly puffed out his chest and screamed (right in my ear mind you) "I KNOW WHAT WE CAN DO!!!!"

"What's gonna happen this time?" Bob snapped. He was busy applying an ice pack to his groin and trying to gather the dignity that he had left.

"Yeah," Ray piped up "Who has to dress in drag this time? I'm not going back to that Marilyn Manson concert screaming 'An Asian lumberjack midget got me pregnant!' again."

Frank grinned. "Boys, we're going camping."

So this is my first chapter! What'dya think? Is it good, like would you guys want to read more? This is the story I'm holding auditions for. :D Please R&R? :3
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