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Operation Hot Sex In The Woods

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Camp with the skittles-wielding girl or the bunny-like boys?

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Here's Chapter Two guise! Tell me what you think about it and please rate my story if you honestly like it! :3 I'm going to try to type this fast 'cause my older sister Sydney wants to get on Facebook. Ugh. . . slags. Okay that was rude- she's my sister, but she acts like a bitch to me. You know what she said when I came out of the bathroom this morning wearing an MCR shirt? -mocking voice- "Wow, Say. . . You're actually gonna wear that to school? You'll look like an emo whore. Seriously, take it off- you dress like a freak." -__- Fuck her. :)

Mikey's POV
We all gaped at Frank for a moment. I was the first one to speak, which usually isn't common. "Uh, Frank? Boy Scouts was years ago." Bob high-fived me and Gerard just scowled. Really? Did Frank actually think it was a great idea? Oh they'll like it alright. When unicorns stop loving me.

"Frankie that's a great idea." Gerard exclaimed.

"Sure. . . . but I don't think my parents or Jennifer are going to go for that." Bob said slowly. Jennifer is Bob's girlfriend. She has black wavy hair and wears these cool hipster glasses that I'm totally jealous of. She's a cool chick. I don't know who's tougher, Jennifer or Bob.

I wasn't sure if our parents were going to go for that either. And I sure as hell wouldn't leave Ryan behind. Ryan is my boyfriend. He has blonde hair that's always covered by a beanie and these beautiful sapphire blue eyes. Ry's also mute.

Bob's POV
"If we could bring our 'significant others' with us I wouldn't mind going." I offered.

Mikey shifted uncomfortably in his chair. "Yeahhh but Ryan's not going to be up for that." Ryan's brother died in a camping accident when Ryan was eleven. He was really traumatized after that and only uses sign language now.

Frank stuck out his tongue at us. "Don't be such 'Debbie Downers'! Gosh you guys it'd only be for a few days. I think you can last without Jennifer and Ryan ." He mocked the last part in a convincingly girly voice. I laughed and pushed him off the bed.

Ray got up and grabbed some nachos. "We can just tell your parents you'll be spending the week at my house! They don't know that my parents are gone for the weekend." he said.

"Yeah and then you can bring your hot cousin Jasmine, Frank!" I joked. If Jennifer were here she'd force me to watch The Notebook for saying that. She knows I'm scared of Ryan Gosling.

"She likes to be called Jazzy, and sure I can ask her." Frank said doubtfully.

"So Operation Hot Sex In The Woods is a go?" Frank said. Ray, Gerard and I nodded.

"YAY! Gentlemen, grab your sleeping bags!" Frank squealed.

The Next Day
Ray's POV
When I got up and walked upstairs for breakfast I walked in on everyone sitting around a map lying on the table. It was a map showing the surrounding mountains of New Jersey except there were added Monopoly figurines on it. They were all labled with our names. "Aw really? Why does Frank get the dog?" I whined. Frank whipped a napkin at my face.

"This, my afro-ed friend, is where we're staying." Frank pointed at a large mountain labeled Sourland Mountain.

"Yep. . . this is where we're staying. Stuck with a hyperactive Frank in one tent." Mikey sorrowfully said.

" Hey. I like Hyperactive Frankie. And who said we were staying in one tent?" Gerard said.

"Yeah, what makes you think we'll be sleeping in the same area that Gerard and Frank are going to be having crazy-ass bunny sex?" Bob laughed. I snorted and started choking on my orange juice so Bob had to whack my back.

Frank grinned cheekily. "Ya never know. . . . . " Suddenly the doorbell rang startling all of us. Mikey jumped up and flew to the door.

"Ryyyyyan baby! Oh how I've missed you!" he shrieked. The door opened and it turned out to be Jazzy. Sadly Mikey didn't stop running and landed face-first in Jazzy's cleavage. Jazzy screamed and started to hit Mikey with a pack of Skittles. I giggled and pulled him away from her who was giving him a death-glare.

Jazzy had dark brown hair with a full fringe and dark chocolate-colored eyes that made her look innocent. She flipped her fringe out of her face, poked Mikey in the side and walked straight in the kitchen. "Frankie-Frankie-Frankie I'm here!" she yelled and jumped on Frank. What a random girl.

"So. . . ." She dragged the words out. "Where are the others?"

"Ryan's going to meet us at the base and Jennifer and Harriet are coming over in a couple hours." I said. Harriet is my girlfriend. What, you thought that I'd be forever alone? Harriet has twinkling green eyes and thick brown hair. She's perfect for me, if not a bit eccentric. I mean, what couple first meets at a guitar concert of improvised Lord of The Rings songs? But that's why I love her.

"Oh. Well. Cool!" Jazzy dropped her backpack on the floor and slouched on a chair. "Um one question. How exactly are we going to get to Sourland -WARHEAD CANDY YAY- Mountain?" she questioned. Mikey winked at her and snapped his fingers at Gerard who pulled out some wires.

"And that's where I come in. I found out how to hotwire a car on the internet and since Ray's brother has a car but he has the keys I'll just jack it up!" he grinned like he was the smartest man on earth.

"Oooooohhhhh! So that's what you were doing! I thought you were watching gay porn." Gerard exclaimed. I rolled my eyes. He was one to talk!

My phone buzzed and I looked at the text. Shit. "Uhhh guys? We have a tiny problem." Everyone stopped talking and looked at me. "My parents are coming home."

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