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There's no room in this hell...

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FRERARD!! This is my first story so be nice! :) Gerard and Frank are good friends and are on a tour with the rest of MCR, but when they find out that they both want to be more than just friends, wh...

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Umm... Hi. This is my first proper Fanfic and so I am a bit scared by any reactions. Please Rate and Review so I can see if it is worth carrying on. If I go green, everyone who helped me get there will get a Mikey Way riding on a golden Unicorn! :D

Gerard's POV:

"What a night!" I exclaimed to nobody in perticular. We had just finished the closing slot on the Warped tour and the crowd had been the best one we had in ages. It seemed that the entire crowd only came to see us, and none of the other acts.

"FUCK YEAH!" I heard from behind me. I turned towards my best friend and bandmate, Frank Iero. "Shit Gee, you were so good out there! You sounded brilliant!" He said to me, bouncing up and down in front of me.

"Thanks Frankie, you were playing like a god!" I said as I downed an entire bottle of water to sooth my throught after an hour of singing non-stop. Frank and I both stepped towards each other to share a celebratory embrace when suddenly and totally subconciously, I bent down and Frank went onto his toes until our lips tenderly brushed against each other. It was a common occurence on stage, we did it for a bit of fun and because we knew that our fans loved it when we kissed. That night's show we didn't spare any of the oppertunities to share a quick snog.

Offstage, the kisses were never talked about and we never kissed off stage. And the kisses that we had during shows were very violent and hard, but the one that had just happened was far from violent and hard. It was soft, tender, and there was even some passion.

As soon as we realised what had just happened, we both simeltaniously took a step backwards and stared at each other suspisiously.

"What just happened...?" Frank whispered to mostly to himself. His cheeks turning a delicate shade of crimson due to the embarrassment. He spun around, grabbed his guitar he had fondly named Pansy, and hurried off to our tourbus.

I looked on in astonishment and touched my finger to my lips. I felt myself blush, although probebly not as much as Frank did. I smiled gingerly and went to follow Frank, trying to compose myself.

Then it hit me. I had kissed my best friend.

And I liked it. Oh Shit.

So, I hope you like it! :D I really enjoyed writing it and I really hope people will read it! If I get a few reviews, I will continue, if not, I will start something else. AND REMEMBER: IF THIS GOES GREEN, EVERYONE WHO HELPS GET IT THERE WILL RECIEVE A FREE MIKEY WAY RIDING ON A GOLDEN UNICORN!!!!!!!!!!

~Midnight Blues.
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