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What to do if you kiss your best friend?

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This is basically just the conversation between Gerard and Frank about what happened.

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Frank's POV

I have no clue what just happened, I am really embarrassed. And the worst thing was that I accually ENJOYED the kiss that we just shared. Yes, I enjoy the kisses on stage, but they are different. They are made from adrenaline, that one was made on passion. I am ashamed that I ran away, rather than face my friend. I had grabbed Pansy and made a run for it, sprinting to the tourbus, throwing down Pansy on the sofa, and threw myself down on my bunk.

Thankfully, the bus was completely empty. I don't think that I could face any awkward questions on why I was acting the way that I was.

Suddenly, I heard the door open and someone step onto the bus. I shot up off my bunk and banged my head on Ray's bunk above mine making a loud bang as I cursed my own misfortune.

"Hey... Frankie, are you Okey?" I heard Gerard ask as he sat down next to me. Great. Just perfect.

"Yeah. I am fine. You good?" I replied in the most conversational voice I could muster. My expression and body-language betrayed me, though. Gerard noticed instantly.

"About what just happened, I have no clue what caused that. If you do please tell me. Because I accually didn't mind kissing you like that..." He trailed off. Suddenly finding the floor of the bus incredibly interesting. On a whim, I leant over and rested my head on his shoulder and looked up into his deep, gorgious eyes.

"I didn't mind it, too. Maybe we should do it again." I smiled a small, innocent smile. He looked down at me, my tiny little 5"4 frame dwarfed against him. He bent his head down towards my face and gently placed his deep, red lips into mine.

We stayed with our lips gently carressing each other, our arms wrapped around each other. Finally, we broke apart, breathing deeply as we held each other still.

"Well, if that answers your question, I don't mind doing it again anytime you want." He grinned. This was just too much. I sharply pulled his lips into mine as I engaged a much more violent kiss, a bit like the ones we shared on stage.

I felt his soft tongue poke at my bottom lip. I emmideatly granted him access to my mouth. As our tongues entwined, all I could taste ware the flavours of Coffee, Ciggarettes, and Mint. I would soon know this to be the taste of Gerard.

I climbed onto his lap, instantly feeling his manhood underneth his tight, skinny jeans, this only made mine hard aswell. We were really getting into the passionate kiss, our hands exploring each other's chests, backs and asses.

Then Mikey walked in.

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