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[A/N] - I just thought I'd warn you that several people are going to die in the next few chapters... Please don't hate me D:

Crayon’s POV…

We got out of the car and checked our ray guns. Doctor DD’s van and Jack and Ben’s car pulled up “Are you ready to go in?” Ben asked nervously.

Gerard nodded “Alright. Our basic plan. Kill any draculoid on sight until we get to headquarters. We’re going to set that on fire and burn it the ground, just like we did before only they’ll be inside so that should kill them. And they won’t come back this time. Then we need to find the citizens who were on our side and if anyone tries to go against us then I’m afraid we have to kill them.” Gerard looked at everyone “Do you all understand?” We all nodded “Alright, let’s go then.”

We all started walking towards the building, most of us terrified. My legs were shaking even though Gerard was right next to me and I knew he wouldn’t let anything happen to me. We went through the main gates and towards headquarters. And that’s when all hell broke loose.

Draculoids appeared from nearly everywhere. I screamed before I could stop myself and started shooting. Everyone else started shooting too “Raven, behind you!” Ray screamed.

I didn’t get to see if Raven made it or not. Right now I was busy defending myself and Rosie even though she wasn’t really my child. And that’s when I saw her. Haru.

She was making her way towards me with a smirk on her face “So meet again Crayon.

“Looks like we do Bitch.” I smiled a sarcastic smile at her and aimed my ray gun at her, the exact same moment that she aimed one at me.

“Well who’s gonna shoot first?” Haru asked, raising an eye-brow “Do you have the guts to shoot me again?”

“You kidnapped my son.” I said simply before pulling the trigger. For a moment she stood there, her smirk still on her face before she fell back and hit the floor, dead “No one messes with my family.” I said before ducking and shooting at the many draculoids that had us surrounded. I might’ve killed Haru but I knew that none of us stood a chance.

I saw Rosie. She was near tears as she shot at draculoids, watching them hit the grounds. I ran over to her “Get out of here!” I yelled “Get back to the gate and hide in the car. Wait for us there. I can’t let you get hurt.”

“But Crayon-“

“Get back to the car!” I screamed. Rosie nodded and started pushing her way through the draculoids. She just had to make it back to the van.

I turned back around and noticed people falling to the floor, not just the draculoids. Ben, my ex-boyfriend, Finn’s Father, fell to the floor. Jack screamed but Rining grabbed his arm and told him that they had to keep fighting.

I turned around and continued shooting “We’re not gonna win!” I yelled “There are too many of them!”

A draculoid approached me. I aimed my gun at him until he pulled his mask off “Paul?” I asked, my eyes widening “Paul, it’s me!”

He aimed his gun at me and I knew he was going to shoot. So I aimed my gun at him and pulled the trigger before he could. I burst into tears as I looked at the others. My parents must be among these draculoids. My little sister. BLI had turned them all into mindless workers. Every single citizen was now a draculoid.

“Gerard!” I yelled turning around. As I did, someone grabbed me and I felt a gun against the side of my head.

It was Korse. I recognised his voice as he whispered into my ear “Killjoys never win.” And then he pulled the trigger.
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