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Rosie’s POV…

I hid in the back of the car and ducked down behind the seats. From in there I could still hear the ray guns zapping at each other. I heard a scream. I heard my Dad shouting something. And then there was silence. That’s when things got really scary.

I felt myself trembling. What should I do? The most likely thing was that BLI had won, even though I saw Crayon kill Haru. But what if some of my friends were still alive? I had to get up and go check. Though I was shaking all over, I opened the door as slowly and as quietly as possible then crept outside towards the gates. I looked inside timidly before walking right inside.

There were draculoids all over the floor, all of them dead. I saw Haru… A few metres away there was Crayon and lying next to her was Korse. Both of them were dead. My eyes stung with tears. I knew my real Mom was Lucy but Crayon had been like a Mother to me. She didn’t seem to care that we weren’t biologically related. If it hadn’t been for her then I probably wouldn’t even be alive right now.

My Dad was lying by Crayon’s side, sobbing and holding her to his chest and begging her to come back. He said he couldn’t lose somebody else. I looked around, trying to see which of my friends were dead.

Raven and Ray were both alive. It looked like Ray had an injury on his thigh but he didn’t seem to care. He had both his arms around Raven who was sobbing into his chest. They were both knelt down besides Draven’s dead body. Penina, Frank and Levana were with Ezra and Miles who were both dead too. I found Bob lying on the floor. Jennifer and Hollie were both safely back at home so they didn’t know he was dead yet. Jack was dead too and Rining was crying silently while Danielle put her arm around him. He was back to being an orphan.

Doctor DD was still alive and so was Shayla but their Mother Molly was now dead. Doctor DD was holding onto Shayla was sobbing hysterically and shrieking “Why did Mommy die?” Sam was with Mikey and Alicia, both of them were dead. I blinked back tears and walked over to my Dad “What happened to her?” I asked him, my lip trembling.

Dad ignored me and carried on crying into Crayon’s shoulder “No please, I love you so much Crayon, don’t leave me like this.” He sobbed.

I looked at him “Daddy… She’s not coming back. I’m really sorry.”

He took a shaky breathe and nodded “I know but I just… I don’t wanna lose her. I love her so much.”

“I know, I love her too.” I looked at Korse “Did you shoot him?”

“Of course I did. I saw him kill Crayon. What choice did I have?” Gerard put down Crayon’s dead body and walked over to Korse’s “I FUCKING HATE YOU!” He screamed, kicking him in the head repeatedly.

“Daddy, please stop, you’re scaring me.” I sobbed, standing up “What are we gonna do now?”

Dad looked over at me “I don’t know Rosie. I don’t know.”

[A/N] - Short I know but a lot happened? :L
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