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One year later…

Rosie’s POV…

We’re still living at Ben and Jack’s place. We couldn’t go back to BLI. Not after everything that had happened to us there. Also, we think there might be some more draculoids hanging around.

A lot changed after most of our friends died. Jennifer doesn’t talk to any of us anymore, not even Hollie. She sits in the living room and spares into space. Either that or she’s in the kitchen scribbling something in a notebook. We think she’s writing about Bob. Maybe she’s remembering things about him every day, little things she loved about him and she doesn’t want to forget. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Penina and Frank are okay now I guess. Sometimes Penina has bad days but Levana, Frank and Jora bring her out of them. They’re still a family. That’s what Frank says. And they have to stick together.

Raven and Ray are still a family too. Since Jennifer is busy staring into space most of the time, they look after Hollie. And now Raven’s pregnant again. She says she’ll love the baby no matter what but she probably won’t be able to love him or her as much as she loved Draven. Ray doesn’t really talk about the baby that much. Raven says that’s because he’s worried something will go wrong again. I’m praying that nothing will go wrong this time.

Rining’s gonna have a real family soon. Danielle told him that she loved him. And he felt the same way. Now Danielle’s pregnant too. Jennifer always said she’d hit the roof if Danielle ever got a boyfriend or got pregnant but she barely batted an eye-lid. She didn’t say a thing about it. Danielle still talks to her anyway. She doesn’t seem to mind that Jennifer never replies.

Doctor DD’s doing a pretty good job of looking after Shayla by himself now. We asked him to come back to Ben and Jack’s with us but he said he couldn’t. It had too many painful memories. He packed up his radio equipment and he and Shayla left together. We hear him on the radio every so often. He leaves us a special message each time to tell us that him and Shayla are doing fine. But he can’t give away his position in case the draculoids are still alive and listening. So we can’t go and visit him.

Then there’s Sam, who lost both Alicia and Mikey. She’s not like Jennifer. She doesn’t sit around staring into space. She tries to keep herself busy. If she doesn’t keep herself busy then she starts thinking about Alicia and Mikey and starts crying. There’s nothing wrong with crying though. She’s been through a lot. So Frank and the others have to calm her down most of the time.

And finally there’s Dad. I wish I could say he was doing fine, that he moved on from the loss of Crayon and carried on like normal. For mine and Finn’s sake at least. But he didn’t. He didn’t even make it home. After I asked him what we were going to do and he said he didn’t know, he told me to go and wait in the car. So I did as he told. And then Frank came out with his arm around Penina and Levana in his other arm. I asked where Dad was. And he told me. Dad had killed himself. He couldn’t handle being without Crayon. So he’d left me behind.

Sometimes I feel angry that he just left me behind. Sometimes I kind of understand why he did it. He loved Crayon more than anyone in the whole world. I often get a little jealous that he didn’t love me just a tiny bit more than Crayon but I guess he loved us in different ways. But I’ll carry on without him.

We’ll always carry on.
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