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With friends like these.

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With friends like these...

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I picked my already chipped yellow nailpolish, nervously, as I sat in the hard, plasitc orange chairs in the prinicple's office. He droned on, and I occasionally glaced up at him, not concentraiting on what he was saying. It was my first day at Bellville Highschool. Yes, I know, starting a new school is always awkward, for anyone... But, I'm not very good at making friends. It primary it was okay, as no-one cared how you dressed, or what music you liked. But, in Highschool its different. I sighed, as, there I was again, sat in the same kind of chair, in the same kind of clothes, still listening to the same kind of music.
"Here's your timetable." The head, said, holding out a piece of paper to me. I snapped out of my thoughts quickly, and took it.
"Thanks.." I muttered, standing up to leave.
"Now, stay out of trouble" he said, eyeing my studded belt and black converse. I laughed, in a strained attempt to pretend I thought it was a joke. He nodded, dissmissing me. I swiftly exited his office and blinked at the bright lights of the corridoor. I had arrived at mid-day, and Sir had took quite a while talking to me, so I was late to class. As all the other kids, excpet a few waifs, were in class, so the corridoors were virtually empty. I glanced at my timetable. Monday, block 4. Maths in room 094.
"Brilliant" I sighed, looking at the number on each door, in a pathetic attempt to find my class. 89... 90... 91... 92... 93... 94! I pushed open the door and stepped inside. I was greeted by a smiling, short woman in a bright floral skirt.
"Oh! You must be new!" she said, brightly.
"I'm Miss. Davies! Just find a seat, and try to join in!" She continued, smiling at me. I gave her a half-hearted attempt at a smile back, before walking down the middle ilse between the desks, sitting down at the only empty seat at the back. I looked down, trying to avoid all the staring eyes of my classmates. Once I sat down, Miss. Davies resumed her teaching, something about pi and pythagoras. I sighed heavily and got a notebook and my peniclcase out my satchel. I zoned out and began thinking about Billy-Joe Armstrong's ass, but I suddenly came crashing back down to earth. The girl I was sat next to was poking me with her penicl.
"Huh?" I asked, startled.
"Can you pass this on please?" She asked, shyly, grinning at me.
"Sure" I mumbled in reply, handing it over to the boy on my other side. It was a note, adressed to 'Frankie' in neat handwriting.. Little x's and o's embroidered his name, and the 'I' was dotted with a little cross. The boy, sat next to me, who I asumed was 'Frankie' opened it, and proceeded to slap his hand over his mouth, in a curious attempt to muffle his laughter. He instantly picked up a pencil and sribbled his reply to the note. He nugged me, smiling, and handed me to the note. I accepted it, and passed it on. This time, the name 'Frankie' was crossed out, and underneath it 'Emma' was written, this time in a slightly messier handwriting. The girl, who seems to be 'Emma' opened it, and laughed aloud at its contence, before loudly whispering "Thats mean!" to 'Frankie' across me.
Then, the bell rang loudly, startling me, singaling the end of class. Everyone began packing their things away, in a hurried frenzy. I took my time, as I was not looking forward to what was comming next... Lunch.
Eventually after everyone had left class, I got up and left. I akwardly stepped out into the corridoor, looking down, and walked into a girl and a boy. I looked up, they were the same girl and boy, that I was sat in the middle of, during maths. They grinned at me. I must have looked somewhat frightened, as the girl spoke first as said, "Don't worry! We don't bite", laughing as she said it.
I smiled akwardly back at her. She spoke again "I couldn't help but notice your 'Iron Maiden' shirt in maths, and I love them too!" She said, giggleing.
"They're really good..." I said quietly. The boy then spoke.
"So you're new here?" He asked, gently. I nodded.
"I hate being new... You look like you could do with a little help... Wanna eat lunch with us?" He asked, softly. I looked at him and the girl. They grinned back at me.
"Sure" I replied, smiling.
"FABULOUS!" Emma giggled. The boy stuck his hand out to me, "Frank!" He said, as I shook it. The girl did the same, as she stated her name. "I'm Emma".
I shook her hand too. "Suke" I said.
"Cute" Emma replied, smiling lazily, as I followed them to the cafeteria.
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