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Black rabbit hat.

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Because Rabbits.

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I pulled down my hat, which always tends to slip off my head if I don't, and pushed my glasses up my nose. We then slipped into the flow of people walking down the corridor. Suddenly I felt a hand grab mine, I looked up, startled.
It was Emma, she grinned at me, and grabbing the collar of Frank's shirt, she pulled us out of the crowd, into the almost empty cafeteria. The cafeteria was basically deserted, bar the usual's. A group of tragic looking girls, were huddled in the corner, a mixture of boys and girls, wearing all black, and black lipstick glared as we walked past, and there were four boys sat at a table, playing cards. Emma just smiled brightly at everyone in the room.
I glanced at Frank, he was staring at Emma, and smiling slightly. We grabbed out lunches, and gave the money to the bored looking woman stood at the cash register. She didn't speak, but calculated each price, pointing to the little screen that presents each price, and then the total.
Emma bought a bag of sour skittles, a can of Rockstar and a slice of Pizza. Frank bought a chocolate muffin, a sandwich, and a bottle of Dr. Pepper. We walked back out of the cafeteria, and out onto the school games grounds. We walked over the field and up a little pathway, leading to a small hut, which deafeningly loud music was emanating from.
Frank swung the door open and disappeared inside, Emma did the same, so I followed. Inside the hut, there were 3 boys. One, with Raven black hair, one with an Afro, and one with straightened hair and glasses.
I waved awkwardly, stood in the door way. Emma produced a pair of drumsticks from her bag and turned to the boys.
"This is Suke, be nice." She said. She turned to me, and began walking, as she passed the boy with the black hair, she looked at me and said "Gerard." before lightly tapping him on the head with the drumsticks.
She walked past the boy with the fro, and patted his head, basically molesting his hair, and said "Ray." She walked up the last boy, and ruffled his hair.
"Mikey." she said. The boy glared at her, producing a small mirror from his pocket, turning bright red, began trying to smooth down his hair. "This took ages, you bitch." he muttered. Gerard laughed at him. "Shut it Mikey, your hair looks stupid anyway." he mocked.
Emma laughed at the boys and said "Be nice, Way brothers.". Frank sat down in Gerard's lap, and Emma sprawled on the floor next to Ray.
Ray stood up to shake my hand, and said "Hello." Politely. "Ray's the polite one, here." Frank explained. I smiled at him, and said "Hi" back. The 'Way Brothers' waved at me, so I waved back, smiling.
I looked around the room. It was stuffed full of musical instruments. There were guitars, basses, flutes, a drums set, saxophones, violins... I looked around in amazement.
"Its the musical instrument storage, for the school owned instruments. Cool, right?" Mikey asked, quitely. "Yes." I agreed, smiling.
Mikey walked silently over to a bright white violin, and everyone in the room looked confused. Gerard tapped Mikey lightly on the shoulder.
"Mikes, you don't play Violin." Mikey turned round looking positively horrified.
"I could." He muttered. "I used to. I could teach you." I said quietly, looking at him. Gerard squealed. "What a fabulous idea!" "Mikey doesn't really talk to girls."
Ray giggled. "'Sept Emma."
Emma stood up, walking over to the guitar, to get a better look. She picked it up, held it to the light, and a ghost of a smile appeared on her lips. As she was doing this, Mikey had already stolen her seat, and was sat in it, looking smug. "Damnit, Mikes!" Emma yelled, pretending to hit him over the head with the violin, before placing it back in its case, unharmed.
"I need a new seat." She announced to no-one in perticular. Frank stood up, about to offer her his seat. She walked over, pushed him back into it, and sat in his lap. "Just like old times." She laughed.
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